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Do professional athletes make too much money essay

do professional athletes make too much money essay

I was able to serve as a standard bearer in 2012 for Matt Kuchar and Lee Westwood and. Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and espn all pay for the rights to broadcast part of the NFLs schedule, and the league pulls do professional athletes make too much money essay in 3 billion in TV revenue alone each year. A week so we could get groceries and every day necessities at a cheaper cost. Many people feel that a persons salary should be based on economic importance and the value that they provide for society. Most female sports stars are still fighting for what they consider to be salaries worthy of their skills while their male peers are becoming multimillionaires.) Though there are still plenty of callers to sports radio talk shows who will complain. When you think of all that they endure for our personal enjoyment. I have been privileged to watch and work amonst some of the greatest golfers in the world to include Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar and Lee Westwood at the Fedex Classic in Atlanta Georgia.

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Most athletes endure brutal, physical punishment on their bodies in order to provide people entertainment. This time, the flurry of signings brought stories with headlines such as 5 Reasons Bryce Harpers 330 Million Contract is a Steal for the Phillies and in reference. But thats not the system we live. Consider NFL quarterback Chase Daniel, who has been exclusively a backup QB for all of his nine seasons in the league with the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chicago Bears. Athletes are simply stockholders in the game of professional sports. These same athletes bring money into a city; they generate jobs. Whether, the doctor, who saves the lives of thousands of people, or the farmer, who farms for us all day and night, or a office worker, who sits all the day before the computer screen for the benefits of the company. Many people think money should be used in serious business for example to put into public health system. There were pros cons for and against building a new stadium.

Such an objective phenomenon as money would appear. Ethicist Shawn Klein, a lecturer at Arizona State University and author of The Sports Ethicist blog, thinks not. Although some of the stuff. In the United States, people use dollars to specify price, just. As Peter Keating recently wrote in espn Magazine, Theres just one problem with all our anger: Its misplaced. It must have seemed terribly out of context, after all, to see him serving them dinner plates instead of crouching behind home plate.

Do athletes make too much money?

College I was in love with which until this day am bothered. People can save money and then use it to make purchases in the future. I understand why people do not think it is right for professional athletes to get paid as much as they get. Professional athletes generally are unapologetic about a lot of it ending up in their stretch-suit pockets. Firstly, professional athletes make huge income to the sports industry and the whole society. A movie, because they felt this it would make money. Multimillionaire backup QBS, its not just the stars who are becoming wealthier than some developing nations. Lets assume sales associate makes 19 dollars an hour and works 40 hours a week, that means they made 760 dollars that week. For a weeks worth of salary a professional football player could pay for me and my friends to attend a four college. I have my family to feed,. Should the owners get all the money?

Their modern-day counterparts, of course, can afford to stick to their day jobs. The average fan might wonder why both owners and players couldnt take smaller shares and charge lower ticket, concession, and parking prices at games, but of course they are not obligated to do that. Louis outfielder Curt Flood challenged that aspect of baseballs system, the reserve clause, with a lawsuit. Whereas a normal person can work on a job for 30 to 40 years and retire; athletes only have a limited time span to work with the exception of golf. If he gets injured, he is still guaranteed his salary. The notion of the owners and players splitting the pot no longer holds; the pot has turned into something closer to a bottomless vat, with both management and labor coming away with their bank accounts overflowing. We need to keep in mind where sports fits into todays society and how the industry has grown, says Leland Faust, an investment adviser and founder of a firm, CSI Capital Management, that represents professional athletes. Athletes are entertainers that wow us with their finesse on and off the courts. Or is the fact that athletes tend to be paid so much more handsomely than schoolteachers, nurses, firefighters, and others whose work is arguably of far greater benefit a sign of an economic system with its values out of whack? This reflects their annual salary and bonuses for 2013l If they were compensated in this manner then I would surmise that the overall corporation made 100 times this amount in annual revenue. The reason you see players starting charities or donating money to different causes is because we know there are more important things than football or other sports. Yet during those nine years of mostly standing on the sidelines he has earned a total.3 million. It seems that the public and media have also become more accepting of or perhaps resigned to the staggering sums handed out to athletes.

