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Thesis statement on breast cancer

thesis statement on breast cancer

A Structured interviewing questionnaire developed by the researchers which included the following data:. . The scale showed a high reliability (Cronbach's alpha.93) and good clinical validity. By undergoing the often blame-filled psychotherapy offered by some groups, such as the Simonton Center, the patient would overcome cancer by consciously choosing to give up the emotional benefits he or she created the cancer for, and be healed. American Journal of Nursing,106 (3. At the time that Sontag was writing, the fad in alternative cancer treatment was psychotherapy for the patient's supposed "cancer personality". These findings were also consistent with Jody Pelusi (2006)33who stated that, altered body image seems to be more pronounced if chemotherapy or hormonal therapy is added to the treatment regimen. Journal Korean Academic Nursing. Al Todeschini Pancreatic Cancer Softball Tournament. Retrieved February 26, 2016. Oncology Nursing Society, 13 (2). Zakari began his career in basic science research at Georgetown University where he went on to instruct and earned the Golden Apple Award, an honor given to the best teacher of the year.

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Illness as Metaphor is a 1978 work of critical theory by, susan Sontag, in which she challenges the victim-blaming in the language often used to describe diseases and those who suffer from them. Aids and tuberculosis (the symbolic illness of the 19th century Sontag shows that both diseases were associated with personal psychological traits. This was supported by Wright (2007)44 who identified an immediate effect of distraction, recreation in stress reduction, and increased thesis statement on breast cancer relaxation.This complementary therapies are effective for control of symptoms in breast cancer patients who have had an experience of physical and mental problems. "Susan Sontag: The risk taker". Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 26 (2 191-208. A b "Illness as Metaphor". This may be attributed to low cognitive abilities and increased health illiteracy related to leading causes for breast cancer. Nadine,., and Jill Keller.(2009). Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, 2014 (2014 1-. Her final argument is that metaphors are not useful for patients, since metaphors make patients feel as if their illness is due to their feelings, rather than lack of effective treatment. Study Tools, tool. An improvement in all side effects after application of plisst counseling model was appeared.

This result is consistent with Fobair, Stewart Chang (2006)28who studied body image and sexual problems in young women with breast cancer and stated that chemotherapy, causes alopecia, nausea, vomiting, nails changes and weight gain or loss. Quality of life in long-term, disease-free survivors of breast cancer: a follow-up study. All thanks for Dr / Ehab Shaltout - PhD in Oncology-Oncology Institute, Menoufia University, for helping and supporting in facilitating data collection and counseling process. Working with one of the world pioneers in colon cancer at Georgetown University led to his interest in gastrointestinal/colon cancers. Another example if a women expresses anticipatory anxiety about sexual intercourse with her husband for fear of pain or discomfort, the researchers addressed relaxation strategies, appropriate medications (under doctor prescription). Journal Nationall Cancer Institute, 94(1 39-49. "Illness as Metaphor By Susan Sontag". (I can spread cancer through intercourse). In particular, she says that the metaphors and terms used to describe both syndromes lead to an association between repressed passion and the physical disease itself. Out of them 19 breast cancer women not continue to complete the study and dropped from the total sample which became 66 women only.

The researchers explained the aim of the study, scheduled times and frequency of counseling sessions to all selected women to assure adherence to selected interventions. Berkeley: The University of California Press. Asco Clinical Trial Participation Award, Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, Orlando, FL, 2006. Effectiveness of plissit model sexual program on female sexual function for women with gynecologic cancer. Reading the medical literature: basic clinical biostatistics. Nursing Intervention Program for Early Detection and Prevention of Breast Cancer among Working women, Journal of American Science, 7(1 450-459. Stevinson,., Fox,. Sontag also mentioned how multiple studies have found a link between depression and people afflicted with cancer, which she argues is just a sign of the times and not a reason for the disease, since in previous times physicians found that. Lippincotts Case Management, 11(2 101-106. Likewise, Knapstein., (2002)30found that, mastectomy resulted thesis statement on breast cancer in changes in body image. Also, it showed an improvement in all sexual function index domains (arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain) post intervention except with sexual desire. Subjects and Methods.1. It is estimated that worldwide over 508, 000 women died in 2011 due to breast cancer.

