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In praise of the humble comma thesis

in praise of the humble comma thesis

Although Hood left he was replaced by Dennis Ludiker but the band barely skipped a beat on the way to winning the new band award at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. M Phil Widdows Amanda Shaw - Pretty Runs Out (Rounder) It's hard to think that the unbelievably young-looking face staring out from behind the fiddle on the booklet photo portrait belongs to the voice you hear singing on the record, but it's true! Mary is the Mother of the Son of God, or the Mother of God (the "Theotokos. Another well-known tune, Lillibulero, weaves in and out of The People Have Spoken, a brilliantly effective political statement that draws parallels between two opposing Ulster catchphrases. Maybe it's the strength of what follows but it becomes a quirky aside that leaves little lasting impression. In those interactions, the energy gained by electrons in the solid is often sufficient to ionize them; the electrons thus ionized are called secondary electrons (SE). The acoustic band (guitar, banjo, fiddle, drums, bass, pump organ) set up in the living room, brass musicians in the hall, and, without any rehearsals, kicking off with Jesse James, they recorded everything live. I wouldn't argue with a single selection on this collection though fans might've included a couple more from Trouble In Paradise if there'd been room, say, and my in praise of the humble comma thesis preferences would definitely omit most of the later, altogether blander Home By Dawn album. But at least you'll have some haunting music to keep you comfort in the black hours.

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Will The Circle Be Unbroken is a famous song and Stovall has produced a fantastic, uplifting version with his voice in full flow. Driven along by Nanci Griffith Band rhythm section of Pat McInerney and Ron De La Vega, it's bouncy and has a great sing-a-long chorus. And that mix is finger-lickin' ceilidh music played with attitude and more than a modicum of ingenuity - and a seriously healthy dose of jazz/swing-dance-band chutzpah. (To put you out of your misery, then: "paradigm" is defined as "an example or pattern, esp. The duo's version of The Mermaid is both authentic and wonderfully dark, and a welcome change from the jolly romp of the "usual version while their latest portrayal of Ship In Distress (a song that's been in their repertoire. On Seawall it even duly makes mention of honky tonk angels.Stripped of all guitar rock settings, it finds him getting back to the spit and sawdust sounds of such heroes as Buck and Hank, inviting dimes into jukeboxes. Sufjan is your man. If you want more, then get hold of their first (eponymous) CD - and I sure hope their third ain't too long in comin for I sure can't get enough of 'em! However with In My Final Hour and the title track, he steps out of country and taps into the same passionate, conscience driven folk that was Hull's genius, a fanciful notion maybe but for those moments they are kindred spirits. It may sound a bit of a contradiction in terms, but the album's fresh ambience carries with it a softness of touch that belies the spring in the step and tempers the occasional hint of further wildness that. I, the Lord, am your God. Hard Shoulder and the closing Don't Be A Stranger are soaked through with the poignancy of hindsight and memory. As before, references in praise of the humble comma thesis to The Eagles, CS N, Poco, and Jackson Browne are inevitable, but never do these songs suffer by comparison, indeed the likes of Daylight Calls Again, Burning Sun and closing ballad All Inside can stand.