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Athletes are akin to rock stars in this age of social media, twitter and international glamour. Folks do professional athletes make too much money essay will argue that the money could be spent on increasing teachers salaries as they are responsible for sculpting the minds of the American youth. Professional athletes normally peak at their prime by the age. They occupy unique cultural real estate and unify us in a way that nothing else does. However, the way I see it, salary does not define the intrinsic value of an occupation.

Do professional athletes earn too much money?

What is the purpose of paying all this money to athletes when most of them will be broke by the time they retire. Beyond that, sports are one of the few forms of television entertainment that are still viewed almost entirely live. The average pro football career is only 3 and one-half years, according to the NFL Players Association, and a lot of the money that makes the contract-signing headlines will never be paid. But it is not their fault, it is only us who make them popular and by that only they are making money like this. In the same year, the average American firefighter earned about 45,000. Are stars like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Serena Williams genetic freaks put on Earth to dominate their respective sports? Athletes make more money in one day than most Americans will make in a lifetime.

As much as it drives us crazy to see the amount of money thrown at athletes these days, its time to recognize the real economic order of sports: Superstar athletes do not make too much money. That kept salaries depressed because players couldnt offer their services on the open market. Flood paid a huge price, literally and figuratively, in fighting the system. The sudden billion-dollar spending spree brought the debate about the economic system of American professional sports back to the forefront. These guys are making 20, 30, 40 million a year, they work six or seven months a year, they stay at the best hotels in the world. Daniel has been his teams starter in only four do professional athletes make too much money essay of the 144 games in which hes been on an NFL roster, each time filling in for an injured player.

Say that just because you can physically perform an athletic feat that you should be paid millions of dollars for. People that have any business of making the kind of money athletes do are doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers and maybe anyone who. Since then the pool of money that players and owners divide has grown exponentially, and the biggest reason for that increase can be expressed with two letters:. These athletes are the best in the world at what they do, and they generate so much money for these leagues that its only right that they get their fair share. For example in the NBA Cares, players visit other countries like China to bring inspiration and encouragement. Heard some of these things. So the few people who make it good players deserve a high salary, say Allen Iverson and Nate Robinson. In that landscape, the ability of sports to attract viewers across all demographic groups has become hugely valuable.

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently bought a 250 million vessel that is the length of a football field and do professional athletes make too much money essay features two helipads. Supreme Court, the justices did recommend that free agency for players should be attained through collective bargaining between the owners and players. A society need not feel guilty over highly paid athletes as long as it recognizes that how much a ballplayer or anyone else earns is not the truest measure of how much he or she is worth. Kobe Bryant made more than 20 million playing basketball. The proponents for the stadium argued that a new stadium would generate much needed economic growth and jobs to the city. Instead of spending their offseasons training or vacationing, professional baseball, football, and basketball players once tended to take their place in the traditional workforce. If they were to keep working those same hours with no breaks or off days for a month they would have made 3,040 dollars in a month and 36,480 dollars for the year. Athletes are not paid nearly enough as the owners of these various franchise organizations are paid. I got a job. On the other hand teachers, soldiers, scientists and many other respected people, who make great contribution to our society, do not get paid much.

Ive always said that the ones who should be making millions are our military men and women, our first responders, our schoolteachers, says TNT broadcaster Charles Barkley, a former NBA player and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. According to statistics, back in 1990s Michael Jordan alone brought more than 10 billion income to the economy annually. NBA stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have both been testy with the media this season, complaining about the stress of constant speculation that they planned to leave their teams, the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics,. It is absolutely true that actors and athletics earn more than money within a week compared to any other profession. But as salaries have grown, athletes have become more willing to defend the amount of money they earn. Ive witnessed a sporting event first hand that draws in annual crowd of over 700,000 fans over a 4 day period for just one tour championship. Lets not forget that these athletes essentially create jobs and keep people employed. And the players also help with much community work.

