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Reflection on diversity and equality essay

reflection on diversity and equality essay

Diversity enhances this country by bringing together lots of people with different cultures,beliefs, economic backgrounds, sexual preferences and interests. Diversity a Business Issue Diversity becoming more business oriented will also be a future trend. Racial discrimination became apparent since peter was the only black in the group yet he was not enlisted to attend the evening bash. I felt this was a case of discrimination and failure to acknowledge diversity in the workplace. Therefore, senior managers in the future will take on the challenge posed by greater workforce diversity by becoming more competent in diversity issues that are vital to their organization's success. People do advocate that men and women have the same opportunities today, but, overall, there are many stereotypes, which work against women and cannot be removed at once. This stereotype also sends me back to the way of perceiving women as being weaker than men. In order to tackle the task, we decided to separate it into smaller tasks according to the three target audiences involved, dividing ourselves into three smaller groups and working on one target audience per sub-group. Short- and long-term savings in personnel and legal costs can make diversity an important business strategy for an organization. As some group members had responsibilities outside the unit, we decided as a whole that it would be useful to utilise the discussion boards via Blackboard to communicate with other members of the larger group. This early decision-making process was important as it allowed us all to participate and to feel motivated in working towards the groups eventual success in producing a good-quality presentation.

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Assessment, you should use this file to complete your Assessment. These policies will create conditions that will lead to full development of the companys potential. Description, the group work in which I participated took place over the course of a week. I personally learnt a lot from the group members who were older than me, and felt that I benefitted a great deal from watching the mature way in which they went about resolving conflict to come to a good group consensus. All the people involved are supposed to adhere to the code of equality and diversification within the premise. While male swearing drops off in mixed sex company, both men and women swear more. The sub-groups will decide the media which they will use to promote the AHP. The managers should avoid the one-size fits all approach to manage individuals at the workplace since people have different needs, perspectives, values and beliefs. We also set clear boundaries about how the group would operate; for example, the ground rules that we devised on the first day were as follows: There will be three individual threads for discussion reflection on diversity and equality essay by each sub-group. Overall, I experienced that all of the group members came to know each other on a personal level through working together over the week to complete our tasks. Indeed, Rahim cites a study carried out in 2005 to assert that: a moderate level of substantive conflict is functional, as it stimulates discussion and debate. Development sequence in small groups. The Term Paper on Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus Gender Differences In Communication.

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2 pages, 526 words, the Essay on Equality Of Power In 1869 Women Woman Men Female., the human female possesses them all. Rodrigo, august 13, 2016, writePass - Essay Writing - Dissertation Topics TOC. Broadening the client-base is another benefit that comes with diversity since a diverse staff is able to communicate with clients who share the same culture, diversity and nationality. I have formed my perception of gender based on my family. Every one is different and unique. The word Diversity means different and varied. This issue of being more of business oriented will make accountability and responsibility major focus for ml Due to great competition in the market, teams will be very diverse Great competition in the world will exist as corporations.

Management should come up with various management styles and systems that will best utilize the diversity of the employees in the organization. The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk. Diversity enhances my life because it means I can be a individual, I am not governed by style or my religious beliefs. The continued diversity in Americas population in combination with immigration of diverse immigrants will make the term minority lose its meaning. . As the Belbin theory states (2010 a Resource Investigator explores opportunities and makes useful links with internal and external contacts. The title of Resource Investigator also applies to me as I used these social networks as one of a variety of means to search for useful contacts. It makes the organizations to promote equality and diversity in their workplace. It provides for retirement ages and ages that are appropriate for young people to start working.

As women, minorities, and other diverse groups become an increased share of available workers, it becomes more important for organizations to be successful in hiring and retaining workers from these groups. Well-managed diversity reflection on diversity and equality essay leads to effective work teams, which in turn lead to the development of high quality products and services. The diversity balanced scorecard provides an organization with a comprehensive tool to measure the diversities that are available in the organizations. . The way in which we all participated in devising the ground rules on the first day created a strong team spirit, an important aspect in the successful management of diversity as Klarsfeld mentions in his recent book (2010). They include; Race relations act and its amendment. For instance, once we were asked to move to the conference hall for meeting and there were not enough chairs for all of us to sit. The training could include equality and diversity duties and considering how equality and diversity impacts all aspects of business. The company will ensure that the enterprises or individuals that they deal with shares in their values of diversity and equality. Managing conflict in organizations. Women's struggle for gender equality is coming to an end. Introduction, i have recently completed a unit on facilitating collaboration in professional practice, which formed a part of my Diagnostic Radiography course. People from certain parts of world tend to live in the same areas as each other.

