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"Hemingway and the Mechanism of Fame. His daughter, Mary, said that he had acted out of a sense of responsibility, rather than megalomania; he was offered no encouragement…..
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Genetic variation leads to evolution of new species (speciation). Then came the Tibeto Burmese tribes of the Eastern Himalayas; and are today identified as the Mishings Deuris;…..
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Argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement

argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement

Confusion can arise because history of ideas and intellectual history are sometimes treated as synonyms. By contrast, many biographers in the later 20th century considered their primary task to be the interpretation of their subjects psychosexual development. Migration too is a key to understanding not only the way that industrialization occurred (where did the new workers come from?) but also the settlement patterns of North America (the much higher propensity in the British than. 23, 1979; Civilization and Capitalism, 15th18th Century ). 1275 to 1535 (1922 a definitive monograph, and Medieval Women (published posthumously in 1975). For the psychobiographer, an apparently trivial event or slip of the pen can be the vital clue to the personality of the subject. Whereas modernization theory holds that economic development will eventually percolate throughout the world, Wallerstein believed that the most economically active areas largely enriched themselves at the expense of their peripheries. The history of the family was inspired primarily not by womens history but by advances made in historical demography, whose heavy quantification womens history generally avoided.

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Even if the biographer decides on depth psychology and there are alternativesthe choice is not much simplified. Fogel and Engerman did not undertake even a political economy of slavery, much less a moral evaluation. Eugene Genovese looked for an explanation in the work of the Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci (18911937 who responded to the defeat of communist movements in Europe (except for Russia) after World War I by stressing the hegemony exercised. Branches of history, history of the arts, histories have been written about architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance, theatre, motion pictures, television, and literature. Joan Scott has taken the lead in this effort. Method is not simply distilled practice, and sometimes it is a poor description of what scientists actually. Iconologists have tried to move beyond providing simple lists of motifs to developing treatments of how motifs change and of what these changes indicate regarding the cultural and intellectual context of the painting. This was customarily evaluated in terms of comparative incomes, laws about ownership of property, and the degree of social freedom allowed within marriage or to unmarried women.

The focus of intellectual history has been not on the argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement formal analysis of ideas, as in the history of ideas, but on the conditions of their propagation and dissemination. Bach in Germany was almost a generic name for a musician). Subaltern is a word used by the British army to denote a subordinate officer, and subaltern studies was coined by Indian scholars to describe a variety of approaches to the situation of South Asia, in particular in the colonial and postcolonial era. This triumphalist view of Western economic and political institutions drew great new strength from the downfall of the managed economies of eastern Europe and the emergence in China of blatant state capitalism. Although the field was pioneered by French historians, Anglo-American scholars also studied mentalités ; their works were concerned with the history of witchcraft and witch persecutions as well as with the decline in belief in magic. The matter continues to be a concern for social and economic historians. Some writers believe that the biographer must become intimately acquainted with the mind and emotions of the subject. The campaigns of the American Civil War, with their chesslike maneuvering and great set-piece battles, continue to fascinate, but attrition and pounding by superior force assumed an ever-greater role in 20th-century military strategy, despite yielding few brilliant generals or individual heroes. To answer these questions, the historian obviously needs to know in intimate detail the state of scientific thought during the time about which he is writing. Although originally and most thoroughly applied to the Middle East and South Asia, subaltern history is capable of extension to any subordinated population, and it has been influential in histories of women and of African Americans. This requirement is obviously easier to meet if the two are close friends, but biographers can also generate deep empathy with people long dead. Households also tended to be larger, reaching remarkable sizes in the zadruga s (corporate family groups) of Yugoslavia and the Baltic provinces of the Russian Empire. Skinner questioned the custom in political philosophy of identifying certain eternal questions (such as Why does anyone have an obligation to obey the state?) and then arraying various political texts according to the answers they give.

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Lewis Namier (18881960 probably the greatest English historian of his generation, undertook the biographical study of members of Parliament. The originator of this argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement approach was Jacob Burckhardt (181897 whose masterpiece, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, begins with a chapter called The State as a Work of Art and argues that artistic production in the Renaissance. It sold more than 20,000 copies, a large number for a scholarly book; it shared the Bancroft Prize for history; and it was the subject of stories and bemused reviews in the popular press. Socialist historians, on the other hand, judged it more ambivalently. One methodological controversy was initiated in the 1960s by Quentin Skinner. Rather than seeking laws that govern social behaviour (the ambition of early sociology ) or compiling quantitative data, symbolic anthropologists conceived human social relations as texts to be interpreted. Technological information is usually coveted by the less adept, and it can often be stolen when it is not offered. Because much of the evidence for the suffering of the workers was in fact anecdotal, a number of economic historians tried to determine whether their standard of living actually declined.

