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Eiichiro komatsu thesis

eiichiro komatsu thesis

21cm-CMB Correlation (SKA) SKA data should be correlated with wmap data at degree scales. Wimp mass is likely around GeVTeV, if wimp is neutralino-like. Observed nirb Excess Galaxy Contribution at zlt6 Matsumoto. A microwave telescope at the South Pole has for the first time captured a particular polarization signal in the cosmic microwave background that arises from gravitational lensing by intervening matter. Near Infrared Background Current Data. To submit students of this mathematician, please use the new data form, noting this mathematician's MGP ID of 84866 for the advisor. 21-cm fluctuations due to density and ionized fraction We focus on degree angular scales 41 21cm x CMB Doppler 21cm lines Produced by neutral hydrogen during reionization As reionization proceeds, 21cm slowly dissappears morphology of reionization imprinted on 21cm anisotropy. 49 Energy-density Spectrum Primordial Gravitational Usual Cartoon Picture 50 Numerical Solution Traditional Flat?

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Can we detect photons from early generation stars? Stewart 1972, Rebhan Schwarz 1994, Weinberg 2004, Dicus Repko 2005 ) Collisionless Damping due to Anisotropic Stress 53 Relativistic eiichiro komatsu thesis Degrees of Freedom g(T) In the early universe, WGW RD MD k RD g(T) T, k 54 Relativistic Degrees of Freedom. Mathematics Subject Classification: 85Astronomy and astrophysics. (2005) 6 Previous Study Metal-free Stars, or Mini-quasars? Susy breaking Reheating (1014 GeV) GUT scale (1016 GeV) Planck scale (1019 GeV) 59 Summary of Our Predictions Cosmic Near Infrared Background (ciber) The signal will not come from metal-free stars, but will come primarily from stars with metals. Reionization history 46 Cross-correlation The shape of the correlation traces the linear matter power spectrum at large scales (l100) 47 Probing Reionization History Cross-correlation peaks when ionized fraction about a half Sign and amplitude of correlation constrains derivative of ionized. For FFGfnlfg2, there are only three statistical tools for which the analytical predictions are known The angular bispectrum of Temperature Komatsu Spergel (2001) Polarization Babich Zaldarriaga (2004) Joint Analysis Method (TP) Yadav, Komatsu Wandelt (2007) The angular trispectrum Approximate. Systematic errors, foregrounds, or unaccounted noise wont produce the cross-correlation, but will produce spurious signal in the auto-correlation. It is even plausible that the first convincing evidence for 21-cm from reionization would come from the cross-correlation signal.

1TeV 55 Collisionless Damping of GW by Anisotropic Stress due to Neutrino Free-streaming Anisotropic stress due to n free-streaming couples with eiichiro komatsu thesis GWs Asymptotic solution.5 less! Cosmology, viewpoint: Matter Adds Twist to Cosmic Microwave Background. 12 The Future is in Anisotropy Previous model (Kashlinsky. (2007) Surface area Contour Length Euler Characteristic Comparison of MFs between analytical predictions and non-Gaussian simulations with fNL100 at different Gaussian smoothing scales,?s Simulations are done for wmap survey mask(Kp0 mask noise pattern and antenna beam pattern difference ratio of MFs. 13 How Do We Test Gaussianity of CMB? (2006) (1yr) (3yr) 19 Trispectrum Not For wmap, But Perhaps Useful For Planck Kogo Komatsu (2006) Trispectrum ( fNL2) Bispectrum ( fNL) 20 Minkowski Functionals (MFs) The number of hot spots minus cold spots. Lets make some predictions. 2006 incomplete subtraction of Zodiacal light? We will use the reionization simulation (Iliev. Primordial Gravity Waves (lisa) GW spectrum wont be featureless, but will be with full of features. Clearly we need better data. (Some of ) Their own predictions can actually be tested by observations within their lifetime.

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Will we know we have surprises in the data when we see them? Tohoku University 2001, dissertation: The Pursuit of Non-Gaussian Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background. Watanabe, Yuki, university of Texas at Austin 2009, according to our current on-line database, Eiichiro Komatsu has 8 students and 8 descendants. Primordial Non-Gaussianity Updates (Planck dark Matter Annihilation (glast galaxy Power Spectrum (hetdex) 21cm-CMB Correlation (SKA). ( p / l) 29 A Few Equations Gamma-ray intensity Spherical harmonic expansion Limbers equation 30 Predicted Angular Power Spectrum Ando, Komatsu, Narumoto Totani (2006) At 10 GeV for 2-yr observations of glast Blazars (red curves) easily discriminated from the DM signal. Simulated temperature maps from fNL0 fNL100 fNL5000 fNL1000 17 Is One-point PDF Useful? (2006) Hikage. Year, descendants, agrawal, Aniket, ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2018, chiang, Chi-Ting, ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2015. 2006) to make simulated maps of the nirb anisotropy coming soon! What can we predict for the outcome of ciber? 18 Bispectrum Constraints Komatsu. New window into 7ltzlt30 (e.g., Lyman-alpha). Title: Eiichiro Komatsu 1, thinking about Fun Stuff from ciber, Planck, glast, hetdex, SKA, and (beyond)lisa, eiichiro Komatsu.

