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Essay on preventing violence against women

essay on preventing violence against women

They became commodities which could be sold and purchased which could be tailored to perform different functions. Women also began to be enslaved and prostituted. But on the whole they suffer in silence. This education implies working with children from five to 18 years old, and this is the whole period when the children learn all the values and believes that will define their future life. Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon women have been the victims of violence all through the age, in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world. Rape is not just the act of an individual man against an individual woman, a manifestation of psychological aberration. The situation becomes even worse if a little boy is abused himself, too. The Safe Dates program: 1-year follow-up results. Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery 3:285-303.

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Emotion regulation and social problem-solving psychotherapies for high-risk mothers with ptsd. The aim of K-12 education is to fill in the blanks of dysfunctional relationships within the family of the boy and especially in terms of relations with women. Girls began to be married off at a tender age, and in certain communities he new-born baby girls began to be killed by the parents themselves. They are angry with the people who are so indifferent to them and they become sure nobody is honestly able to understand them and become and violent (Bancroft, 2003). Random domestic violence, the one that is very common nowadays causes a lot of troubles nowadays for too many people and especially women get serious, irretrievable injuries that changes do harm to their physical possibilities in everyday vital activities. The K-12 education can prevent boys and eventually men form being violent towards women by teaching them to solve their problems using word of respect and a wide range of non-violent actions. Under the condition of an individual differentiated approach to the each boy the process education can guarantee several ways of preventing violence against women.

Child sexual abuse prevention programs: Do they decrease the occurrence of child sexual abuse? Furthermore, there is a peculiar attitude in society and, worse, in our judiciary that rape in the case of woman so loose character is not quite so heinous a crime. Such an approach implies that a boy will never hit a woman though originally women are believed to be weaker than men are. As all the children, including boys, tend to copy the behavior of adults and their parent in the first place, they become very sensitive to violence in terms of copying it, too. It is within ourselves. Rapes for vengeance and forced marriages becames common. The effect of violence on women, unfortunately not getting the attention it deserves, is not confined to the women victims It affects, directly and indirectly, the immediate family in which the mother is violently treated either develops essay on preventing violence against women violent reactions. The majority of teachers are women and the most important person for a child mother, belong to the female gender, too. So basically saying, the violent behavior against women performed by men is simply an imprint that a man got when he was a boy. If a female foetus is destroyed it is because a girl child is unwanted as she is seen as a burden. If a boy established relations that are full of mutual respect and emotional attachment with a female teacher he will learn how to control and monitor his negative feelings and therefore will take this pattern for the rest of his life!

This completely coincides with one of the best steps in the prevention of violence against women. The professionalism of teachers should primary reveal the ability to teach the boy to regulate his emotional conditions. American Journal of Public Health 94(4 619-624. Caste, religious, communal and class factors also play a role in the violence against women. But it is in fact a social issue that affects many others and the system as a whole. In their own voices: A qualitative study of women s risk for intimate partner violence and HIV in South Africa. Violence against woman further increased when the young girls began to be forced to serve as the Devadas is in the temple. It is increasingly becoming an instrument a weapon, to prevent women from raising their voice against atrocities. Women too have to be persuaded to become aware of their rights and stand up for them. The K-12 education provides the attention to a large variety of aspects concerning the childs life that could lead him to aggression and afterwards violence. His laws insist that women must consider her husband as a God; she should be kept dependency by her husband.

Preventing violence against women essay

While thinking only about the fact that exposure to violence causes boys to be violent in future, teachers and parent should not forget that love is the tool to teach the child to be understanding and patient, to be loving and non-aggressive. So this is all basically about the gender violence and primarily violence over women committed by men. Violence against women is also to be seen as an aspect of the increasing violence in society, as a whole. Thus violence against them came to have a societal sanction. Preventing violence against women, essay, table of contents: o Introduction. Education has essay on preventing violence against women always played an integral part in the lives of every single child in the country and in the world. If we men or women are not ready to participate in this fight we will be doomed. This is about the possibility to prevent violence against women when men are little boys are seek for love just as any girl does (Kimmel Michael, 1989). If a boy gets the required attention if not at home, but at least at school in terms of emotional attachment and psychical exercises he is not in the risk group for becoming violent towards women. Why does male violence against women occur in the long run? United effort can certainly create a public opinion and outcry against situations when women are humiliated by public officials or others with their connivance- this has been witnessed recently in the Saharanpur incident.

Essay, questions: How is violence defined and what relation does K-12 education has to violence? Most of the violence against women is related to and grows out of their position in society. An examination of intrapersonal essay on preventing violence against women and contextual mediators. Today most of the worlds wealth has been exploited but material hunger is terrible, and there has been a proportional decline in wealth. Inside the minds of angry and controlling men. Utopia apart, however in the short and middle term has to be some practical steps to put a check on the violence against women. This will be the greatest fight ever fought. Advertisements: Various obligations restrictions and regulations were imposed on them and different penalties and punishments were prescribed if women violated them. In personal or family feuds or in wars, rape of the women folk has always been a form of humiliating the adversary, clearly signifying the position of woman as property. And there is no secret in the fact that the majority of teachers are women.

