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Mental health nursing care plan essay

mental health nursing care plan essay

If we just see what family is: according to Shomaker (2006 ) ?A group of individuals who are bound by strong emotional ties, a sense of belonging If we just see what family is: according to Shomaker (2006 ) âA group of individuals who are bound by strong emotional ties, a sense of belonging and a passion for being involved in anothers lives. In this process first need is identified than emotional and instrumental support is delivered through family network and when all parties combine together than a social climate is made for each others need. After this I will make sure that on implementation media coverage is there. They can also form support groups for family so that they can share their feeling and motivate each other to take better care of patient and relieve pain of stigma. In the NMC Code (2008 advice for a registered nurse is to recognise and work within the limits of your competence, but also to have the skills and knowledge for safe and effective practice. . Maisey was confused and upset that she had not been given time to adapt to her surroundings, and was in fear due to the separation from her main caregiver. . T(2006) distinguishes between two facets of family involvement-family involvement with the client (apart from treatment) and family involvement specific to the clients treatment because they may have different antecedents and consequences and because families may be involved in one way, but not the other. Feelings, i felt very angry and disappointed that the staff easily agreed as a team that Maisey was just confused and describing her a as nuisance, without investigating as to why she seemed upset. (1988) Learning by doing: a guide to teaching and learning methods. But unfortunately I was not able to interact with clients.

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He mental health nursing care plan essay further says that the family is strategic centre to understand human emotions and relationships that play pivotal roles in both positive health and disease. Qualified writers in the subject of social work are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. To evaluate a mini survey could be done to compare the social support system before and after the involvement with support group and beside this I have planned patient teaching for the family that include awareness about mental illness and discharge teaching. The paper will show emphasise based on communication. During handover I was informed Maisey has dementia, deafness, aggression and short term memory loss.

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After analysis my patients life with the present condition I felt that I am blessed by God by having the supportive family, friends, and mental health nursing care plan essay the community. This could have been part of the reason as to why Maisey was considered an unpopular patient as she was seen as demanding. If as nurses we should comply with The Code (2008 a lot of work is required to raise the awareness of the importance of communication in the delivery of care. . Fortunately, empathy and respect for Maisey helped her to trust and confide. Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle has been chosen as a framework for this paper. This deficit of supportive family role leads to ending patient in the withdrawal of all his medication. (1990) The Skilled Helper: A systematic approach to effective helping. . As he mentioned in his work that Social net work communicates love and affection to them who are in their network though patient has a social network (family) despite of them he is left alone. The nurses and health care assistants present in handover giggled amongst themselves, exchanged knowing glances and mimicked Maiseys voice saying she can be such a nuisance. Et al(2004) it is widely perceived that mental illness is caused by supernatural forces such as spirit possession, punishments for ones sins. He explains that only when details of events are recalled and analysed, unpicked and reconstructed considering all aspects of a situation, can one gain fresh insights and amend actions. .

According to Naeem (2005)While the attitudes people hold towards mental illnesses has been studied to some extent in Europe. This breeds in confidence among the family members preventing them from leading mentally healthy lives. What opportunities and responsibilities for enacting reform do health care administrators in this specific setting have? In such family systems, individual autonomy is equivalent to group autonomy and the group is the complete family unit. They explain that sympathising with a patient shows willingness to understand their anxieties and make the patient feel more comfortable. . Calgary Family Intervention Model (cfim One way to think about IM is an organizing framework conceptualizing the intersect between a particular domain (i.e., cognitive, affective, or behavioral) of family functioning and a specific intervention offered by a health professional (Wright, Lorraine Leahey, 1994). Also that, the presence of family members in healthy state influences the metal health of rest of the family members. Need is about identification of need of family support, willingness of receiving support, and willingness of giving support in different circumstances.: If I relate this stage need with my patient then his need was attention, caring attitude from.

Reflection On Communication In Experiencing Mental Illness

Leadbetter and Patterson (1995) explain mental health nursing care plan essay the prevention and management of aggression should be dealt with by showing empathy and respect for the patients individuality and being genuine, utilising an open and honest manner. . These Essential Skills are to be delivered by all registered nurses, one of these clusters containing Care, Compassion and Communication. . As a student nurse I felt I had the knowledge and skills to approach the patient to appropriately calm and reassure her. . As I entered the room the patient stood up with a defensive posture, which I assumed was using non-verbal communication to inform me that she was suspicious and distrustful. . It was my prejudice that genetic and biochemical factors are the most prominent ones, to cause any disease however it is not true psychosocial factors can be the most influencing one to have a disease as it is in my patients scenario. Upon completion of course requirements, graduates of the Masters and Post-Master's tracks are eligible to take the American Nurses Credentialing Centers Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam. Qualified writers in the subject of nursing are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. One that closely relates to the scenario is uncertainty of diagnosis and management. .

Santamaria (1993) tells us that nurses must deal with the full range of human behaviour, and at the same time deliver the highest quality of care. . After the discussion I gave Maisey assistance with her personal hygiene needs to mental health nursing care plan essay which she thanked me for taking the time and just talking. To improve the quality of life, psychosocial intervention with the family and the mentally ill person.g. Myerscough (1992) explains that this is overcome by speaking loudly and clearly, using clear lip movements to assist lip reading. . De Sousa(2009) share that the individuals who receive a lack of support early in life remain at an increased risk of experiencing poor health later in life. Maisey felt more relaxed, valued and safe, after we identified and resolved her concerns. .

Due to the sheer size of the family, the members are denied individual attention and care that is so required for any patient. In addition, small questionnaires can be used to compare the knowledge level before and after seminar. Family support is required at every age of life, family support and social network shows positive effect on health and well being. I will take the experience with me throughout my nursing education, remembering the importance of effective communication, and also the ability to look back at an experience and break it down to discover what really happened. . At individual level, I actively listened to the patient After through assessment of patient, data were organized and those areas were highlighted which need change.This is the very important step as in the scenario the main problem with the patient. Furthermore he belongs to low socioeconomic background from the outskirts of Karachi. Moreover, I will plan this strategy with the help of psychotherapist in identifying the same patients who are suffering from lack of family support. Could work with NGOs to conduct different seminars for mental health promotion, this will enhance education level of the population and they themselves will take step to overcome factors contributing to mental illness.