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12 angry men group dynamics essays

12 angry men group dynamics essays

Eleven of the jurors immediately vote guilty; only Juror. If, however, we utilize poor communications skills, our true objectives become confusing, misinterpreted, or lost altogether. He had no rational arguments of his own, and tried to use others as a springboard for his emotional personal attacks. Juror #5 is a reserved and quiet man. Juror #10 12 angry men group dynamics essays was just plain offensive. In fact, Christensen and Kohls (2003) argue that due to crisis-caused organizational and individual stress and its effects, stakeholders tend not to be considered and, therefore, unethical decision making is more likely (p. After the initial vote, tempers flared, votes changed, divisions were created, emotions were exhibited, and prejudices were displayed. Hes very logical, self-assured, and rational. Juror #4 is a stockbroker. The 1957 film, 12 Angry Men, can teach us a lot about the process of group communication both the positive and negative aspects. Juror #3 (Lee. The action in this play is that of a tense and tight because of the seriousness of the case expository hand.

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After the initial vote was taken, the emotionally charged group immediately became insolent. I think it was only Fondas appeal to his logical side that eventually won Juror #4 over. This action furthers the cooperative nature of the group as a cooperative orientation is based on the realization that an individuals success is dependent on the success of the other team members (Johnson, 2007,. The opposing views of the jurors were utilized in order to understand differing perspectives. . Despite the other jurors strong objections, they agree to begin a dialogue. . According to Forsyth (1999 Exposure to others positions, in addition to providing additional information and prompting a more thorough analysis of that information, can also cause group members to reinterpret, or cognitively restructure, key aspects of the issue (191).

Brick by brick, word by word, a community was built around these twelve men. At the outset, show more content, he plays the role of 'appointed leader or the individual who is assigned the leader position from the onset. Representing the greatest of organizational challenges, the plot forces these 12 instinctively conflicting personalities into the suffocating quarters of a shrinking jury deliberation room. This is a distinct characterization from the founding of leadership in aggression or overbearing authority. Having said that, this can be difficult to put into practice as being in the minority is never easy because it runs contrary to our strong desire to be liked and accepted by others (Johnson, 2007,. They raised their hands only after seeing how quickly the others raised theirs. Instead, there is a clear sense of concern over the propriety in carrying out the appropriate duty of the court. . In the film, twelve men are brought angry in a room to decide whether a boy is guilty essay killing his father.

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More than 50 years after the production of 12 Angry Men, the film still has incredible value due to the themes presented. . Positive Leadership and Group Practices, beyond the example of a cooperative community that was established among the jurors in 12 Angry Men, we can draw from the film examples of how leadership can minimize rivalries, constructively integrate opposing views, and contribute to developing effective coalitions. . After studying different personalities and reading the play 12 Angry Men I have a better understanding of myself and those around. As the deliberations unfold, the story quickly becomes a study of the jurors complex personalities (which range from wise, bright and empathetic to arrogant, prejudiced and merciless preconceptions, backgrounds and interactions. In his subdued 'observer' and meek 'information giver' role,. Specially, this paper utilized the film in order to discuss the ability to create cooperative communities among diverse worldviews. . Group Dynamics in 12 Angry Men words - 6 pages In the classic 12 Angry Men, group dynamics are portrayed through a jury deliberation. He suggests that the group spend just one hour discussing the case and weighing the facts, rather than sending the boy off to die without at least some thought. Finally, as a resident in the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area of the country, diversity is not only a benefit; it is unavoidable (Gates, 2012). Further, the only way to convey those differences, those things that are important or unimportant to them, is through communication.

In order to minimize rivalries and integrate opposing views, it is important to view diversity as an opportunity as opposed to a threat to progress. . Throughout the rest of the movie though, the group, perhaps unconsciously, moved towards conflict resolution. We are not even certain as the audience that the juror is responding to a belief that the defendant was necessarily innocent. . As is often the case, how we communicate with others determines the results that we achieve. Through his constructive dialogue and even mannered tone of voice, Fonda was able to utilize all of the above concepts. .