M David Kidman November 2008 Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball (Columbia) Throughout the years, the measure of every true folk artist's music has been a response to and document of the age in which he lives. Sugarland Slim is actually four young blokes in praise of the humble comma thesis from around Bedford way, each of whom, on this self-produced debut album, displays a knowledge, understanding and love of the Mississippi Delta blues of the 1930s and I'm sure that they, like. The catchy lilt of Calum's Boat gives way to one of Colum's characteristic slices of homespun philosophy The Wave Upon The Shore (which resonates onward to and from the second, The Window Half Open, towards the end of the. Written for the award-winning Mickey Rourke film about a faded grunt n grappler seeking redemption, its line his only faith being "in the broken bones and bruises I display its image of endurance and battered dignity somehow seems quintessential. You shall remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. Leitrim-born Dave is a fine flute player who gathered together an assortment of his musician friends to partake of a session in that metaphorical guest-house-cum-caravan somewhere in the Irish countryside. But it's probably the slower numbers on which they shine best, here ably represented by a plangent Fair Warning, highway keening closer Windshield Blues with its speed bump time signatures and, arguably the album's highlight, Coming Home, a weary. For his part, Jonny's accordion and guitar work is both well-controlled as regards the contours of the music, and suitably fluid in expression; he's quick to recognise any inherent possibilities for interesting instrumental development, equally so in the. The reaction of the smaller states ranged from accusations of an attempted coup d'état ' (reported reaction of the Portuguese PM) to unprintable' (Dutch PM). Steve's voice is not a ' folk ' voice. What most characterises Saltfishforty's music is its immediacy, which is coupled with a real sense of exuberance and joy in execution, even on the slower-paced items which doesn't mean to say that the faster pieces don't possess a brilliance. This is a beautifully produced and presented album, even by Greentrax's usual high standards, and the stunning booklet photography is competition-class too (as is the standard of its reproduction). The set-list reproduced on this 65-minute CD is a very typical one, in that it unashamedly includes and intersperses the most diverse of elements: on the one hand a sprinkling of contrasted traditional American folk ballads (Fatal Flower Garden, Mountaineer's.

Okay, I guess they gave the casting a moment's thought. However the targets Sorentino seeks out like a laser, are not all as straightforward. But it's the thick, treacly voice of Sumlin as the album explodes into life that is the album's crux. When the incumbent double bass player joined in (for a laugh) something finally clicked in Kevin's brain. It's the obligatory ballad but the anthemic chorus is worth the inclusion though. Among the unaccompanied selections, Rosie's heavily ornamented rendition of Davie Robertson's Star O' The Bar is especially electrifying, while her joyous Jug Of Punch is a truly refreshing change from the more-usually-heard (and mechanically joyless) versions, her treatment of Bill Watkin's. Come Make My Day and Sgt Pepperisms of the string laden Firebell Alley and you'll be hearing the Beatles inputs loud and clear, while, just to underline their English heritage, they even have a love song named after famed. This modesty extends to the arrangements too, where ostensibly quite simple basic material is treated with both style and innovation a-plenty (as on Stable Door, where the tune first appears as a reel and then a jig, and the. Admirers of Once will undoubtedly rightly embrace this too, though having now done the beginning and end of love, you have to wonder what turns the relationship needs to take for album number three. But after all that, this is where they want to be and this is what they want. In some ways the CD grows on subsequent plays, but its lack of unity becomes more worrying; time will probably tell as to whether it's up there with Stills' best work.

Individually the in praise of the humble comma thesis members of stfu may be accomplished musicians, collectively they cross the invisible line that separates the great from the good. Who (neatly and coincidentally) provides the source for two of the six songs on the disc, Spotted Cow and Bold Fisherman. The title track is surely just Jimmy Driftwood fooling around in the studio, with Michelle Shocked joining in but from that spontaneity springs magic. A Stockton's Wing gig was always all about fun and good music, and the crowd captured here are clearly punching the air along with catchy anthems like Beautiful Affair, if not quite in U2 fashion! M David Kidman, July 2006 Shepheard, Spiers Watson - They Smiled As We Cam In (Springthyme) The portmanteau collective name SS W conceals two-thirds of the celebrated Aberdeen combo The Gaugers (Tom Spiers and Arthur Watson the third member (Peter. For a ceilidh band CD, this is an unusual one, with an altogether more intricate (possibly softer-edged) instrumental blend and some attractive more reflective moments, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in guts or general chutzpah (and occasional rude loudnesses!). Indeed, the political/social resignation of the album's title, fuels an underlying darkness to that one suspects would alienate bluegrass royalty in much the same way that Steve Earle's approach to the music apparently horrified the traditionalist Del McCoury. It does what a last track should - it leaves you wanting more. 25Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?