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Other successful corporations like Google or Microsoft are founded and managed by men, which is not a reflection on diversity and equality essay surprise for. This thought is still common because most of world societies are patriarchal. Diversity encourages employees to explore alternative ways of developing interpersonal relationships. This will help me at university as well as in my future work as a professional radiographer collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team. Increase in Globalization of Corporations Most organizations in the United States will increase their businesses to international levels; these will make the companies involved in international trade to compete with companies from a great coverage in the globe. There is also a youth club again run by volunteers for children that is held after school. Deloitte has continuously clinched awards for being a leader in diversity and equity all around the globe. 9 pages, 4013 words, the Review on Gender as a Social Practice: Implications for Women in Management. Age discrimination act This act covers all forms of discrimination including discrimination against both the young and the old individuals. This model describes a process of description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, and conclusion, and, as such, my personal reflection will also be organised under these headings. With all this happening, teams of diverse nature will begin to emerge as corporations will diversify the work force to gain a competitive advantage. Conclusion, in conclusion, I found the group work to be a very educational experience concerning the importance of being able to work well in a team. Gender or sex discrimination act, this act usually applies to women and men of all age groups including children and makes discrimination on the grounds of sex and marriage unlawful.

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These companies focus on reflection on diversity and equality essay creating more open, flexible, responsive, and responsible work environments, where employees can be happier and more satisfied, which they believe will eventually affect their bottom line in a positive way. The main aspect that I would like to improve is my confidence, which will enable me to contribute more of my ideas to group work. It is recommended that once a balanced scorecard is implemented, it is necessary to always revisit it to ensure that things are going as planned. All of these things enhance our experiences, giving us new opportunities to embrace and learn new opportunities, products, services, religions and even friendships. Workplace diversity is one of the major reason globalization has gone a notch higher due to exposure to many individuals from diverse backgrounds. Mother was more likely to look after kids, cook and do all other things women usually did. At this point, I was part of the group of four people who were responsible for considering the campaign to target graduates not taking healthcare courses. I was part of a group of 10 people whose task it was to promote a governmental campaign aimed at publicising the Allied Health Professions. An environment that does not restrict different religions and beliefs will be created. A diverse work force will be more of a requirement than a strategy as all the corporations engaging in international trade will be having such a strategy hence need to be more creative to gain a competitive advantage. Deloitte will continue to employ and serve people of all ages as required by law and will ensure that policies do not affect adversely staff or services users because of their ages.

reflection on diversity and equality essay

Conclusion Equality recognizes that everyone should have a right to equal access to employment opportunities, duties, equal access to training and development and even employment pay. The reason why I have identified myself as an Implementer is based firstly on the fact that I took on the responsibility for carrying out the task of researching the use of social networks in our campaign and. The role of legislation in managing diversities is clear from the above; as it provides guidelines on what is required or necessary for organizations in managing diversities and equalities. Spacing, single spacedDouble spaced * Final order price might be slightly different depending on the current exchange rate of chosen payment system. It is not a secret that the number of women obtaining top managerial positions is increasing day by day; roles of the best of the best managers are associated with male managing styles. Most of them are quite different from traditionally male, ambitious, self-confident, straightforward managers cultivated in the world. Moreover, they have to cope with various attitudes concerning their reflection on diversity and equality essay behavior and decisions. Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly. A poster will be produced for each category. They are perceived as to be milder more compassionate, less solid in their opinions, weaker as personalities. We have 4 primary schools and 1 secondary school that serves our community. The company will give an in depth training to its entire staff on all issues relating to equality and diversity.

