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Thesis proposal for arbtration

thesis proposal for arbtration

Moses, The principles and practice of international commercial arbitration, Cambridge University Press, 2008;. McLaughin, Enforcement of Arbitral Awards under the New York Convention: Practice.S. Resolution of the ILA on Public Policy as a Bar to Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards 2002. Pengilly, Warren, United States Trade and Antitrust Laws: A Study in International Legal Imperialism From Sherman to Helms Burton, 6 (1998) Competition and Consumer Law Journal, 187;. Albert Jan van den Berg, Distinction Domestic-International Public Policy (1996) XXI Yearbook;. (Available at m/abstract962334, retrieved on August 15, 2011. Despite the advantages presented by arbitration, it must be noted that in many countries, the problem arises when there is unwillingness in one party to recognize the results of the arbitration. If there is a part that does not serve this overall goal, that part is probably useless or should be re-considered. Harnik, Hans, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards The American Journal of Comparative Law, Volume 31, 703. Hence, several researchers believe that courts must create provisions for deference as well as mandatory rules that must be followed to ensure the objectivity of the zman, above n 1, 1281.

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Often, students have to submit. M retrieved on 17 November 2009;. What is the rationale for having one international judiciary for resolving investment disputes? Hence, in order for international business institutions to maintain consistency and resoluteness, they tend to prefer passing over formalities in the law court and thereon, and simply resolve disputes out of court through an arbitrator. Jonathan Harris and Frank Meisel, 'Public Policy and the Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards: Controlling the Unruly Horse' (1998) Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 568;. They have different anti-trust regimes and degrees of statutory intervention. Sovern, Public Policy in the Conflict of Laws (1956) 56 Colum. 2 refusing the enforcement of arbitral awards is the public policy. Answering Question 5 serves you think about your thesis proposal for arbtration method. Neil Kaplan, A Case by Case Examination of Whether National Courts Apply Different Standards When Assisting Arbitral Proceedings and Enforcing Awards in International Cases as Contrasting With Domestic Disputes.

1958 - Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards - the "New York" Convention;. Born, International commercial arbitration in the United States: commentary materials, Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, 1994;. Mustill, "Arbitration: History and Background (1989) 6 Journal of International Arbitration 43;. Domenico Di Pietro and Martin Platte, Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards: The New York Convention of 1958 (2001. What is the present validity of such contract clauses? Richard Garnett, 'International Arbitration Law: Progress Towards Harmonisation' 2002 3 Melbourne Journal of International Law 400;. It also examines the substantive and procedural public policy exception. It then evaluates the narrow approach to the public policy exception, which has been endorsed in the ILA Resolution,12 by reference to the three distinctive stages in applying to the public policy exception. AN Zhilsov, 'Mandatory and Public Policy Rules in International Commercial Arbitration' (1995) 42 Netherlands International Law Review 81;.

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Ph D, proposal, commercial Arbitration, phD, proposal, candidate: Hien Phan Ut Email: public policy exception TO THE recognition AND enforcement OF foreign arbitral awards: A comparative study. It is, therefore, the most controversial exception to the enforcement of arbitral awards, causing judicial inconsistency and therefore unpredictability in its application, which may lead us from sound law.10 In light of this, the proposed research represents an important. How would regional judiciaries do a better job than one international judiciary? The copious cases example will be assessed for illustration of the scope issue of this chapter. Martin Domke, The Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration, Callaghan., 1979;. Is There a Worldwide Trend Towards Supporting An International Arbitration Culture? Because arbitration is typically out-of-court, its success can be attributed to the willingness of state courts to enforce resolutions. Wetter, "The Present Status of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC: An Appraisal (1990) 1 American Review of International Arbitration 91;.

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(2005) 71 Arbitration 1;. Jay Forder, 'Taming the thesis proposal for arbtration Unruly Horse! D., The Public Policy Sword and the New York Convention: A Quest for Uniformity, available at m? Jonathan Hill, 'Illegality Under the Law of the Place of Performance and the Enforcement of Arbitration Awards' (2000) Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 311;. Kenneth - Michael Curtin, Redefining Public Policy in International Arbitration of National Mandatory Laws, 64 Def. 12 Resolution of the ILA on Public Policy as a Bar to Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards, adopted at the International Law Associations 70th Conference held in New Delhi, India, 2-4 Is the public policy exception established? Would it be fair to divide the investments between all parties? However, not much is available online (a notable and valuable exception is this ) in a quick and accessible format that explains what to consider in the absolutely early days of ones own brainstorming activities, when. Apart from violation of substantive public policy, violation of procedural public policy can also render an award unenforceable under public policy exception. Andrew Okekeifere, 'Public Policy and Arbitrability under the uncitral Model Law' (1999) 2 International Arbitration Law Review 70;.