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Say It Louder, which turns out to be Sarah's sixth album, has been available on download for just over a year now, but it's now been taken up by Proper Distribution, which is good news (it certainly doesn't deserve to languish in cyberspace). Luke 1:42 - Elizabeth's declaration of Mary's blessedness above all women follows Uzziah's declaration in Judith 13:18. At a December 2000 EU summit in Nice, France, host Jacques Chirac (President of France) introduced proposals to partially weight voting power by population, and eliminate the automatic right to a commissioner on the European Commission). There's real quality in these songs (I wouldn't be surprised to hear Gillian Welch or even Alison Krauss covering South Carolina for instance but also a surprisingly broad stylistic ambit. There's a strong vocal from Finis Tasby and an excellent guitar performance from Alex - a highlight. There's no question that Amanda's emotions are deeply felt, and her breathy yet disquieting delivery conveys the queasy uncertainty of relationships, the angst of what invariably feels like true romance, the intensity of primal carnal feelings and the pitfalls of commitment (in whatever sense). On the other hand the title track's a truly lumbering dirge about the siege of Lathom House in 1643. Around 1993 I heard about an English anthropologist who discovered that Celtic feet and Germanic feet are different, and has been very much in demand to identify skeletal remains. When It All Comes Down is a BB King cover and a great finish. The potential drawback is that the unvarying timbre of four guitars could prove tedious for the non-aficianado.

Elsewhere, the strummed acoustic brooding All Along The Watchtower feel of This Is How It Goes is veined with darkness with lines about towns bleeding, jerking chains and juries while the bluesy urgent steamrollering If Not. There is a gross error in this definition. To protestants in order to save them from their errors, make them aware that they been lied to, and draw them to the true Catholic Faith; to Catholics to make them feel safe in their faith and be able. 4And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, in praise of the humble comma thesis ascended up before God out of the angel's hand. The band seem also to have widened their stylistic references even further with this new album (I'd not have thought that possible! After all this soul scouring and grim brimstone, the last of the trad tunes, La Robe a Parasol, at least winds up the album on an upbeat note, an old time Mazurka that takes you out dancing with a big grin on your face. Copies are available from Sue Cavendish Sally Shuffield - Ties That Bind (Larkspur) This album came out around 18 months ago but I've found myself increasingly returning to it over the past months for its touching simplicity and genuine if understated emotional integrity.

M David Kidman June 2010 Dave Swarbrick Martin Carthy - Straws In The Wind (Topic Glory be! While I'm at it, just thought I'd mention that if I have to explain the title then the rest of Sorentino's lyrics are going to be a struggle, because this man is good. The Shindell originals are well within his customary modus operandi, being windows in time through which the listener shares in that given span or vignette and all its inherent emotional experience, by means of Richard's distinctive narratorial voice which is at once dispassionate and involving. Paring everything down to largely acoustic guitar and accentuating his English folk roots, the second half of the album strikes the most personal notes. Obviously listening to sahb on CD, in the comfort of your own home, won't capture the full force of the sweat-soaked roller coaster ride of a gig but it's still a breathtaking experience that many of today's 'young guns' would struggle to emulate. Even though I've seen Show Of Hands countless times, they always come up with a fresh slant on their material, and the sparkling accomplishment of their instrumental work is on particularly fine form on the fifteen selections here (I'd single out. Kalispell is good Indie type rock and shows the brothers close harmonies at their best and, to show their versatility, Fancy Bird, is a slice of modern country rock with psychedelic phasers in the background. For, although Stackridge hungrily but naturally embraced all manner of musics from the catchy melodic pop of the Beatles to the experimentalism of Zappa, jiggery folk-rock to classical pomp, they never sounded like anything but Stackridge and the momentous occasion. With their most recent studio album, Cold Frontier, Phil and Steve returned to a more basic instrumental setup, while delivering the goods in style as ever on a new batch of songs which were well up to the high standards they've set over the years. Stone has an easy vocal style and this makes for an excellent opener. Me I need to catch up with their first CD! You can't fault Mindy's well-considered, slightly jazzy take on The Christmas Song (just smell dem chestnuts a-roastin'!