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Not depending on the fact whether the boys family is or is not healthy in term of violence school takes the most part of the responsibility of teaching boys how to be not violent. K-12 through teaches boys how to speak off their thoughts and emotional conditions. Violence to women does truly damage the societys morality and is the example of a primitive gender based conflict based on the notion that women are mens private olence against women is a synonymy of any act of discrimination. By a queer inverted essay on preventing violence against women logic, all raped women come to be looked upon as loose women. Social skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, empathy training all of these are obtained through the process of education and are an essential part of a becoming a multi-sided developed personality. Sporadically, individual women react, returning violence for violence. So do communal riots. Violence against women is further complicated by other factors in society. Right thinking men too have to be drawn into the movement against violence. If not actually condones, violent acts against women. There are three basic factors- accumulation of wealth, egocentricity and basic animal instincts-which have caused violence either against women or any group/section of society. It is indeed, ironic that in India, which has given rise to apostles of peace and non-violence, women have to bear the brunt of violence-domestic as well as public, physical as well as emotional and mental. Egocentricity has tempted men to dominate others, including women, on the strength of economic, political and social powers.

Television, video and computer games, films constantly give the weak childs mind new patterns of aggressiveness and violence. Violence, against, women 13:583-602. On a broader level it is also because a woman is perceived as the weaker sex, dependent on man, so he can bully her. The K-12 education if conducted properly is an excellent precondition to educate boys not to be passive in the women-oriented violent acts but to have enough information in order to stop them. Conclusion, boys learn violence by watching grown ups. Experiences of traumatic events and associations with ptsd and depression development in urban health care-seeking women. The ideal women is one who does not strive to break these bonds of controls; the salvation and happiness of a women revolve around her virtue and chastity as a daughter, a wife and a widow. It included new elements. Comes to be curtailed. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 11:3-28. What we have to do is to entirely leave the animal kingdom, be human and to give humans treatment to others. Essay Questions: How is violence defined and what relation does K-12 education has to violence? The process of socialization of children through age appropriate K-12 in all the skills listed above put school-boys in the group that are less likely to be violent to women and minimize the values and beliefs that boys form according to their male entitlement.

Violence definition and K-12 education. Women most help themselves and each other in the fight against violence. Indeed those very persons in charge of protecting a woman assault her and humiliate her. It is common knowledge that aggression is a protection and violence is a strong, fixed aggressive behavior (Kimmel Michael, 1989). The true reason is that men used to be boys and these little boys did not have anybody to love and understand them neither at home nor at school. Journal of Adolescent Health 42(6 596-604. In case mother fails to teach her son solve the conflicts constructively and the teacher fails to develop his problem solving skills aggression against women is very probable to occur.

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This is achieved through the development of different kind of skills such as physical, social, cognitive and emotional aspects. Women must organise themselves in groups and raise a collective voice against a system that turns a blind eye towards. As essay on preventing violence against women it has been mentioned before school is the second most important element in bringing up successful and psychologically healthy men. During her lifetime one out of two women will be beaten by a man who loves her! Every public minded person and the media must contribute to spreading a civilised attitude in society. One of the most spread acts of violence against women is domestic violence, rape and others. The activist who for instance, stopped a child marriage in Rajasthan was gang-raped by men from the childs family. This also made prostitution a part of religious life. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Thesis Statement: As children learn everything connected with aggression and violence and how to deal with it they become armed and do not get lost in situations that require active actions in order to recognize or respond. The basic reasons children in general and boys in particular can be so easily influenced by violent behavior is because such behavior as it has been mentioned before is actually learned. New York, NY: Macmillan Publishing Company.

The brain starts making critical connections in the period of childhood but in reality these connections are not truly critical as they are taken a priori. After independence violence against women has only grown in all its dimensions. As the majority of men are heterosexuals, their female companions are the one that experience violence the most. But this fight is not between men and women, between men and men; this fights between good and evil a fight between human and inhuman. The fear of being beaten, having to bear the pain, the humiliation and trauma of rape helps to keep women in a state of subjugation. Male violence against women is a desire to feel complete essay on preventing violence against women control over a human being that for ages has been seen as a weak gender. Contemporary schools provide a counselor to every child and this person is responsible for observing the child behavior. Lost boys: Why our sons turn violent and how we can save them. Crossing the threshold: Engendered definitions of socially acceptable domestic violence in Chennai, India. New York: The Free Press.

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Approaches to preventing psychological, physical, and sexual partner abuse. So here it is necessary to face two major facts: the two most important factors influencing the boys violent orientation are school and family. Adults and Children Together Against Violence. Image Source: m, all this brought them to the level of chattel or cattle. If the familys interpersonal relations are characterized by high rate of violence, school non-violent education may fail to succeed. If we take violence against women and children as the criterion to identify children from adverse families and as something school-education tries to reduce such behavior to its minimum, it is necessary to identify the term violence itself. Legislation exists, but is seldom implemented with care or readiness. K-12, or Kay through twelve is a shortening for kindergarten through twelfth grade education. The men who were abused in their childhood or were victims of family and school neglect most commonly commit violent criminal behavior. Advertisements: In the Vedic period, Indian women enjoyed a relatively comfortable position. Sometimes children do experience violence themselves or grow up in the atmosphere of threat or in a neighborhood that constantly provides examples of inability to self-control and to stop the conflict peacefully.