Dennis Campbell, The arbitration process, Kluwer Law International, 2002;. Working Plan The thesis will be conducted within 3 years, particularly: First year Reading and orientation in existing legal materials; drafting of the research plan; systematising and analysing the collected materials; writing the chapters of having been researched and. Research methodology 5 Cross-national studies have yielded important contributions to understanding, practice, and reform of law in the last century.13 It is the better understanding, legal reform, harmonization of laws, effective problem solving that are cited as the major purposes of comparative legal studies. Public policy has been known as multi-faceted, open-textured and flexible with various guises and hence a vast variety in the vocabulary and ambiguities. It first evaluates the nature of mergers, the effects of mergers. Your dissertation can be structured on the basis of the sub-questions that you have identified this way.

11 The drafting of provisions on recognition and enforcement of interim measures of protection (Draft Art 17 bis of the Model Law) reveals continuing debate on the meaning and scope of the public policy exception in this context: see. 3 See Reciprocal duties of Bench and Bar.D. Copious cases example will be assessed as an illustration. Matti Kurkela, Hannes Snellman, Due process in international commercial arbitration, Oceana Publications, Inc., 2005;. This will lay down the scene for the critical analysis of the narrow approach to the particular public policy exceptions in the following chapters. It also allows you to narrow the focus of your inquiry down to something more specific, which can be achieved during both the limited ( hopefully ) time that you have at your disposal as an LLM/PhD student and in the allowed word count. The world business community does not trust international commercial arbitration anymore as international arbitral awards cannot be enforced in any jurisdiction. How consideration of mergers is relevant to the discussion. There is probably little that is more ill-conceived than choosing a topic one is not interested in, thinking that it would be good career-wise, that your professor would like it and you would receive a better mark. Meessen, Economic law in globalizing markets, Aspen Publishers, 2004;.

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Chapter 5: Case Study 3 Violation of Due Process This chapter examines specific procedure of public policy exception violation of due process. 9 It is treated differently both from country to country, but also among courts in the same country. How could one assert the rationale that the investments belong solely to the wife, the named inheritor? 6 suggestion to the on-progress of harmonizing public policy exception in international commercial arbitration thesis proposal for arbtration context. Karl-Heinz Bockstiegel, 'Public Policy and Arbitrability' in Pieter Sanders (ed Comparative Arbitration Practice and Public Policy in Arbitration (1987. The funny thing about LLM/PhD proposals is that one is expected to know what they are going to write about before they have done all the required research and actually know what needs to be written about. This will also allow your entire analysis to develop in a sound and logical fashion. In fact, almost 90 of large international transactions include arbitration clauses in their DIN Mendeley CSL_citation "citationItems" : "id" : "item-1 "itemData" : "DOI" : "10.2307/1373012 "author" : "family" : "Guzman "given" : "Andrew.", "container-title" : "Duke Law Journal "id". Van den Berg, "Scope of the Arbitration Agreement" (1996) XXI Year book Commercial Arbitration 415. International commercial arbitration could not be said to be successful if the award rendered could not be recognized and enforced. Edward Brunet, Arbitration law in America: a critical assessment, Cambridge University Press, 2006;.

1985 - uncitral Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration;. Emmanual Gaillard and John Savage, Fouchard, Gaillard, Goldman on international commercial arbitration, Kluwer Law International, 1999;. Van den Berg, Distinction Domestic-International Public Policy, (1996) XXI Yearbook;. "previouslyFormattedCitation" : "Andrew. Homayoon Arfazadeh, 'In the Shadow of the Unruly Horse: International Arbitration and the Public Policy Exception' (2002) 13 American Review of International Arbitration 43;.

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Naimark, Towards a science of international arbitration: collected empirical research, Kluwer Law International, 2005;. Duncan Miller, 'Public Policy in International Commercial Arbitrations in Australia' (1993) 9 Arbitration International 167;. Gharavi, Finality and Enforceability of Foreign Arbitral Awards: From Double eqequatur to the Enforcement of Annulled Awards, World Banks icsid Foreign Investment Law Journal, Spring 1998, Vol 13, No 1;. The New York Convention has been recognized widely as the foundation stone of international commercial arbitration and has achieved almost universal acceptance.8 Despite the success, the Convention lays out several grounds on which domestic courts can refuse the enforcement of an international arbitration award. Second year Reading and writing on public policy/due process analysis; comparing, analysing and testing the obtained results. This chapter therefore focuses on the following key points: International public policy; Multinational public policy; Trans-national public policy Why international public policy? Furthermore, they are divergence on nature and significance of public policy and due process applied by courts of law.

7 Bibliography Books. Xiii Nos.1-4/Columbia Univ (New York) 2002;. Dana Freyer Hamid. Carozza, Comparative Legal Traditions, west group (2006). Essay Topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The process of Arbitration involves the use of one â or perhaps more â arbitrator(s) in order to thesis proposal for arbtration settle a business dispute among transnational parties.

