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Painting is my hobby essay

painting is my hobby essay

I like very much to watch TV in my free time. I try to show all my devotion, imagination and creativity in my works. I feel my progress and its the best motivation to go ahead. The habit of reading books can be acquired at young age by anyone. Everyone of us should have hobbies in life. Hobby is a good thing a person gets from childhood. My parents always promote me to continue my all hobbies. I am 14 years old and read in class 9th standard. As for me I have always been a very energetic person and have always had plenty painting is my hobby essay of hobbies.

Essay, no 3, my, hobby, drawing painting (300words)

Through hobbies people realize the need for development and creativity. I started drawing when I was five. My hobby is reading whether it is news paper, news, novels, G K book or any knowledgeable book written by any good author. I think I have a good hobby because watching painting is my hobby essay TV provides me good knowledge in many areas. I also watch good cartoons which give me new and creative ideas to make arts and cartoons. I am very pleased that many of them put my works in a frame. My hobby is drawing, hobbies make our life more colouful and they keep us occupied in our leisure time. My favourite hobby is drawing. Other than my regular routine, I spend time on my hobbies. I worked really hard in order to improve my skills. You can select any of the essays according to the need. It enables me to gain all the general knowledge about any topic. Hobbies are energy boosters and they give us the confidence that we are also capable of proving great things.

Essay on, my, hobby in English for Children and Students

First I prefer to complete my school home works and study well then I watch. Essay on painting is my hobby essay A Journey by Train. Essay on My hobby, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a hobby is an activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working. Through books reading nobody can feel alone and disturb. I love Skating a lot. Share this on WhatsApp, my Hobbies : Everybody has hobbies in life, having hobbies is a good habit. I am also happy that I have won many prizes in Pencil Sketching and I am nominated for a national level competition next year.

When I first came to the training I was so charmed by my coach and painting is my hobby essay got so inspired that I started spending two hours three times a week there. As the result, at the age of four, I began my studies at the drawing studio. Every early morning I enjoy my blooming garden, growing plants slowly on daily basis. Our hobbies make our mind fresh and peaceful by keeping us away from the daily rush of life. It benefits a lot if used in creative ways. My Hobbies : (Brief Essay life without hobbies is like songs without music. So decide upon a good hobby immediately. My Hobby Essay 1 (100 words). I was extremely impressed with the skills of my teacher of drawing.

Thus, I believe that the keyword in a hobby definition is "pleasure". Incoming search terms: painting is my hobby essay my hobby my hobbies my hobby essay 10 lines on my hobby my hobbies are my hobbies essay essay on my hobby hobbies essay essay my hobby essay about my hobby (Visited 752 times, 2 visits today). Now I am 10 years old and read in class 5th. Good hobbies dramatically improve our personality and character traits as well as improve our performances. The one who do not have this habit may possess worldly wealth but he/she would always be poor because of the lack of wealth of true knowledge. Its not only the process of learning the language for. Hobby is a good thing which must be with everyone. I always read story books, news paper, magazines, and any other material that I find interesting in my free time. It is the good source of enjoyment, knowledge, inspiration and instruction. There are many interesting things that can be peoples hobbies. Collecting things or making models.

painting is my hobby essay

My hobby "

It provides us high level of knowledge, noble thoughts and ideas to work in many fields. I have also done many glass paintings. My favourite is cooking, listening music and gardening however I always prefer gardening. There are various subjective programs about history, maths, economics, science, geography, culture, etc relay to increase our knowledge. This habit makes me learned about the world wonders, history of origin of life, space, animals, plants, aquatic animals, human achievements, and other fascinating things about world. I can draw portraits as well as landscapes. It helps us to get escaped from the daily crush of life. Now, I really enjoy playing football and participate in the inter-school competitions. My family has a small country house painting is my hobby essay not far from Moscow. My Hobby Essay 3 (200 words). We have provided variety of essays under various word limits for the students. People fascinated by sports find it in football, tennis or ice-skating etc.