Primordial Non-Gaussianity Updates (Planck) We are ready for Planck (bispectrum/trispectrum/MF s). Galaxy Power Spectrum (hetdex) Non-linear bias is important for BAO. Dont be too quick to jump into conclusion that metal-free, first stars have been seen in the nirb. Eiichiro Sasaki was the director for, resident Evil Outbreak 1 and, resident Evil Outbreak File #2. Are we getting the maximum information out of the data? If you have additional information or corrections regarding this mathematician, please use the update form. 2005, 2007) We dont need eiichiro komatsu thesis anything too exotic. Ligo 102 Hz WGW0 lt 10-10 Matter-radiation equality ee- annihilation Neutri no decoupling QGP phase transition ElectroWeak.T. Challenges, extra-galactic infrared background in J and K bands over zodiacal light 70 nW/m2/sr.

2005 Cooray. 25 Big Stuff from Gamma-ray Sky? This eiichiro komatsu thesis is actually a good news we dont expect metal-free stars to dominate the near infrared background. (2007) (1yr) (3yr) Area Contour Length Genus 22 Analytical formulae of MFs Hikage, Komatsu Matsubara (2006) Perturbative formulae of MFs (Matsubara 2003) Gaussian term leading order of Non-Gaussian term In weakly non-Gaussian fields (s0ltlt1), the non-Gaussianity in MFs is characterized by three skewness parameters S(a). Cooray Yoshida (2004) studied the contribution from mini-quasars. (1992) Schaerer (2002) 10 nirb Spectrum per SFR 11 The Madau Plot You dont have to take this seriously for now.

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We welcome any additional information. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2017, jeong, Donghui, university of Texas at Austin 2010, shoji, Masatoshi, university of Texas at Austin 2011. We need to know the predicted form of statistical tools as a function of model parameters to fit the data. 51 Primordial Gravity Waves as a Time Machine in Minkowski spacetime in FRW spacetime Cosmological Redshift Therefore, the gravity wave spectrum is sensitive to the entire history of cosmic expansion after inflation. 1-Wtotal-0.003 (0.013, -0.017) (68 CL) (wmap 3yrHST) Geometry of our Universe is consistent with being flat to 3 accuracy at. Having many predictions is useful for maximizing the scientific outcome from (expensive) experiments. Can glast see it? Density 45 Cross-correlation Given the coefficients alm for 21cm and Doppler, the cross-correlation can be found using Shape of angular correlation same eiichiro komatsu thesis as linear power spectrum ClP(kl/r) Evolution of the peak correlation amplitude (at l100) with redshift? Relation between galaxies and underlying density Assumption galaxy formation is a local process 3rd-order PT calculation gives the PT galaxy power spectrum (Heavens. 56 Watanabe Komatsu (2006) The Most Accurate Spectrum of GW in the Standard Model of Particle Physics Old Result 57 Features in the Spectrum n damping e-,e ann. 1998) 38 PT Has Done It Again! We need better measurements! Stars contaminated by metals (say, Z1/50 solar) can produce nearly the same amount of excess light per SFR.

eiichiro komatsu thesis

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3, contents (7 minutes per topic cosmic Near Infrared Background (ciber). Santos, Bromm eiichiro komatsu thesis Kamionkowski (2002) Salvaterra Ferrara (2003) Mini quasars? 15 nW/m2/sr (Wright 2001) lt6 nW/m2/sr (Thompson. For FFGfnlfg2, -54ltfNLlt114 (95 CL) (wmap 3yr) Primordial fluctuations are consistent with being Gaussian.001 accuracy at. 40 Reionization CMB - 21cm correlationAlvarez, Komatsu, Dore Shapiro (2006) 21-cm maps result from line-emission Doppler is a projected effect on CMB Doppler effect comes from peculiar velocity along.o.s. (2006) Creminelli. 39 BAO Affected by Non-linear Bias But, now we know how to account for the non-linear bias. ) 15 Are We Ready for Planck? 58 Cosmological Events and Sensitivities Detector sensitivities Cosmological events CMB 10-18 Hz wmap WGW0 lt 10-11 Plank WGW0 lt 10-13 Pulsar timing 10-8 Hz WGW0 lt 10-8 lisa 10-2 Hz WGW0 lt 10-11 decigo/BBO.1 Hz WGW0 lt?

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