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Pierre Lalive, 'Transnational (or Truly International) Public Policy and International Arbitration' in Pieter Sanders (ed Comparative Arbitration Practice and Public Policy in Arbitration (1987) 260;. 5 Moreover, international arbitral awards are enforceable in the five-selected countries and in most other countries of the world under bilateral or multilateral conventions such as the New York thesis proposal for arbtration Convention. Van den Berg, The New York Arbitration Convention of 1958, Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, 1998;. Such issues might arise particularly in connection with interpretation of the public policy exception by judges and parties before the courts. 8 See Wetter, "The Present Status of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC: An Appraisal (1990) 1 American Review of International Arbitration 91, the Convention has been described as "the single most important pillar on which the edifice. International Investment Arbitration: One Judicial Oversight. Justice GN Williams, 'Importance of Public Policy Considerations in Judicial Decision-Making' (2000) International Legal Practitioner 134;.

Phillip Capper, International arbitration: a handbook, LLP 2004;. Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy) we had a mathematics professor, Prof Martelli, who was both well-respected and well-feared by students. Chapter 2: Categories of Public Policy This Chapter examines the existing categories of public policy through its attempt to differentiate or settle those overlapping categories of public policy. The reason is that the success and failure of international commercial arbitration are eventually measured by this stage. Thus, such the extensive legal research is a novelty and its benefits are to: Generate awareness and understanding of the issue of public policy exception involved in the process of enforcement foreign arbitral awards; Inform the current debates of divergence. In recognition of the importance of arbitration, many states have created laws that expand the range of issues which are arbitrable. Which one is more likely to ease the recognition and enforcement of the foreign arbitral awards? What do I mean here? In Albert Jan van den Berg (ed International Dispute Resolution: Towards an International Arbitration Culture (1998) 187;. Mustill, "Arbitration: History and Background (1989) 6 Journal of International Arbitration.

Proposal, which tackles how they intend to develop their work. Mark Buchanan, 'Public Policy and International Commercial Arbitration' (1988) 26 American Business Law Journal 511;. Audley Sheppard, Public Policy and the Enforcement of Arbitral awards: Should there be a Global Standard? It was an exercise of understanding, not a memorization exercise. So what can be the absolutely initial steps that a student needs to consider when approaching the preparation of a proposal for an LLM/PhD dissertation, so that even the drafting of the proposal may feel. You did not need to memorize anything, if you actually understood the relevant steps in the demonstration.

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3 Provide important practical input to the progress of harmonizing of the public policy exception in the international commercial arbitration context. The main methodology of this thesis, therefore, is the hypothesis comparative study in international commercial arbitration context particularly forming and testing a hypothesis of public policy exception to the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the three specific issues. Research outlines Introduction Chapter 1: Depiction of Public Policy The meaning of the public policy exception to the enforcement of arbitral awards depends heavily on the courts own motion of what composes public policy. If you are able to identify 4-5 sub-questions which are logically linked to each other, not only will you have a sound structure for your research, but you will also have found your. Alan Redfern and Martin Hunter, Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration, 4th ed, 2004;. On top of all this, hearing words like research questions, methodology does not really help, as the likely thing to happen is that a big question mark is stamped all over them. In addition, it will enable the researcher to make a substantive contribution to legal and practical issues arising, critical to the successful operation of the New York Convention that further strengthens the process of international enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. Most students found this exercise extremely daunting, and thought that learning the demonstration by heart was the way. The implementation of the Convention, nevertheless, depends deeply on domestic legal mechanism of member states. The last state to ratify the New York Convention was Rwanda.

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The significant of research Resolving trade disputes via national courts has proven to be expensive, inefficient, and lengthy.3 Furthermore, an arbitral award is likely to be enforceable in a far greater number of countries than would be a court judgment. Addin Mendeley Citation885f fe-8d66-0f82d31259fd CSL_citation "citationItems" : "id" : "item-1 "itemData" : "author" : "family" : "Park "given" : "William.", "container-title" : "The American Journal of International Law "id" : "item-1 "issue" : "4 "issued" : "date-parts" : "1999", "page". Chapter 4: Case Study 2 Mergers This chapter examines another particular of substantive public policy exception violation of competition law, specifically about mergers. After that, the narrow approach to the public policy exception will be applied to conduct a hypothesis comparative study. Christopher Kuner, 'The Public Policy Exception to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the United States and West Germany Under the New York Convention' (1990) 7 Journal of International Arbitration 71;. Any feedback/comments from IPKat readers on their experience as researchers or students will be also gratefully received. To understand these sources comprehensively and to obtain critical and analytical results from the comparison, the research also uses and examines the relevant sources of international commercial arbitration such as text books, reference manuals, articles in periodicals and so forth. This would be favorable for the world business community as a whole. Albert Jan van den Berg, The New York Arbitration Convention of 1958: Towards a Uniform Judicial Interpretation (1981.