Violence against women can be viewed in the historical perspective, for it is to a large extent, linked to her status in society. As the K-12 education implies a lot of sport activities, which take away the spare energy that a growing body has and can use in the direction of violent acts. Religious fundamentalism imposes restriction essay on preventing violence against women first on women and they are the ones penalised for trying to break out of blatantly unfair and unrealistic codes of behaviour that have no relevance in the life of today. Journal of Urban Health 85(5 693-706. The abbreviation K-12 is used for the designation for the primary and secondary education in North America. Example of a Critical essay on, social issues about: violence / K-12 / women / children / men, essay Topic: The evaluation of all the potential possibilities to prevent violence against women. An evaluation of Safe Dates, an adolescent dating violence prevention program. If a little boy is constantly exposed to his father beating his mother he is a potential abuser for every woman in his life (Widom Maxfield, 2001). The age from 5 to 18 is an exceptional period for education, as it becomes a filter for violence in general and violence against women in particular. American Journal of Public Health 90(10 1619-1622. The K-12 education teaches makes boys learn that it is okay to be angry and that each person sometimes does feel angry but the biggest difference is how a person reveals his anger to others. In that context the causes of violence are rooted in the psyche of human beings-their temperament and the desire they nourish.

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According to the information not known at wide public but collected by the Federal bureau of investigation out of all the domestic violence acts 95 percent are violent behavior essay on preventing violence against women manifestations against women. K-12 education can be rather effective in term of growing up non-violent males. Today violence against women in India has assumed an alarming proportion. Violence -prevention through education o Conclusion, during her lifetime one out of two women will be beaten by a man who loves her! Attitudinal change in society is required if women are to live in the world as free human beings without fear. In a democratic polity and society violence against any section cannot be condoned. If children feel that they are needed and expected at school, if they feel safe expressing their thoughts and know that they are respected and never humiliated they will never humiliate anybody themselves and will have less problems dealing with a stress (Mullender, 2004). Why is teaching non-violent behavior important?

Alcohol and public health. Assessing the long-term effects of the Safe Dates program and a booster in preventing and reducing adolescent dating violence victimization and perpetration. Such forms include foeticide, infanticide, deliberate check on the supply of sufficient or/and nutritious food, medicine neglect, deprivation of educational opportunities, child marriages, sexual abuse of the girl child, forced marriages, rapes, prostitution, sexual harassment, pregnancies at small intervals, wife-battering, bride-burning. Dowry system has been with India society for a long time. The education from Kindergarten through the twelfth grade that is based on acceptance, love and true devotion to children is a guarantee of preventing violent manifestations in the lives of these children. American Journal of Public Health 88(1 45-50. One of the major components of animal instincts is the use of force-without bothering about its pros and coins, advantages or disadvantages-for immediate benefits. The British Government by and large remained indifferent to the violence against women. Evaluation of trauma emotion regulationGuide for education and therapy (target) with traumatized girls involved in delinquency. Outcomes of trauma treatment using the target model. Child Abuse Neglect 24:1115-1125. This is true for very often parents essay on preventing violence against women are very busy working and have no time to open their child the door to the productive, non-aggressive life.

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Teaching non-violent behavior, the K-12 education in terms of preventing violence against women is very much needed by the society because the contemporary exposure of children to violence id immense and have never been as available as now. New York: Berkley Publishing Group. For the more they retreat inside their shell the more ready are the predators outsides to seal that shell and suffocate the very life out of them. What accounts for demographic differences in trajectories of adolescent dating violence? As children spend most of their time in school it become the very place to motive them not to be aggressive and violent against girls and women. If a boy learns to be aggressive from Kindergarten till his senior year in High School the probability that he will not be violent to women is very low. Male violence against women, violence in its very essence is a manifestation of the destructive desire to control and have power over another human being. All of these are result to the inability to build normal relationships. Male violence against women has different various forms: verbal violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, battered women and others.

essay on preventing violence against women

A boy, being in class learns that there are inappropriate ways of showing his anger and the most productive way to do it is to tell what he is feeling and not physically hurt a human being. In other words male violence against essay on preventing violence against women women is a characteristic of men, who were abused or neglected in their childhood (Bancroft, 2003). The violence continues unabated because no social actions have been forthcoming. They did not have anybody to teach him or her how to control their anger, for anger is the major feeling such abusive children experience. K-12 education with its ability to teach children to cope with negative feelings in non-destructive positive ways nowadays has turned to the key element in teaching non-violent behavior against women. According to Bancroft there nine types of abusive men which can use different styles starting with a strictly verbal abuser and ending with a physical batterer (Bancroft, 2003). American Journal of Preventive Medicine 12(5 39-47.