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To promote a safe environment regarding religion and beliefs. Of career progression show that women advance more slowly than men and that factors influencing success in terms. The whole group is to meet at 11am on Friday in the café outside the library to prepare for the presentation. The opposite things happened when all employees, as a part of team-building, decided to watch the movie after work. Even though female leadership becomes more and more common in the world, women still have to prove that their really deserve to have those positions. There can also arise mistrust, elements of culture such as language and dress code may cause such mistrusts within the organization. When youve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference. This made our presentation much more well-rounded and multi-faceted than it would have been if my group had contained only other radiographers. We also have 3 private schools. I found that this motivated other group members to join in more and also lead to interesting discussions that created further good ideas. The policies that Deloitte has put in place include; Promoting an equality and diversity committee. In order to have an opportunity to practise this skill, we were each assigned groups tasks. America is moving to the acceptance of a new neutral model of gender stratification where both genders deserve equal treatment.

reflection on diversity and equality essay

This session went well in general and was successful. Women and Men in Management, 4th Edition. In retrospect, if I had been in a group of people with whom I had felt comfortable then, regardless of the size of the group, I believe that I would have participated fully in the discussion by contributing as many ideas as possible. It was clear that male employees were asked to bring more chairs because they were male. When managers realize the various attributes of their team members, they can direct the team members with their attributes in mind.

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Another negative by product from diversity could be; if employees who have worked for a long time in the organization realize that their employers are hiring to fulfill a diversity", the employees may feel undermined and threatened. The work progressed in this way for most of the week until, on the last day, the groups joined together for one key session in the afternoon. Organizations that are receptive to diverse employees are more likely to better understand the diverse market needs of both domestic and global customers and, therefore, compete more effectively. Everything was fine, but female employees were asked to prepare some snacks (order a delivery) because they knew better what was good for their company. Lawsuits related to areas of diversity litigation such as sexual harassment, race discrimination, and gender bias can cost organizations millions of dollars. In this scenario, I would neither have felt anxious about making a mistake nor experienced the self-censorship that came as a consequence of this anxiety. Not taken seriously a black female manager. Our smaller sub-group decided to have meetings at the university during the week in addition to this means of contact. I believe that this was because I had become accustomed through the week to working in a small group of only four people, and suddenly becoming part of a much larger group threw my habitual role in the group into uncertainty. The act requires that organizations come up with a workable legislation age. As stated by Dubrin: Showing respect for team members is a general technique for building teamwork. Organizations that are sensitive to diversity will be best able to attract and retain the best available human resources. However, this was not the case during the aforementioned group session.

reflection on diversity and equality essay

However, by the end of the process I had learnt a great deal about the complexities of group work and the way in which people from different professional backgrounds can complement the task by offering a much greater depth of experience. Although at this stage each team member is keen to be accepted by others, and serious issues are therefore usually avoided, it is a very important stage in team-building. The perception was that it was the management practice to favour some races while disregarding the feelings of the minority in the organization. This way of thinking is extremely difficult to overcome because it appeared when I was a child. The opportunities for men and women are out. British Journal of Nursing. Deloitte has successfully devised organizational policies in order to promote equality and diversity among its employees. In this essay, I will be reflecting on the experiences that I had as part of the larger group of 10 students, as well as how I found the process of dividing into smaller sub-groups of four people for part of the activities. Get 15 OFF your first order Order now Improvement of productivity and maintenance of competitive advantage To be more profitable and cost-effective; to have a more productive, creative and innovative workforce; to be able to attract and retain. Hence the people should also recognize their increase awareness in the company about the needs of staff, users and visitors with make regular assessments of the companys sites and actively seek opportunities to improve access in our companys premises. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limitedis a UK private company limited by guarantee and has a network of member firms that are legally separate and independent from one another. At points throughout the process there was an element of natural disagreement about the direction that our campaign presentation would take and the best way to complete our activities.

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Pages, academic level, high timeframes 11 days9 days7 days5 days4 days3 days48 hours24 hours12 hours8 hours6 hours3 hours. Today parents tend to share their work around the house, pay equal attention to their children and participate in their upbringing equally. Underpinning my personal reflections, and providing my essay with a coherent structure, will be Gibbs (1988) reflection model as outlined by Cooney (1999). These are minor things but they take place almost everywhere. It teaches me to be more tolerant and I learn how to live with so many different people. We live in a large village which has a high street full of interesting shops ranging from bargain range goods to specialised kitchen fitting to ladys boutiques. This said, globalization going to greater heights will lead to a work force that is more global-oriented, a market and economy that is measured in international terms. The most recognized minority groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics and the Asians will also increase in population as well. Radiographers such as myself also work in teams of two most of the time so it is very reflection on diversity and equality essay important to understand how to co-operate with others in a professional setting. Then, go to m and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area make sure it is clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment number. I usually experience myself as a very confident person who finds it easy to take charge of situations and engage with activities in a proactive way.