My favourite hobby is playing football in spare time. It draws our mind towards creativity and promote us to do something better in the life. Watching TV in right ways plays very important roles in our lives. I dont consider myself to be a great artist and I still have much to be improved but my friends are always amazed at my pictures and they find them unique. I like listening to English songs, watching videos and movies in original, visiting speaking clubs and communicating with native speakers. There are many type of hobbies we can develop such as dancing, singing, drawing, playing indoor or outdoor game, bird watching, collecting antiques, photography, writing, eating, reading, sports, playing, gardening, music, watching TV, cooking, talking, and so many. My Hobby Essay 6 (400 words). My mother was a great teacher in my childhood, she always encouraged me and praised my funny drawings. There are various new programs on TV which are specially relay to increase our awareness about worldwide affairs. At Christmas, I decorate a big Christmas tree in the mid of my garden and enjoy Christmas celebration with my parents and friends.

It can be developed at any age however best to get from childhood. Nevertheless, my deepest passion was always dancing. My hobby is reading interesting and knowledgeable books in my free time. Watching TV is my hobby however it never interfere with my study. My another hobby is drawing. She even decorated the house with them. I have made there a nice and attractive green carpet using velvet grass. Now I know very well that reading is very good habit which can make me a complete. But now he becomes so proud of me that I do something to save plants life and understand their value and importance in the existence of life on the earth. We used to hold our hands tight and try to form shapes while skating. Some people get different hobbies according to their interest, likes and dislikes. We all do some kind of work according to our interest which can give us happiness and joy that is called hobby. From the age of 6, I have been practicing Skating.

My hobby is painting and drawing

My hobby is drawing. I still remember that when I was just 3 years old I generally liked to spend my spare time in my green garden. Now at the age of thirteen, I am really painting is my hobby essay good at drawing. Now, I am 8 years old and read in class 3rd standard however I develop this hobby from early childhood. It is like yoga and meditation and even benefits more than that. She makes the process of studying so exciting. I realized that observation was the main thing in the art of painting and drawing. I learnt to imitate drawing nature, beautiful buildings, human faces and bodies, animals and birds. I really feel sense of great achievements and realize the fact of life. My father asked to my class teacher in the PTM about my hobby of football.

My hobbies are glass painting, playing flute and nail painting. I collected painting is my hobby essay stickers, toys and coins, had painting and language lessons, took part in a choir. Although it happens sometimes that I suddenly take a pen and start drawing whatever comes to my mind. I want to continue my favourite hobbies till the end of my life. This hobby can be developed by anyone however I got this naturally.

I have finished art school and now

My Hobbies : (Short Essay i have many hobbies in my life. Hobbies are our daily lives activities which we must. Hobbies keep us occupied no matter what we do or where we are. My parents appreciate my hobby and they become very happy when they listen all the latest news through me in my voice. From my childhood I work daily in my garden for one hour to keep it well maintained. I started drawing at the age of three. I daily watch new plants development and do watering plant. And I feel happy and never get bored with my hobby. I love to paint nails and because of this have gained fame among my friends. Last year I won in a inter-school competition in Painting. It gives me high level of peace and makes my whole day useful. I play badminton with my father daily in the evening in my garden and enjoy evening walk with my mom.

For me, it is the best way to relax and impress my emotions. My hobby brings me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It gives us immense painting is my hobby essay pleasure and peace of body, mind and soul. Today drawing and painting are so much fun. I was interested in sports, especially volleyball and tennis. Most of all I like to paint with watercolors. Our hobbies help us in earning live hood and make a successful career. Drawing is a skill which my parents encouraged me to inculcate right from my childhood. I also try planting new and decorative plants to my garden in order to enhance its look and beauty. I think this habit is more precious than gold or other precious stones of the world.

Of course, at that time it did not look beautiful, but my mother decided that I had a potential. Hobbies are habits that help us know about ourselves. I admire the culture of English speaking countries and Im interested in everything that is connected with. When I was kid, my father generally laughed at me while seeing watering plants. And the best presents on my parents and grandparents birthdays were also my drawings. I found it really amazing. I have prepared beautiful flowerbeds in every corner of the garden and planted colourful roses, lilies, mogra, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers. It is a fun skating along with our friends and we can see new friends in the ground. Moreover, a hobby is the persons interest and preference that reflects his inner world. I was in one class when I was 5 years old. The ball is in your court! Though we study and excel in our academics, trying to explore our capabilities other than books and classes is important. It is my own little world.