being a very tasteful collection of which any potential cringes (and there ain't many) are completely sidestepped by equally tasteful - no, really darned tasty, supporting playing and some superlative songwriting. Which brings me to the observation that the musical backdrops Tommy employs throughout this set are exceedingly well-drawn and expertly recorded, with every strand of the sometimes quite busy and bustling texture admirably cleanly delineated and followed without. Here are the world's unwanted and rootless, forced to move on (Same Old World work in menial jobs (Lavaplatos left ' pacified ' in their own blood (Refugees) or trying to scrape a life in the land of the free (Taxi). And I suppose that, if push came to shove and I had to listen to this kind of thing, I'd rather it be by Boz Scaggs than many others I could name. It consists for the most part of newly-recorded versions of some of Peggy's favourite traditional (or near-traditional) folksongs from the US and UK, to which 12-track sequence is appended the beautiful, poignant, reflective self-penned title track, which forms the most. As a longtime fan, I have to say I miss the lengthy anecdotal introductions of the more 'intimate' shows, but performances like this are a working definition of American rock n roll and just further confirmation that Springsteen.

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While major record companies have dabbled in Alt. Saving arguably the best till last, though, Emily closes proceedings in unaccompanied mode with What A Voice (effectively a variant of I Wish I Wish that she adapted from a recording of Lizzie Higgins this encapsulates. So pointez votre souris. M David Kidman July 2009 Todd Snider - The Devil You Know (New Door ) There's a lot of furious rock n roll on Snider's new album. This is wonderful: she gets to use all that international savoir faire and Europeanness that she picked up as a child. (Fledg'ling) This pair of albums was originally released by Topic back in 19 respectively, then both gained a long-awaited CD reissue on Fledg'ling at the tail-end of the following decade. A set of graphemes which stands in more or less one-to-one relation with the phonemes of a language is an alphabet, and any such set may be said to be more or less alphabetical, depending on the closeness. Try this site as well. Becoming a duo after Laura auditioned for a proposed new group and took Lydia along when she was called back for a second hearing, their debut single, a rowdy gospel version of Johnny Cash's Big River, was. What has happened, of course, since that year's Inflammable Material is the SLF have perfected their craft. To the manner born, indeed, and you won't ever hear the songs done better or more authentically.

All may be close musical cousins but each needs tender care in order to work so well together under one roof. M Mike Davies, Sept 2007 Jennie Stearns - Sing Desire (Available in UK from Fish Records) Wife of The Horseflies' Rich Stearns (who appears here) and founder member of Donna The Buffalo, Stearns has lent her vocals. " You might not like it " she said, " it's not your normal cup of tea ". My Daddy Rocks Me, the old Art Hodes song is played, as most others on the album, with feeling. First impressions tho I'll admit, weren't quite as positive, with the opening cut, Operatar, appearing nothing but a in praise of the humble comma thesis rather self-consciously jokey piece of froth. At its best, Beck's music is seriously enchanting; she clearly has a very special talent, which should be encouraged and nurtured rather than criticised for what it is not. It's an album you'll want to have and to hold too. Cj holley Michelle Shocked - Threesome (Mighty Sound) Typical, you wait ages for a new Michelle Shocked album and then three come along at once. Melodically, each track has a catchy hook, though some catch more readily than others, but the production makes best capital out of the arrangements, which vary from Burrito-style country haunted by "the happy ghost of Clarence White" (In The Basement). These are designer-artsongs couched in a preciously knowing passion, intimately cinematic pieces which evoke a sense of wide-eared wonder in the listener who can't help being drawn in by the striking, bold yet often delicate imagery.