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Hayes was making.7 million per year when he said that, a modest sum compared with what a player of his stature would earn today. However if they were put on ear to dominate their respective sports, shouldnt they receive the millions that they demand for compensation. The Fedex Tour Championship rakes in more do professional athletes make too much money essay than seven hundred million dollars not inclusive of sponsorships, merchandizing,. In turn the company. As an amateur golfer I played golf on my high school team and with the First Tee Program of East Lake in Atlanta, Georgia. Related stories, read this story at m, become a part of the Monitor community. Sports deliver eyeballs to ads. As difficult as it may be to believe now, when professional athletes contracts continue to skyrocket ever higher into the hundreds of millions of dollars, it wasnt that long ago that players routinely needed a second income to help make ends meet. No athlete is worth the money hes getting, National Basketball Association star Elvin Hayes said in 1978, including. But the immediacy of sports is such that viewers want to watch games as they happen, which means that advertisers get much more exposure than they do on other types of shows. But the market is created in part by the publics demand, and does that demand signal a value system that needs recalibrating? Louis, did a double take at the sight of a short, squat man with jug-handle ears framing his familiar face bringing their meals to the table. But rarely can one make a great athlete that the whole world would like to pay to see his performance.

During the offseason they must continually train to perfect their craft. Testy with THE media, although there is more general acceptance of players being part of the 1, the blessing of a big contract can be at least a small curse for athletes who complain about their situations in any way. A few years later, thats exactly what happened. Although he ultimately lost in the.S. Corporations are making millions of dollars off athletes and should compensate them accordingly Forbes ranking of the top 25 executives shows the following: John. In baseball, for instance, players had no ability to become free agents. Such as a person with average height can seldom become a good basketball play in the NBA. Stockholders receive minuscule amounts in comparison to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Why or why not?

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In today's money hungry world, it's hard to understand why. It was quite common for athletes of his era to work another job when their sport wasnt in season. Or are they do professional athletes make too much money essay simply normal people who overcame their biological limits through sheer force of will and obsessive training? Athletes could not make the money they make without consumers/fans that are willing to pay to see their favorite athlete perform. Lets take a professional football player making 9,600,000 for one year that means he makes 800,000 a month and 200,000 a week.

Also, athletes risk getting hurt on the do professional athletes make too much money essay court or the field. In one day, he may work 5 hours a day. 7 million and Michael Fascitelli of Vornado Realty Real Estate earned. Commissioner Adam Silver empathized with them, saying that in general many NBA players feel depressed and lonely despite their millions. New York Times best selling author David Epstein posed the following question. Attend college they will end up spending their days working. We get a little bit of sticker shock because we see 430 million to play baseball and we think, What the heck is that? Fans and media grew impatient for them to be signed, and when only a few franchises showed interest, there was widespread suspicion that teams were unfairly colluding to keep their salaries down. If we are willing to pay 300 to see Beyonce in concert, should we not be willing to pay 300 to see Kobe Bryant courtside. Most people say that it is because the actors and athletics are entertainer for all of us, they are the people who work, because we can enjoy some music, some fun or some enjoyment in our life. But other than coming up with memorable"s, the Yankees superstar wasnt doing anything out of the ordinary by waiting tables. Still, those monstrous salaries and the luxuries they provide might very well suggest that aspiring to be an athlete is preferable to dreaming of becoming, say, an astrophysicist or an emergency room nurse. Thus, professional athletes are doing a more valuable job than ever.

Machado by agreeing to a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for 12 years and 330 million. For example most of the people can make a good teacher when you put your mind into. Time is a valuable asset it is immeasurable. He received hate mail from fans four or five death threats a day, his teammate Bob Gibson said and he was effectively blackballed from baseball, playing only 13 more games the rest of his career. To impressionable young people, especially economically disadvantaged ones, money is probably the clearest measure of success, and seeing players enjoying the trappings of great wealth can warp their priorities. The same can apply to the salaries that athletes receive. Some people believe that its ridiculous for athletes to receive such huge paychecks.