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Significance was adopted at.05 for interpretation of results of tests of significance. Journal of Education and Practice, 6 (3 146-154. The persistent impact of breast carcinoma on functional health status: prospective evidence from the Nurses' Health Study. Components of plissit Counseling Model Sexual Intervention.1. Rogers,., and Kristjanson,.J.(2002). International Society for Sexual Medicine, 1-10. Breast cancer women who have poor sexuality (sexual functioning, poor body image and bad couple satisfaction) will experience an improvement in sexuality after application of plissit counseling model post intervention thesis statement on breast cancer compared to pre intervention. According to these proponents, patients brought cancer upon themselves by having a resigned, repressed, inhibited personality. Some studies declared the health hazards of breast cancer -related- treatment on women 's sexuality and body image, explaining that some determinants are responsible for the appearance of side effects related sexuality on women undergoing e present study indicated. Informational Rehabilitation Informational rehabilitation given to breast cancer patients is important for the adjustment to this chronic condition. Body image is part of each person's self-worth.

These findings was consistent with study conducted by Graziottin (2005)21 who studied breast cancer and its effect on influencing body image and sexuality and reported that determinants of breast cancer were stage of cancer, type of breast surgery and hair loss. Based on the results of the pilot study, the necessary modifications were carried out. Bio, ahmed Zakari is a board-certified internal medicine, hematology and oncology physician and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (asco) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH). Zakari is the Director of the Gastrointestinal Oncology Program at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute and chairs the Division thesis statement on breast cancer of Hematology in the Department of Internal Medicine at Florida Hospital. Relaxation Technique According to current study, the researchers teach and encourage the participated women to demonstrate relaxation approaches in managing breast cancer complaints. National breast cancer center (2004). Also, they were asked to judge the items for completeness and clarity. They improved to become.7,.8 and.7, respectively compared.8,.1 and.8 respectively before model application. The role of local estrogen for treatment of vaginal atrophy in postmentopausal women: 2007 position statement on the North American Menopause Society, Menopause, 14,355-369. It is thought that an intervention plan prepared within the framework of the plissit model will guide nurses in solving sexual problems of women with cancer breast and providing integrated care and help them to express their sexual problems. Although breast cancer is thought to be a disease of the developed world, almost 50 of breast cancer cases and 58 of deaths occur in less developed countries. The researchers established the session's environment to be comfortable and quiet.

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European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 9, 5663. Therefore, thesis statement on breast cancer appropriate education is important to a patients quick recovery and rehabilitation. Breast cancer support charity. Cancer Breast Treatment The present study indicated that chemotherapy affects women sexuality, as more than half of studied sample used chemotherapy as type of treatment combined with surgery and radio therapy. With Distinction, meet some of Upstate's outstanding students and faculty. Research at Upstate, focusing on diseases affecting our local and global communities. This study findings was matching with studies conducted by Michael 2000)35 and Ganz (2002)36 whom reported that a growing body of evidence suggests that changes in body image after breast cancer and its treatment may have direct effects on sexuality, sexual. No invasive procedure was required. Plissit counseling intervention play an important role in alleviating side effects related to cancer breast treatment.

Relaxation techniques including breathing exercise, distraction and recreation. In this stage, the researchers focused on addressing and correcting myths.g. It provide scores on six domains of sexual Function ; ( desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, thesis statement on breast cancer and pain through this tool the data about a total score can be obtained. The book contrasts the view points and metaphors associated with each disease. Pierce, J,P., Stefanick, M,L., Flatt, S,W., Natarajan,., Sternfeld,., Madlensky,., Al-Delaimy, W,K., Thomson, C,A., Kealey,., Hajek,., Parker, B,A., Newman, V,A., Caan,., Rock, C,L.(2007). Also, most of the studied sample (83.3 ) received chemotherapy.