Fonda was able to not only convey his intentions of not emotionally pre-judging the young defendant, but did so in such a way that was not directly confrontational. Davis) casts a not guilty vote. This period of conflict escalation is, in most cases, followed by a reduction in conflict and, ideally, conflict resolution (Forsyth, 1999,. He has 12 angry men group dynamics essays the misfortune to be selected Foreman of the jury ' a task he clearly does not enjoy. Business Society (42),. Juror #8 was the only individual to administrate the pursuit of this goal and, in a fashion that is reflective of the challenges potentially common to any working environment, was forced to do so in the face of hostile opposition, oppressive external. Both directors chose different actors, camera angles, and lighting, essay the essence of the expository stays angry same. As addressed above as isolation from other groups, organizations can be susceptible to unethical decisions based on their inability to create dialogue with impacted stakeholders. .

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The foremans inability to lead effectively was another major component of the groups dynamics in this case. Group dynamics is concerned with the structure and functioning of expository as well expository the different types essays essay each character plays. The movie 12 Angry Men is a fascinating and insightful examination of a diverse group of twelve jurors who are uncomfortably brought together to deliberate the facts of a seemingly open-and-shut murder trial. This domino effect led the group to cooperate as a community. Everyone else still continues angry argue that the boy is guilty. The 1957 Sidney Lumet directed classic 12 Angry Men, the film adaptation of a stage drama from a few years prior, is centered logistically and physically around an uncomfortably diverse set of men with a common goal. It is through this plot movement that Lumet carefully draws out the process of ascension to group cohesion. . Juror #1s deficiency caused the group to be more responsive to Juror #8s natural leadership skills. According to Johnson (2007 being willing to stand alone is necessary in order to adopt a cooperative orientation. . Group Dynamics in Twelve Angry Men specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now, the trial by jury system is supposed to produce a unanimous decision in an objective, fair and unbiased manner. Whether they brought good or bad qualities to the jury room, they all affected the outcome. To another extent though, the work is a study on organizational behavior, producing a setting in which undefined roles are gradually filled by a combination of necessity and individual instinct.

This act of sharing alone has a vast impact on the ability of the community to arrive at a unanimous decision. Perhaps this is why he was able to eventually achieve the unlikely feat of swaying the other eleven jurors. Juror #7 is a salesman whose main interest is getting to a baseball game that he has tickets for. But its precisely those differences that affect how they are able to interact with each other (although 12 angry men group dynamics essays often ineffectively) to work through the task thats been given to them. The first positive step that Fondas character took toward constructively integrating opposing views was his overall approach to the situation. .

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He was not capable of issuing any arguments, only violent outbursts of ignorant prejudice. However, he often presented arguments in a smug, conceited manner. Even though the initial vote was 11-1 for guilty, it can be contended that the group was possibly more divided. A natural leader, he often persuades others through his calm logical reasoning. Hes at the twilight of his life and has uncanny powers of observation and perception. They show how important it twelve angry to have integrity. He is apparently ashamed of his slum-dwelling upbringing and hesitant at first to speak. The sixteen personality types. As a public relations practitioner, this 12 angry men group dynamics essays idea rings especially true. . This is an especially important skill for leaders to possess and within the film Fonda models this behavior for the others within their small community. . These credits accumulate during the course of interaction, typically as a member contributes to the progress of the group toward desired goals (Forsyth, 1999,. And, they each have their different and unique individual life experiences and attitudes.

We may consider that the juror might have sought another approach than facing collectively and individually the obstructions to the deliberation of justice. . It is thus that he encounters several phenomena of group dynamic which detectably play a part in obstructing the immediate achievement of intended goals. He is extremely opinionated and biased, loud-mouthed, intolerant and temperamental. Essay Writing Guides, the wanted to argue that he was definitely guilty because of what they heard in essays courtroom. Juror #2 is a meek and mild bank teller who seems to try to avoid conflict at all costs. As in 12 Angry Men, groups are even more susceptible to groupthink when they are under immense stress, come from similar backgrounds, and meet in isolation of other groups. . It becomes clear quite immediately that leaders and followers are not strictly defined by their willingness to exercise power, but perhaps more by their varying senses of duty. . When there is a quarrel between the men, he was the one who would essay 12 angry men group dynamics essays if off and advice them to settle down and talk about it like civil men.