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Marijuana essay thesis

marijuana essay thesis

Additionally, scientific research confirms that cannabis is not as addictive as most government sources love to claim. Homicide decreased a total.4 percent, rape decreased.5 percent, and robbery decreased.3 percent. The United States Congress entrenched marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act after agreeing that it had no acceptable medical use. A child will not know the difference between a brownie filled with chocolate chips compared to one containing cannabis. In 1988, the DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis Young said, Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.

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For 4 years using the drug for personal reasons has been illegal until now. Therefore, they are forced to keep on working in order to support themselves and possibly their families as well. Medical Use of Marijuana: Policy, Regulatory, and Legal Issues. In addition the handling of the drug is based on the consumer. College essay, marijuana essay thesis health essay, science essay, comment/Ask an Expert, you do not have permission to submit a question). Essay on photography on beauty, homework full form eb5 business plan writers in michigan, how to cite books in essays debt assignment law apa style research paper examples abstract growthink business plan scam. The main concern with legalizing an illegal drug revolves around minors. Last Resorts and Fundamental Rights: The Substantive Process Implications of Prohibitions on Medical Marijuana. Initially, there was observed not a significance decline in its use among students in higher education and colleges as a result of complex joint efforts of many popular state and public organizations to combat and stop positive proliferation of marijuana. However, volumes of peer-reviewed studies, major government reports, independent research materials, actions of eminent medical organizations, and the history of medical use of marijuana prove that marijuanas medical use is viable and safe (Younts, 2005). Prohibition also forces the consumer to seek other ways to get their drug, for example, the black market.

Intellectual property assignment agreement template american airline change seat assignment business plan coffee shop business cards sample engineering consulting business plan business plan template 10 pages online directory business plan free homework planning for kids with add. However, patients prescribed medical marijuana are not allowed to cultivate their own cannabis and can only be in possession of two ounces of this drug per month. Marijuana refers to a drug derived from dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the cannabis plant. After marijuana is legal in Denver, Colorado January 1, 2014, statistics show a decrease in violent crimes. In 2012, over 300 economists signed a petition agreeing with research found by Harvard economist, Jeffrey Miron, which said that legalization would save the.S. Both marijuana and hashish come from the above mentioned plant with the title Cannabis Sativa; so, describing marijuana we can say that it is the upper part of the plant with the leaves, while hashish is made. New York Times, January 11, 2010. Current laws on marijuana use take away the freedom of choice from both doctors and patients. For the purpose of to combat drug trafficking and stop it forever have made a special law that strictly prohibited not only wide popular cultivation of cannabis and its free sale everywhere, but also the use of drugs produced from. Indeed, while there may be some negative externalities related to marijuana, the positive marijuana essay thesis ones are far greater. The political controversy surrounding cannabis use should not be allowed to extend to the physicians office, and into hospital rooms and households.

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Alcohol, the drug responsible for more deaths worldwide each year than marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined was ranked the #1 most dangerous substance, yet it is completely legal in the US and most of the world (The Lancet, 2007). Discussing the popularity of marijuana, we can mention that exactly the end of XIX century and the early beginning of XX century are primarily characterized by the growing attention to different drugs, and popularity of marijuana on this background. Such as, if a federal agent caught an individual carrying cannabis the sentence is up to 5 years in prison. Domestically-cultivated marijuana comes only second to corn as the largest cash crop in the.S. Harvard Law Review, 118 (6. Every state faces a budget crisis, and legalizing medical cannabis would go a long way in filling the budget gap.

Legalizing medical cannabis would make this affordable and all-natural drug available to deserving patients, which would in turn improve their quality of life (Shohov, 2003). They also contend that it would be too dangerous because the drug lacks approval from the FDA, and that it is addictive. Why would authorities, physicians, and patients ignore any drug that has the capability of relieving pain from these terminal diseases and which does not have the significant side effects of synthetic pain killers? Americans attitude towards marijuana has changed radically since people have realized the death-toll of tobacco and alcohol use. Moreover, marijuana use for medical purposes appears to be more effective compared to other mainstream painkilling drugs (Younts, 2005). The argument for this though is that marijuana is a gateway drug which will lead to worse abuse from other substances.

Subsequently, the elimination of prohibition will lower the number of people sent to prison. For example, in 2014, the reported deaths from opioid pain relievers was nearly 30,000 in our nation. If marijuana were just another common drug, its appropriateness for use as a medical substance would certainly be left to the discretion of physicians and patients. Why Legalizing Marijuana Would Be a Good Thing. As of today, retirees are not able to live a life of leisure because their retirement money is not enough to support their needs. Moreover, the number of people convicted for possession of marijuana would decrease. For example, several centuries ago, marijuana was taken in liquid form or in the form of food. If all states legalized marijuana the influx of revenue would be injected back into the market. Allowing the drug would make it even more easily available then it was before. It is a well-known fact that marijuana grows almost all over the world, and Cannabis plants are best known as the strongest psychoactive substance in contemporary world, but they were collected because of their fiber for years.

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As I stated before, a person who wants marijuana will stop at nothing to obtain. Not only would there be financial gains, but prohibition is ineffective. Even a minor has the decision to partake in the consumption of the drug or not, it is solely up to their judgment. Oxford University Press, 2002. Legalizing medical cannabis would also make its use controllable and provide valuable insight into the nature of the ingredients it possesses. Nevertheless, we must ask, how many times has an individual gotten drunk and tried a drug he shouldnt have later resulting in a bad addiction? Thats about 1,300 deaths a day or 1 in 5 deaths annually. One of the biggest political issues we face in our day and age is regarding the legalization of marijuana.