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Possibly the most popular because it was relatively less crushingly intense musically, more melodic and focused on the band's storytelling skills. I'd file that under a major recommendation. And just as on O'ergrown, Spindlestone's music still hangs heavy with the spirit of 70s folk-rock, albeit with an ever-so-slightly-passé vibe, but hey, it's a very pleasant time-warp to be trapped in! The Shee's general air of bold friskiness and abundant energy is even more apparent in the three instrumental tracks: Ahma pairs a deliciously syncopated reel with a tricky piece by Carina Normansson, while the Happy Halloween jig. Vagabond is very much business as usual for S B, then. M David Kidman October 2008 Al Stewart - Famous in praise of the humble comma thesis Last Words (EMI) I'm not entirely sure what EMI's intentions are as regards the Al Stewart back-catalogue (they brought out a five-disc retrospective Just Yesterday last year and a further-extracted. The sleeve notes set the album out as scenes of a play. Second foray into the crowd - to collect messages and requests scrawled on cards - comes over the intro to the second cover of the set, a faithfully goodtime version of Young Rascals' hit Good Lovin'. It also has an intro that is indescribably sad.

Until the Revolution, the Episcopalian or English Church enjoyed establishment status in some of the mid-Atlantic and Southern colonies, as the Congregationalists did in New England. Perhaps it is a little too slushy for this hard hearted reviewer. More than just another country album, Alt. The phrase "her seed" (spermatos) is not seen elsewhere in Scripture. Luke 2:29 - Simeon's declaration that he is ready to die after seeing the Child Jesus follows Tobit 11:9. Now I know how Paul felt on the road to Damascus. The two medleys of rocked-up reels featuring Renegade are predictably exciting, typical of the crowd-pleasing "big session" approach; the famous "dance remix" of The Bag Of Cats has a certain incongruous charm (heard once! Maybe in comparison songs like Corridors seem to sprawl a little more aimlessly, but when Mike's focus returns it's as sharp as previously. Votes disqualified for one or another valid or invalid reason (hanging chad, felon lists, etc.) numbered a couple of hundred thousand. M David Blue September 2009 Michael J Sheehy in praise of the humble comma thesis - Ill Gotten Gains/No Longer My Concern (Beggars Banquet) Two reviews for the price of one.

M/thestorys Mike Davies August 2010 The Storys - Town Beyond The Trees (Hall) Welsh-Italian singer Steve Balsamo must wonder if he's cursed to have things given to him with one hand and taken away with the other. For the first time, we find collected together in one ultra-convenient 71-minute package 18 key tracks from the solo recordings.D. The band's main songwriter is guitarist Ben Tyzack, and his immersion in the idiom is total and all the while utterly convincing; the lineup's completed by bassist Constance Redgrave and drummer Maurice McElroy, both instrumentally equal partners. Sankey visits the world of big bands with Shout It On Out and continues the jazz feel with Office Politics. And there are many other mouth-wateringly fun moments, such as when Simon Burrell's deliciously squashy tuba bounces through Bunch Of Coconuts. The opening track, Drinking Game with its in praise of the humble comma thesis Steely Dan horns and guitar is a spectacular start to this, his debut album. He has a distinctive, gravelly voice, somewhat at odds with his unassuming demeanor and is the most natural acoustic guitarist that I have seen for a long while.

