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What led to the civil war essay

what led to the civil war essay

Its existence had kept the South from developing a class of skilled workers, it had kept the South rural, and although some slaves were on occasion used as factory workers, slavery had prevented the rise of industrial strength, the South was fatally limited. It is quite strange that even after the revolutionaries had fought for independence from the British, they never really showed much concern for the slaves who had been demanding freedom for a long time. While Civil war will always be remembered as a slave uprising that resulted in abolition of slavery, it must also be seen as Norths victory over South and as a war that resulted in the preservation of values upheld by the North. In the North, slaves could roam around freely after escaping their owners. The cherished doctrine of states rights received rough treatment at the hands of confederate leaders. It is essential to know that while slavery was the major cause, it was the factors like politics and economy that also contributed towards the war. In cities and in small towns the Decoration Day parade became a ritual : rank after rank of men who unaccountably kept on growing older and less military-looking would tramp down dusty streets, bands playing, flags flying, ranks growing. They passed the National Banking Acts of 18: these aided national banks at the expense of state banks. New England states and the climate of The North were largely not suited for farming and so this industry was not embraced. Southern Democrats had dominated Congress and executive branch until the 1850s. South was certainly left with lower representation in the Congress and it was obvious that if this trend continued, South would soon lose its importance.

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We are available 24/7 to help students with writing essays for high school, college and university. In addition, congress awarded land-grant subsidies to transcontinental what led to the civil war essay railroad and stimulated western settlement with the 1862 Homestead Act, which offered land to settlers at nominal sums. A number of academic sources seem to suggest that both regions economies were complementary,.e. During the first month of the. ( Civil,p.284) Free essays, free sample essays and free example essays on Civil War topics are plagiarized. Some affected the master-slave relationship. Should the central government have all the power in making decisions? It was helped also by wartime currency inflation, huge federal subsidies to railroads, and protective tariffs for industry. As has been mentioned above, Souths was basically an agrarian economy. But it was believed that all these 13 colonies would get equal representation in the Congress and all these states were also seeking autonomy so they could at least take decisions regarding their internal matters. There was only one all-inclusive ruling, but unruly, government- party.

what led to the civil war essay

Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! By the mid-1880s, he become a pawn of the white majority North and south. If the livelihoods of the majority of southern businessmen were at stake, it is no wonder they would have gone to extraordinary lengths to defend their interests. Scarcity bred speculation, hoarding, and spiraling prices. Not only did Norths manpower increased, its economy also picked up so quickly that South was left far behind. Whatever individual motives people had, whether they were based on political ideology or economic motives, millions of men were eager to fight and die. Their stereotyped speeches were oddly made significant by the deeds which they commemorated. At the same time, the end of the, civil, war meant a great deal more than even the settlement of these issues. The war not only changed master-slave relations and Southern politics.

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The American revolutionaries had fought for independence propagating these noble values, but they had failed to take into account the cause of the slaves in the South. This is one reason why many historians maintain that revolutionaries were pro-slavery. The growth was aided not only by government contracts for arms and military supplies. The Confederacy did more than seize slaves for war work. All custom essays are written by qualified Masters and PhD writers. At long last the energies of the American people were free to resume the tremendous task of building up a nation without being diverted by the fatal pull of North and South. Civil war was not only a conflict between whites and blacks, it was more power struggled between the modern states of the North and the agrarian states of the South.

what led to the civil war essay

And Green was merely that. It is important therefore to study the Civil war as a major conflict between the South and the North as has already been discussed above. The brutal and horrific practice of slavery filtered through into all of the causes of the civil war, creating tensions that paved the way for such loss of life, suffering and destruction. Therefore while the whole idea of all men being equal which served as the basis for the creation of our country was quite noble, it appeared to be a hollow fake promise to the slaves who were suffering. Only a handful of banks were left, and they were nearly empty. The South argued that each state had rights to secede and leave the Union whenever they wanted they claimed that states should decide whether they want to pass laws or not, as the states were themselves important individual regions. Meaning regardless how incorrect the Souths actions were or could be at times. Labor-saving machinery had been perfected and was being put into use_ a vastly improved plow, a corn planter, the two-horse what led to the civil war essay cultivator, mowers and reapers and steam-driven threshing machines- all were available now, and under the pressure of the war the farmer had to use them. And for such a war the North was prepared and the south was not prepared; prepared, nor in the sense that it was ready for the.

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1b) Since the South relied on farming, slavery was more common in their territories. In addition, there were the border states, Maryland and Kentucky and Missouri, slave states were sentiment apparently was pro-Union by a rather narrow margin, but where most people had no use at all for abolitionists or the abolitionist cause. You can view samples of our professional work here. (States,.98) To a Southland fighting for its existence, slavery was an asset in the farm belt. Cotton, rice, tobacco and the indigo what led to the civil war essay plant were key products grown in largely monoculture farms that required labour from numerous slaves. Certain issues had once and for all been settled. But in all other respects the peculiar institution was a terrible handicap.

But greatly the cause in its far reaching aftermaths, the studying of the history very closely of the times will bring us to an ending that it was the doubt of a mischief far more great and. (States,.132) Normal political life also came to a halt in the South during the war. This became quite clear when the war broke out. The balance of power shifted to the North, which was essentially what led to the civil war essay against the institution of slavery. The North could win a modern war and the south could not. This created a new assurance for the North and slaves that wanted to do a difference in how they were being treated. Whereas the South felt bondage was an indispensable portion of their lives. After years of conflicts, food shortages had become so severe that ingenious southerners concocted various substitutes: parched corn in place of coffee, strained blackberries in place of vinegar. The main difference they fought over was their opinions on slavery. The mere fact that revolutionaries did not pay attention to the cause of the slaves was enough to spark intense animosity towards the whites and the Confederation.

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Sectionalism and Nationalism, tensions were unsurprisingly high and loyalty began to brew within regions right before the what led to the civil war essay time of the war, leading to widespread sectionalism. And would make the right thing in the terminal. Green utilizations allusions in his address to assist carry his fellow African Americans to fall in the Union forces. Another very important cause of the Civil war was the weak economy of the South. Plantations became the centre of life and people lived in agrarian societies these societies didnt follow the same layout of northern cities but were more like small towns usually owned by one person which allowed lots of slaves to work on the fields. As Lincoln stated in his inaugural address, one-eighth of the American population were coloured slaves that were localised in The South which had particular and powerful interests. Key questions were posed: What rights do states have over the central government? (States,.82) This increased demand northern farms met with effortless ease. Underneath everything there was the fact that the, civil, war was a modern war ; an all- out war, as that generation understood the concept, in which everything that a nation has and does must be listed with its assets or its debits.

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Souths decreasing capability to mange the army of what led to the civil war essay slaves and Norths advancing industrial power also fired up and added to the conflict. And throughout the war Southerners relaxed their close supervision of slave movements and activities. Before the industrial age, South was powerful and its economy was roaring. Slavery marked the most controversial and oldest issues dividing the North and the South serving as the main catalyst for the. This is not an example of the work produced by our. All causes mixed together forming a potent reason to fight for the good of either The Union or The Confederacy. When war came, they watched helplessly as the Confederate government and Southern states governments transferred hundreds of thousands of slaves from private plantations to more urgent labor in the war effort.