"Lessons From Washington And Colorado: The Potential Financial Gains Of Recreational Marijuana To Canada." Canada-United States Law Journal.1 (2016 126-139. The use of marijuana in the United States starts at an early age of between 12 and 17, usually due to peer pressure and curiosity. Just because something became legal does not mean that every person is going to jump on the bandwagon and start using the drug. Funeral home objectives for a business plan consumer problem solving process ideas for dissertation cover page financial creative problem solving examples animal abuse persuasive essay questions dissertation topics in international relations education creative writing exercises for teens. If a person really wants to get a hold of cannabis, they will use any means necessary to obtain. Domestic Marijuana: A Neglected Industry. Quick Academic Help, on November 8, 2016, 7,770,538 people voted in favor of proposition. Treating the terminally ill does not pose a public threat, or open up more loopholes for trafficking, as many anti-marijuana activists argue. Patients suffering from acute conditions who can benefit from cannabis use should not be subjected to the same treatment as criminal peddling, or using cannabis for recreational purposes.

Forced to share the same cell with someone who possibly killed their entire family. The number can decrease if recreational marijuana is legalized in order to create those jobs the people need. We would combat the war on drugs and save lives throughout our nation. According to The Marijuana Policy Project Today, over 106 million Americans admit to having tried it, and over.4 million say they have used it in the past month. New Jersey Backs Marijuana for Severely Ill. Medical Marijuana, Compassionate Use, and Public Policy: Expert Opinion or Vox Populi? Works cited: Earleywine,.

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Based on the findings of the Office of National Drug Control Policys Research Supports Continued marijuana essay thesis Prohibition of Marijuana claims, In 2011, approximately 872,000 Americans 12 or older reported receiving treatment for marijuana use, more than any other illicit drug. More than 87 of all marijuana arrests are for possessionnot manufacture or distribution. Proposition 64 legalizes recreational marijuana and allows people aged 21 and older to use. Statistics presented by Brunswick News state, The amount of people unemployed as of September 2016 has risen.5 percent rather than the original.3 percent. Also it would be easier to detect such drug dealers lurking in schools. So, along with the fact that marijuana provides temporary relief of pain and suffering, it also reduces a persons ability, alertness and muddy consciousness. Financial problems such as these can be resolved if marijuana taxations are put in place.

It is a guarantee that if taxed the desired profit will be obtained. Additionally, the legalization of cannabis would bring in more tax revenue for our government, along with reducing our spending for prisons filled with people on marijuana based charges. Why do you conduct a literature review Why do you conduct a literature review sample dissertation papers on safety pictures for creative writing for kids creative writing template biodiversity essay titles homework full form supplemental essays princeton problem solving kits for. Creative writing classes kansas city. As research shows that it is no less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, we would increase our governments funds and slowly combat our federal deficit, and we would be able to have a safer alternative to some pharmaceutical medications. Furthermore, some adults are also convinced that pot is relatively safe when compared with other hard drugs like cocaine or heroin (Cohen, 2006). Marijuana use has many reasons as to why it should be legal. Creative writing classes kansas city need help doing math homework, black belt essay from kids solving two step equations word problems worksheet how to stop procrastinating homework wikihow how to write comparative poetry essay term paper i love medical coding.

marijuana essay thesis

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For example, plants growing in warm climates produce more resin, which is a potent psychoactive remedy. There is also the argument that marijuana acts as a stepping-stone to the use of harder drugs (Younts, 2005). The available scientific evidence on medical marijuana benefits is sufficient enough to warrant its legalization. Algebra solving solution problems renaissance essay lens essay introduction sample good topics to write research papers on line different problem solving tools and techniques dissertation on lawyer advertising. They would still be limited to 3 plants but in order to sell their product the person would have to get a license. The patients who stand to benefit from this law are those suffering from glaucoma, cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrigs disease, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV/aids, and any other terminal diseases which a doctor says will. Essays about educational goals. Trifles essay free, trifles essay free what is an abstract when writing a paper how to write a research proposal in apa format examples solar energy business plan, how to read a research paper like a pro strategies to solve. Those still opposed to medical cannabis clearly miss the point. While this the case, some may argue that the legalization of cannabis will produce more crimes. By any measure of rational analysis, marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. Also, because prohibition has failed previously with alcohol it is absurd to think that with marijuana the outcome would be any different.

Among those reasons, and the ones I find most important, are the following: it is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco, it would bring more tax revenue for the government and save billions of dollars spent on marijuana related. Different marijuana essay thesis historical evidence shows us that durable hemp fiber was used in the manufacture of ropes, clothing, and ship rigging, as well as people used hemp oil in food. Works cited, goltz, Nachshon, and Ekaterina Bogdanov. Although these effects recede after 3 to 4 hours, cannabis remains in the system for about 24 hours after smoking. The severe fight at the government level became a struggle against marijuana since 1930, when federal agencies in the.S. Recreational marijuana should become legal throughout America because of financial gain, prohibition failure, and decriminalization. 369, Issue 9566, Page 972). Retrieved from . Its legalization would require removing it from Schedule I, so that it becomes a non-scheduled drug, just like nicotine, alcohol, ibuprofen, or caffeine (Younts, 2005). Thus, it is obvious that exactly after the discovery of its psychoactive properties marijuana increasingly has become the object of the collection. Compared to marijuana none of the legal and harmful drugs tobacco, for example, had revenues this high. The Zero Tolerance attitude towards recreational marijuana is harming the lives of individuals who just have the drug in their pocket. In conclusion, marijuana is a drug and there is also a solution how to cope with addiction for those who are already faced to the problem of drug addiction this solution is a rehabilitation program.