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My Future With You switches mood immediately to tinkling mid-tempo before the strident guitars strike back up again with The Mountain. Fiddler James Scott Skinner (1843-1927 a real "character" by all accounts, made these recordings during the last half of his life (though no dates are provided here) on both cylinder and vinyl, in between touring both here and. Bringing us, in effect, full circle from the opening salvo of Swarb's very first LP excursion (the magnificent Rags, Reels Airs with Spanish Ladies receiving a bit of a chirpy makeover in a spanking (or should I say skanking!). Eli's Blues is an electric 12 bar with gritty slide and the instrumental Coldwater Canyon is played at breakneck speed with scorching guitar. M/sweetbabootheband Mike Davies October 2010 Sweet Baboo- Hello Wave (Businessman) If Tuung had come together in the Appalachians and been raised on a diet of Ralph Stanley and Jonathan Richman, then the unlikely result may well have sounded like reedy voiced Cardiff singer Stephen Black. M Michael Mee Suntrap - Unravelling (Fellside) It's been a few years now since the London-based Suntrap released their third CD Sweet Fast River, and although there's been a further lineup change (Debbie Chalmers has replaced Nicola Hillary on violin. There is a real sense of journey running throughout the music. One finely managed (though maybe less characteristic or expected) contribution finds Colum and Maggie sweetly duetting on Burns' It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King, while Hebridean mouth-music makes its mark on the project with a sturdy waulking. In conversation, it sometimes causes confusion. A similar thing happened with the OED: it was originally planned that the first complete bound edition would be issued in ten volumes, but as the project work progressed, the later volumes grew in size. Although this is characterised by the direct, literal potency of the actual lyrics, it's arguably brought out even more in the new gravel-edged textural quality that Steve's singing voice has now developed: a cracked vulnerability, an extra dimension of grainy.

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He's been likened to Damien Jurado and Willy Mason, which is probably a lot closer than the press blurb references to Mike Skinner, Kate Nash and Jose Gonzalez. M David Kidman Chris Smither - Train Home (Hightone) This latest studio album from the man with the blue guitar mixes seven brand new originals with four covers, and shows the man with no shortage of staying power in a superlative. To give him due credit, Andersen can't either. In truth, the only real drawback of this otherwise exceptional CD is its extreme brevity; perhaps the lasses would do better to save up more material and wait a little longer before releasing another. Steeleye have used the tried-and-tested approach beloved of the Carnival Band, in serving up a generous helping of more obscure material alongside trademark interpretations of well-worn Yuletide classics. The strategy for avoiding this sets the upper rail - the high-voltage level for for the logic circuits - to coincide with ground: VCC. Quite honestly, I think.

Refuting protestantism: proof from THE bible OF THE catholic church AND THE catholic faith! He plays the banjo - and how! But, we now discover, the band has recently been dealt a body-blow with the departure (since recording Reckless) of Chris, whose distinctive lead vocals have hitherto provided the SteelDrivers' most powerful signature. Fore a more indepth refutation against protestantism, please consult the following page: The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church). M David Blue January 2008 Nigel Stonier - News From Overground (Fullfill) Given that his last release was Brimstone And Blue, seven years ago, chances are Stonier will be more familiar as writer (notably Fairport Convention) or producer, his credits. The actual packaging itself is the very pinnacle of aptness a replica of Swarb's fiddle-case, complete with track listings for the individual discs ranged on the four inner box edges! Tommy's trademark political and artistic integrity is stamped on every song he's written, and his dream of an Ireland without conflict remains as powerful and committed as ever; he addresses the global concerns of humanity in an accessible and attractive. Five years ago Texan songwriter Will Johnson simultaneously released albums by both his parallel projects, then two years later came SSG's follow-up and, the year after that, another by their companion outfit. Drawing on such influences as Steve Earle, Uncle Tupelo, Big Star, Steve Forbert and even a hint of the Beatles, veering between roots rock, blues and alt-country, he pens catchy melodies with tumbling chords and toe tapping rhythms and writes. Perhaps the most poignant item of all, however, is this latest rendition of Little Fat Baby, where Pete (in company with James Durst, David Bernz and Martha Sandefer) confronts his own mortality (it's close on one of those Joy Of Living moments). So there it is - Spindlestone have produced another fun, frolicksome CD that's both intelligently done and musically satisfying.

