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Nba players skipping college essay

nba players skipping college essay

Still, when the time came, Webster seemed like the perfect shooting guard for the new NBA and he was picked sixth overall in the draft for the Trail Blazers. Straight to the, nBA. Usually the odds on this gamble will. Then when he signed on to play with the defending champion Duke Blue Devils, it looked to be a sure repeat. As Rod Tidwell said in "Jerry Maguire "Show me the money!". 18 Could've nba players skipping college essay Skipped: Andrew Wiggins Brad Rempel-USA today Sports From the age of 17, people were calling the Canadian-born Andrew Wiggins the next LeBron James.

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Brown seemed to have everything it took to be a great center with his 611 height, athleticism and great ability to score in the post. 6 Could've Skipped: John Wall Brad Mills-USA today Sports While DeMarcus Cousins was busy being one of the best players on the high school circuit as a big man, Wall was doing the same thing in the backcourt. Make the league more exciting, others feel that most of these youngplayers are making. What caught everyone off guard was the athleticism that he had which no one else could match. Next Essays Related to NBA Got a writing question? Still, that year was wasted in terms of development because we know the Kentucky way. Wright had a great year averaging 29 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks per game. Have mixed opinions on the subject. Wall got the benefit of Cousins being blamed for the team not reaching expectations and as a result, got picked first overall in the draft. 7 Shouldn't Have Skipped: Emmanuel Mudiay Adam Hunger-USA today Sports The Brandon Jennings tactic, as explained earlier, didn't work, because not many players have followed his lead.

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NBA because they are not good enough to compete at that level. After games, some NBA players will go to bars and clubs, but these kids have to return to their hotels for video games. If a super-talented high school player goes to college, he's missing out on four years of being paid to learn how to play professional basketball. This essay will help you understand why making the jump from high school to the. As the number one ranked player out of high school Jennings could have gone to any college he wanted but instead opted to play overseas so that he could make money. For the most part, there's no one his age on the team who can understand what he's going through. But most people already considered that he would be the next prep-to-pro player to join the league. He performed so well that he was considered the second best power forward in the nation and the fourth best high school player in 2004. Anthony reminded nba players skipping college essay many people of Bernard King with the bonus of being a leader. These 17 and 18 year olds decide to skip college, and instead they choose to take a big risk and enter the. All about the cash: The point of college is to receive a better education to increase your ability to make more money.

The number of high school teenagers entering the league has grown. Its tough to argue against someone skipping college to be the first pick in the draft, but Brown simply needed more time to develop. Of course, he wasnt the first in the long line of players to have this title but Wiggins was perhaps the most hyped from such a young age. However, after one year in college, the luster on what Barnes could do quickly wore off and he dropped to the seventh pick in the NBA Draft. It was always something that. High School basketball players, therefore, should. Making his bank account more than satisfying. He was the fourth-ranked small forward and 12th overall player in the 2004 high school class.

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The second contract: By going straight to the pros, players can get started in the salary-cap system right away. It's a huge adjustment. NBA has expanded its regular season to 82 games (including. Wright went to the pros and was selected 19th overall by the Heat. NBA, he could have spent them in college, and then he could have come to the. It was a sad way for a career to end. After a year in Italy, Jennings entered the draft but wasnt picked until.10. 19 Shouldnt Have Skipped: Andray Blatche via Andray Blatche was clearly a dominant player in high school. Players going to college gives organizations a better opportunity to scout whom they want with that year under a college coach.

15 Shouldn't Have Skipped: Sebastian Telfair via m The story of Sebastian Telfair is one that can explain both ends of the preps-to-pros argument. Barnes was another version of Wiggins, a player that people thought nba players skipping college essay had the perfect height and athletic ability to undoubtedly be a star in the NBA. Telfair had to make a tough life decision and grow up quickly to provide for them, so he didnt reach his potential for that reason. 12 Could've Skipped: Blake Griffin Rick Scuteri-USA today Sports From early on in his freshman year with Oklahoma, it was clear that Blake Griffin would be the first pick in the draft. In the last ten years many young and talented high school basketball players have chosen to enter the, nBA draft. This still has to make people wonder whether some of the players in the, nBA now would have been better suited simply making the jump to the. On one end people who say that all players should go to college point to Telfair. Of course, by leaving early, Lang never had the chance to really develop in college. He was a five-star recruit and was enrolled to play at Louisville where he would have learned to play point guard from Rick Pitino, who is, and was a great coach. Still, Telfair only went into the NBA because there was a shooting at the apartment where he family lived. 10 Could've Skipped: Carmelo Anthony Troy Taormina-USA today Sports Carmelo Anthonys draft stock rose incredibly after his freshman season at Syracuse. They end up spending only a few seasons in the. In college, Ebi could have fulfilled his potential and become a very talented big man instead of playing overseas after just two years.

Swift was picked with the 12th overall pick in the draft but that was the highlight of his career. NBA circles is whether players should be allowed to leave for the league straight after high school. The argument before was that for every LeBron James, there would be a Kwame Brown. NBA no matter what but that wasnt worth affecting some lives of players that werent ready for the jump. 4 Could've Skipped: Anthony Davis Joe Camporeale-USA today Sports This is one of the tougher ones to put on this side because of the circumstances. It looked worse when Simmons didnt give much of an effort to score at LSU. It's one of the reasons that NBA players will pay for their friends from the old neighborhood to hang out with them. Mudiay was considered by most to be the second-best prospect of the 2014 draft class and a possible number one pick in the 2015 draft.

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Ask our professional writer! 11 Shouldn't Have Skipped: James Lang Doug Pensinger/Getty Images James Lang is the ultimate cautionary tale of leaving early to go into the draft. Work ethic: A young high school kid usually doesn't realize how hard he has to work in the NBA and is left shell-shocked. It got to the point that Wiggins was determined the first pick in the draft before even playing at Kansas. With this long grueling schedule, its tough for some veteran players nba players skipping college essay to stay. The issue with his school was that he was enrolled in Henniger High School in Syracuse, New York. 8 Could've Skipped: DeMarcus Cousins Kyle Terada-USA today Sports DeMarcus Cousins has been one of the most dominant forces in the NBA as a big man. Time: Most people don't realize the amount of teaching these kids receive in the NBA before and after practice. Blatche decided not to refine his skills in college and became eligible for the draft. Fans, the media, and critics alike. There have been other phenoms since LeBron James whose stock would have been helped by skipping college and its hard to tell what they really got out of the one year.

Whether he went to college for the one year or not, Anthony would have been the same player you see now and heading into the Hall of Fame. Davis also got catapulted up to the first overall pick partially because of what he accomplished in that one year of college. This is a reason why. Furthermore, nba players skipping college essay if an injury. Allowed to skip college and go straight to the, nBA without criticism or scrutiny. But after injuries took over when Mudiay went to China he dropped to seventh in the draft.