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It was followed by others proclaiming a new urban history. One has even said that, no matter how much other, more usual evidence might turn up, he would still stay with what he drew from his interpretation. They can therefore respond to global concerns, such as the clear-cutting of rainforests and global warming. Derridas advocates presented his ideas as liberating and as allowing critics to exercise the same creativity as imaginative writers. The 1980s were marked by the emergence of a different kind of cultural history, microhistory, which consists essentially of a story about a person or persons. Another approach is to give a rational reconstruction of the history of sciencethat is, to show how the underlying logic of scientific discovery unfolded, without bothering with the irksome details of how things actually happened.

The texts were exhibited as language, of course, but also as rituals of various sorts, and they had to be approached without any theoretical preconceptions. Sometimes scholars simply treat themselves as the reader, thus producing literary criticism rather than history. Some feminists, for example, complain that the dominant system of logic was invented by men and violates the categories of thought most congenial to women. Few would now deny the value of some quantitative studies or the desirability of precision in historical language. Taking his cue from the ordinary language philosophy of John Langshaw Austin and other postwar Oxford philosophers, Skinner contended that the task for the historian of political thought was to discover what effect the writer of a text intended it to have. After coming to power in the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks gave historians of the origins of World War I a bonanza by publishing the secret dispatches of the tsarist government, which for the first time revealed the. The new political historians also established an archive of national election data at the University of Michigan, which they hoped to use to prepare a truly comprehensive electoral history.

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It was also congenial, in its aversion to theory, to traditional historical practice, which was never comfortable with the attempt to explain historical events by subsuming them under laws. The most influential exponent of this approach for biographers was Erik Erikson, who propounded an eight-stage theory of the normative life course and wrote substantial psychobiographies of Martin Luther and Mahatma Gandhi. Such findings may seem only of specialized interest, but their ramifications are broad. In four short and witty sketches of Florence Nightingale, Henry Cardinal Manning, Gen. As the European nations entered the European Union, an effort was made to write a history textbook on which historians from various countries could agree. One of the great forgers of the 20th century, Hans van Meegeren, succeeded in passing off a number of his own canvases as works of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Considering that in northwestern Europe people reached sexual maturity almost 10 years before they married, the relatively low level of illicit sexual activity suggests a general acquiescence to a repressive sexual morality. However, it seems to be fascination, not admiration, that is essential, since good biographies have been written by authors who came to despise their subjects. Victorian biographers generally surrendered to a plethora of sources by writing extremely long accounts of the life and times of statesmen, larded with extensive verbatim"tions from their correspondence and speeches.

argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement

The first is to consider the material conditions of production. Perhaps because their area of study is so ill-defined, intellectual historians have been unusually reflective and argumentative about the methods appropriate to their work. These were studies of mentalités, which naturally often lay at the intersection between superstition and religion. The apparent concession to total relativism, however, has seemed too high, not least because it renders the deconstructionist position vulnerable to the paradox of relativism (if the deconstructionist is right that there are no stable meanings, then there. From the turn of the 20th century, however, the two disciplines pursued radically different paths. Although there had been notable queens and regentssuch as Elizabeth I of England, Catherine de Medici of France, Catherine the Great of Russia, and Christina of Sweden their gender was considered chiefly when it came to forming marriage alliances or bearing royal heirs. All that an interpreter has is the textthus, Michel Foucault, drawing upon the work of literary critic Roland Barthes, declared the death of the author. Using what he found in New York state, Benson succeeded in showing that party affiliation was largely determined by ethnic and cultural loyalties and remained surprisingly immune to the issues raised by party platforms or political speeches. It seems to owe its first currency to The New England Mind: From Colony to Province (1953 by Perry Miller (190563 who required it for his approach to the complex of religious, political, and social ideas and attitudes. It was, of course, heavily coloured by racism, but perhaps the most insidious aspect of it, in Saids view, was that Western categories not only informed the production of knowledge but also were accepted by the colonized countries (or those nominally independent but culturally subordinate). Another argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement was the discovery that in England the main reason for the large population increase after 1750 was increased fertility, achieved through earlier marriages.

