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Essay on an ideal headmaster

essay on an ideal headmaster

Then he can supervise the office management efficiently without affecting his teaching work. (d) Active and socialized citizen. He should resolve to do old things in a new way and deliver them to his students in the classroom. He should try to remove the irregularities and inefficiencies in the office work. The headmaster, for the effective management and improvement of the school should recognize the place and contribution of teachers to the improvement of the educational programme of the school through democratic supervision. He should check the important office activities like admission, classification, class register, cash book, acquaintance roll, attendance registers, registers of various fees, fines and funds etc. First of all, he is to look to the management of the school plant.

Essay on an Ideal Headmaster

In this regard he can be regarded as a visionary figure for his students and society and he shows new light and vision to them. In our school Inter Houses Tournaments are held. He is specially interested in poetry. The headmaster should be aware of the office work necessary for the smooth management of the school affairs. Key Stone of the School: The headmaster of the school is the key stone of every aspect. For this he should posses the following physical traits with him: (a) Attractive and clean appearance. (f) Excellent communication skills both spoken and written. He teaches us essay on an ideal headmaster English. He is a trained graduate.

Is a man of strict discipline. Advertisements: (d) Self-confidence and courage. He must be an expert in at least one or two subjects and take at least two or three periods a day. Our Head Master is a very kind man, but he is hard for the naughty boys and helpful essay on an ideal headmaster to poor scholar students. Physical Qualities: The headmaster in order to be a good one should have good physique. He conducts meetings, seminars for better leaning system and development.

He is.A. (c) Enthusiastic and inspiring bent of mind. Advertisements: (i) Insight into social problems. Intellectual Qualities: The headmaster should possess the following intellectual qualities with him: (a) Growing mind. He should provide wise counsel and advice, exercising his educational administrative leadership in relation with each officer involved in the system, for effective administration. (h) Interest to know about others problems. Advertisements: Read this article to learn about the importance and qualities of a headmaster. In his hand English has last its dullness. He also asks us to be obedient to their parents and teachers.

Short AND long essay ON ideal teacher

Advertisements: Organization of Office Work. Social Qualities: The headmaster for becoming a good social being should have the following social qualities: (a) Good human relations. Therefore, the headmaster should depend on the office superintendent for the management of office work. The headmaster should prepare a budget accordingly. (i) Sincere, Punctual and regular. For this he should have the following qualities:. He teaches us English in very easy methods and nicely. Ojha does his duties regularly with dedication. Teachers should be encouraged to use the equipments. Advertisements: (e) Goodwill for all. For ensuring proper management of educational programme he has to look after the school plant and the school activities in a business like manner.

Conclusion : Our principal is a man of character. He explains his lessons in a good manner. The same is true of the school. He always advices us to work hard. He himself essay on an ideal headmaster is very particular about his dress. After the morning prayer he delivers short lectures on Dharma (duty) before the assembly of the students. Advertisements: His Duties : He takes round of the school. Therefore, the headmaster should give primary importance to his class-teaching work. (f) Honest in dealings. Its success and failure depends upon the principal. A good Business Manager: Changing nature and condition of the society compels the school or educational institution for adopting business techniques in a desirable manner. He is essentially a teacher.

As the coordinating agency he co-ordinates between the society and the institution or school and its various human elements. So he must never get out of touch with day-to-day classroom situations. We are proud of our headmaster. He has divided the school into different houses after the names of Indian heroes. The educational methods of yesterday are already hopelessly out of place and out of date. For this the headmaster should be a good business manager. He is an experienced hand. He has got excellent knowledge of all subjects. From him flow a continuous stream of new ideas to deal with the rapidly changing educational scene. His methods of teaching : He is famous for his method of teaching. This purchasing committee should prepare a list of the articles to be- purchased.

621 words essay on school headmaster

Sometimes matches are held between students and the members of the staff. Advertisements: The headmaster is the educational leader. (g) Devoted to social progress. He should invite opinions of the teachers regarding the ways in which the plant and equipment are helping or hindering the school programme. Routine is a crime against education today. He likes to see us to tbe good citizens of free India. E is a great man, he is making his students great. The headmaster should also see that the school has all the equipments needed.

Advertisements: His qualities : A good principal is a boon to the school. Hence the headmaster, who is he leader of the school, has also to act as the leader of the society. (j) Creating awareness to eradicate social evils. He possesses good humor, noble thoughts, and simplicity. For giving a concrete shape he should have a balanced and dynamic personality in the one hand and should be capable of wiping out the social evils through education. He sees that students come in school essay on an ideal headmaster uniform.

Headmaster: Importance and Qualities of a Headmaster

He is the friend, philosopher and guide of the students. Advertisements: Other Business Management of the, school, the headmaster, being an educational administrator has to discharge various management duties, besides his supervisory, administrative and teaching work. (k) Knowledge of social problems and possible solutions. Advertisements: He should work us an artist in human affairs through his classroom teaching skill for the improvement of school instruction and he should proceed with wisdom and vision in organizing other important affairs like office management etc., for effective school organization. A visionary Figure: advertisements: The headmaster of a school should be a man of sound morale character, an able administrator, an efficient organizer, competent manager and a role model for his students and society. (f) Strong motivation in doing any work. He takes great interest in his work. Importance of a Headmaster:. (e) Free from anxiety, conflicts and mental tension. (h) Knowledge of child growth and development, (i) Sense of systematic and planned work. Please follow and like.

It will be academically suicidal if he tries to be a pale copy of a general administrative officer, rather than to be the all-important leaders of education. He is very noble and essay on an ideal headmaster honest. He is the organizer, leader, governor, business director, teacher, coordinator, friend, philosopher and guide. (g) Good exposition and expression. The headmaster should form a committee for the purchase and maintenance of equipment. (b) Optimistic and hopeful in nature and approach. He teaches us nicely that we follow whatever he teaches. An ideal headmaster recognizes that a good organization is an arrangement of persons, wherein its members may work effectively, economically and harmoniously together to achieve a common purpose.

Essay On Our Principal For School Students

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