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The central theme of questioning recurs in most of the album's ten new original songs, from the cyclical philosophy informing the thought-patterns of Little White Angels down to the playfully political Guilty By Association Blues and its kinda-sequel Almost Round The World, complementing. Other folks making special guest appearances on the album include Pete Seeger, Dolores Keane and John Tams, while the deft, subtle instrumental backdrop, embracing inter alia the talents of Messrs. 'We're a bunch of normal people getting trashed Salas-Humeras sings on the punchy, chiming Getting Trashed. But although based on tradition, the band's music is not exactly formulaic or predictable, even though it consistently retains the traditional bluegrass values of deft picking, skilled songwriting, and distinctive and well-harmonised vocal work. The choice of songs is both attractive and apt, representing the better class of folk-club fare and - crucially - songs which suit their performing style and general, thoughtful approach. Mansa's powerful singing is at the forefront on the opening invocation to the hunting eagle Bibi and the closing vocal anthem Kaira Ba (a soulful duet with Toronto's "snow griot" Katenen "Cheka" Dioubate while ace fiddler Casey Driessen gives. And I don't think it can be repeated". The whole album is produced by Keb Mo and also features the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but the real stars are the Subdudes themselves. 27:43 - if He is God's Son, let God deliver him from His adversaries follows Wisdom 2:18. U Don't Mind has crisp drums from Arie Verhaar and this mid-paced funk grinder certainly shows up Prince as a major influence. David Kidman August 2007 Judy Small - Mosaic (Crafty Maid) Nine years ago, the Australian singer-songwriter cut back on her performing and recording work to return to her second love, the law, and work as a Melbourne family lawyer with Victoria Legal Aid. Any quirkiness is sufficiently present to make it interesting, but doesn't intrude on the message or the narrative. The actual selection of songs is quite brilliant, with Rosie turning in excellent renditions of traditional ballads like The Maid With The Bonny Brown Hair and The King's Shilling and the fanciful travellers' song What Shall.

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At times there's a suspicion of erring a little on the side of sprightly, but in this repertoire this is not necessarily a bad thing and Emily always treats her sources with due respect. He made seven albums for Alligator over a 30-year period, and label boss Bruce Iglauer is but one of the folks interviewed in the 30-minute documentary film that forms the backbone of this DVD release. There's a clutch of hold love together uptempo numbers variously etched in bluegrass, country and twangy pop colours (of which Love Came Just In Time stand tallest but it's the quieter, more thoughtful numbers that really stamp. In this sad instance of human history, there are now approximately 20,000 Protestant sects which all contradict each other on crucial doctrinal points. I seem to be reviewing Kansas City with great regularity these days. On Greencastle Blues, Todd tries to come to terms with his own mortality, after which on the Cooderesque America's Favourite Pastime Todd pitches in with the tale of a drug-tripping baseball player. The combination gives a good idea of what to expect with the album's meld of drone and folk beautifully encapsulated in coincidentally titled five minute opener Hope (though it's perhaps Nico era Velvets that provides the influence more here). However, get to the Cockburn-sounding Down To The Wire and that suddenly becomes the repeat play favourite with its biting observation about the economic collapse of the heartlands, full of 'dead industries'. In its own way too, Shire Boy was pretty much "fretless in that it espoused the philosophy that a good song is simply a good song whatever its provenance (traditional or composed even taking into account that individual songs might. David Kidman October 2011 Babe Stovall - The Old Ace (Arcola) Recorded in July 1968, Babe Stovall's album is a reminder of what one man and a dobro can do to your emotions and is another of the excellent Arcola series of traditional blues recordings.