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The proposition that the Industrial Revolution was a good thing was universally maintained by historians who were sympathetic to capitalism. The Orient that Said discussed was basically the Middle East, and argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement the Orientalism was the body of fact, opinion, and prejudice accumulated by western European scholars in their encounter with. On the other hand, there is very little evidence that Locke was responding to Hobbes. Studies of family structure in colonial Massachusetts revealed that fathers were reluctant to agree to opening new lands for settlement, wishing to keep their sons within the household. Only since World War II (and here the journal Annales: histoire, sciences sociales was an extraordinary engine for progress) have historians developed the techniques to begin carrying out the program now called history from the bottom. Said stressed the enormous appetite for this lore, which influenced painting, literature, and anthropology no less than history. These are signs that neither the biographical nor the psychohistorical impulse has exhausted its energy. The authentication of modern paintings seldom requires the services of a professional historian, but works from previous centuries, especially those in which the cult of the individual artistic genius had not fully developed and paintings were not always signed, often. To understand such paintings, knowledge of iconology is necessary but not sufficient. Although Freudian psychoanalysis has pretty much swept the field in the United States, there are still European scholars influenced by Carl Jung. It has become obvious that the world is a single ecosystem, and this may require and eventually evoke a corresponding world history. (Fogel and Engerman argued that slaves were rarely whipped, because whipping would have diminished their capacity for work.) Some of these criticisms missed the mark. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie grounded his great history of the peasants of Languedoc in the soil and climate of that part of France, showing how the human population of the ancien régime was limited by the carrying capacity of the land.

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Extending this argument in a somewhat Hegelian fashion, the American historian Francis Fukuyama provocatively suggested, in The End of History and the Last Man (1992 that history itself, as traditionally conceived, had ceased. Although biographies written in the Italian Renaissance, such as that of Giorgio Vasari, began to resemble modern biographies, those written in the Northern Renaissance were still of great public figures, by someone who knew them. For example, the life of Thomas More, written by his son-in-law, does not even mention that More was the author of Utopia (1516). Deciphering these for their disguised biographical content runs against current literary critical as well as historiographical orthodoxy, yet many biographers of writers place great stock in their ability to do this. The most searching critiques, from fellow cliometricians, were arcane and technical. Humans encounter people from far away more often in commercial relationships than in any other, but they exchange more than goods. More-interesting correlations often failed the significance test or showed inexplicable relationships. It emerged slightly earlier than social history, and for a time the two were allies in a joint struggle to gain acceptance.

Like cliometrics, psychohistory was a fashionable methodology in argumentative essay about prenuptial agreement the 1960s and 70s but has become distinctly less fashionable since. However, because it adopted the French custom of segregating tables and other statistical matter in a second volumewhich appeared not simultaneously but several months laterthe initial reviewers had access only to the conclusions and the supporting textual arguments. They were generally about eminent men, but women could qualify as subjects by being martyred. This, of course, meant not that there would be no more events but that the major issues of state formation and economic organization had now been decisively settled in favour of capitalism and democracy. Cliometrics was an important innovation because it offered new answers to old questions and provided a methodology better suited to tackling large questions of system and structure. They were almost totally lacking in psychological insight, personality being swathed in thick layers of virtue. Construal of evidence by psychobiographers can be radically different from normal historical practice (as reviewers were not slow to remind Erikson). Since it was still possible in the 1950s to doubt that there was enough significant evidence on which to develop womens history, it is not surprising that some of the earliest work was what is called contribution history. It served as a clearinghouse for researchers on three continents and directed attention to types of evidence that were previously unknown. Yet natural science is probably more autonomous than most modes of knowledge production, and there are limits to how much illumination a historian can bring to the history of science without knowing a lot of science himself. Art historians have pointed out that the smile of the Mona Lisa was a standard way of painting a certain emotion, not necessarily an unconscious revival of a childhood sexual memory of Leonardo da Vinci. By 1984, he predicted in 1966, a significant proportion of American historians will have accepted two basic propositions: (1) past human behavior can be studied scientifically; (2) the main business of historians is to participate in the overall scholarly enterprise. Another area of study, which was curiously slow to emerge, was the history of the family.