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You shall not bear false witness. Two of Miranda's own settings (of lyrics by Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh respectively) complete the bill, and these are delightful though with tunes that at first seem strangely half-familiar (or maybe I've just listened to too much folk music?!). Freedom, Future then takes the Shooglenifty funk-fusion groove method to attractive new heights and Airfailarin creatively utilises the rhythms of chanting and peat-beating much in the manner of Martyn Bennett. Too Long Away moves things on even further, now removing instrumental sets from the recorded menu entirely and instead managing a delicate balancing act between songs self-penned and those taken from traditional sources (five of each). Not just for the retro ' one, two. Could be a classic 60s TV theme but with a contemporary twist. M m David Blue Oliver Schroer - Hymns And Hers/ Camino (Borealis/Big in praise of the humble comma thesis Dog) Many readers will remember encountering the spellbinding Canadian fiddler Oliver Schroer when he performed regularly with singer-songwriter James Keelaghan during the earlier part of the decade; tragically, however. Its wry opener Slim Chance is a perfect example of Todd's art, a simply expressed slice of sly, homespun philosophy that's all over in a little over two minutes, having made its point succinctly and companionably. The first thing you notice is that there's a tremendous degree of sensitivity to the lyrics on Richard's part, for he sings each phrase with a true understanding - almost as if he'd penned the songs. How else explain his staying in France during the terror and willingly appearing for internment at the Palais de Luxembourg (input hopper for the guillotine)? (After all, every progressive person understands that by a special kind of political alchemy, the UN, operated by the corrupt, representing the illegitimate, stands entirely above politics.) Some good might actually have come of filming in the UN, but unfortunately. The sequence etaoin alone appears in 527 documents in the same time period (the first on September 3, 1895 and shrdlu in 538 (first on October 31, 1894).

When he released Born in The.S.A, the then administration wilfully ignored its true sentiments and shanghaied it as a flag waving anthem for the first Gulf War. The album, described as "a series of scenes from a cinematic-style journey of the West Country opens with two punchy, driving songs which are archetypal Steve, raging against the intentional desecration of English life of one kind. With a title referencing Dostoevsky's Notes From Underground (a novella supposedly excerpting an embittered narrator's rambling memoirs a sleeve image in the style of 20s Soviet constructivist art and a Brecht" on the inner sleeve, you might anticipate some heavy thematic going. The tie is loosened (I'm not even wearing one! The danger is that without him, they would somehow be lessened but while he's here, he stretches the likes of Cocaine taut. Bloody Murder is done in a John Mayall style just close your eyes and listen.

It's a punchy effort, full of fine playing and solid, earthy vocal work in the modern electric blues tradition, on which Boyd gets the support of what reads like a who's-who of Portland's most revered blues musicians. The material ranges pretty wide, and my own favourites include the passionate Ain't No Better Than You, the sinuous A Dying Man's Plea (which turns out to be a funky and invigorating new take on the blues standard One. Finally, Catholics repeat these divinely inspired words of Elizabeth in the Rosary. For in writing this album, Chris's idea was to explore the ties between the two different cultures that nurtured him - French songs (his mother being chanteuse Véronique Sanson) and American rock. You can hear samples from JFK 's speech in the Steppenwolf song The Wall.' One soldier in the mercenary army of Kennedy biographers is Christopher. And there's no real chance of getting bored cos the individual songs are gorgeously pithy in praise of the humble comma thesis little creations that just dive on in there, make their point and skedaddle off into the sagebrush so you can move onto the next dish pronto. For, unlike Rod's bland and tedious latterday records, this particular old raincoat (freshened up for your continued wear!) won't ever let you down; these recordings will last for ever and see you through all manner of weather. Divided - apparently at random - into Road Trip, Painters and Sleepy songs, each section announced by a brief scraping of bible black violin, it's a remarkably authentic sounding collection that could easily have been recorded in some backwoods mountain. They may not have an album, but these guys have the power. It comprises 73 minutes' worth of back-catalogue gems originally released over the course of the almost-quarter-century between 19, though I'll admit that some of them may deserve their apparent obscurity. Fumio Hirayama: Intramolecular Excimer Formation. Meanwhile, however, to Disc Two, which proves worth the price of admission for its own sake, as it consists entirely of BBC recordings made at the Cambridge Folk Festival - five tracks from a set billed as Dave Swarbrick Friends (an acoustic band comprising Messrs. I'll have to find out how similar his name really is to the word bascaro.