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Play observation child development essays

play observation child development essays

Cognitivedid the child participate in problem solving, creativity, and/or interpretation of events, did the child demonstrate the ability to store and retrieve information in memory? Child B drew play observation child development essays a paper plate face and was able to add features independently, using correct colours and names. She was very friendly to everybody and didnt cause any trouble with the other children. She works well with others, and as they were playing, she was able to work with other players to get through the drill. Enjoys being read to and looking at books Understands the concepts of in and out, off and on Points to three body parts when asked Says No Asks for something by pointing and using sounds or words Imitates animal.

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(see Goswani, 2011) Freud believed normal childhood development is subject to successful completion of these stages. Sara looked up and then smiled. I have noted barriers that play observation child development essays might be holding back this child s development, such as speech delay. Child, observation specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, faustine is 3 feet tall and she weighs 41 pounds according to my Aunt. Although I did not witness any wrong doing during my observations at the day-care centre, I felt that it is paramount important that one needs to be encouraged to use anti-oppressive practices when working with children and families, in settings such as day-cares and nurseries.

During my third observation, I observed number of factors which I taught were crucial in child development. By the age of three, children can already kick, throw, jump and climb things such as ladder. And while early reinforcements may help children learn some phrases, its the adults who influence childrens language development through interaction. She is able to express herself well and communicated well throughout the observation. Thus, theoretical knowledge is the key to effective intervention and good assessment when assessing children in need and their families. This gave me an opportunity to observe her in naturalistic setting. She is not chubby nor way too skinny. She would jump from one area to the next and forget where she had previously left her toys, and on some occasions, she even forgot that we were still watching her because she was to entranced in her own activities. (1995) Anti-oppressive practice: Social care and the law, Buckingham and Philadelphia: Open University Press.

For example, she kept jumping from kids to kids not realizing that they were in the middle of play with her. She is a balanced bilingual and can speak Vietnamese and English fluently. She walks over to her dad and gives it to him. For this observation, I used a time sampling method over a time period of one hour to observe a 2 year old during free flow play in a day care. In general, I have noticed that Child C does not talk, and when he does, it is quiet mutters of words. (1997) From Birth to Five Years: Childrens Developmental Progress, London: Routledge. So what is normal child development? When I enquired how Sara learned these, objects, I was told she uses ipad at home. Word count: 2566 Avan,.I.

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This observation was carried out within a Nursery school environment and the target child was 3 years old throughout the duration of this observation. According to Lev Vygotsky and his social learning theory, children use private speech (The internal dialogue that occurs when people talk to themselves, either silently or out loud (The Developing Person Through the Lifespan) to review, decidem and explain events to themselves. Languagedid the child express herself/himself in a way that was meaningful and interpreted by others, did the child interact verbally and contribute to the play, did the child use vocabulary that was typical or more advanced for her/his developmental age? Over the period of around one month, I was able to identify that Child Two is developing extremely rapidly and accordingly with reference to general norms and milestones of children aged 12 to 18 months. She nods her head and gets up and runs back to the field with her ball. Throughout this observation, I witnessed that Child Threes attitudes towards language are not of the expected norms, as unlike the other children around the similar age were shouting words, able to point to areas on the face. Sara was playing with her peers away from where I was. I saw this in Faustine because she rarely needed us for anything while she was at the park and she liked to explore and learn things on her own like how to work the equipment. The age range for this stage is five to twelve years and this is the stage where Children become more aware of themselves as ey work hard at being responsible, being good and doing it right (m). His theory suggested that children do not necessarily learn from their care givers and peers or experience, instead, they actively construct knowledge and experience through interacting with the world and reflecting on these experiences. I have also commented that the ethical dilemmas I have faced whilst observing. By the age of six, children can skip, climb trees and over things, and catch a ball (uofmchildrenshospital.

She passed and shared the ball with other children as well. She was laying on the grass picking up a flower. Child C (3) language Pays attention to a short story and answers simple questions about it YES NO Hears and understands most of what is said at school YES NO Uses sentences that give many details YES. I would recommend a speech therapist or a general consultation from the child s GP to his parents as the child does not make much of an attempt to speak to others and contribute, which. And finally, issues of ethics and anti- oppressive practises will be discussed. Clearly, Sara used language to label objects of interest to her. Every day I observed my own children but I rarely give a second thought about such observations. Abigail has a very typical vocabulary for a child her age.

By observing this child, I have gained insight into the child s strengths, weaknesses interests and skills. Child A showed the capability of the usual cognitive milestones usually shown by a two year old child and has a wide understanding of words and phrases when spoken. (2009) Child Development : Theory and Practice 0-11, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. I can state positively that Child B shows the signs of a confident child that is able to fulfil a variety of expectations of language development milestones within this age group, and I believe strongly that this child is developing. Where appropriate, I will also explain my role of scaffolding these children. Child Three does not try to say words but continues to murmur and grunt and does not interact with words with other children, which has shown an impact upon his social development as no children approach Child Three physically. The experiences children have within their early years settings work towards promoting their development, learning and their overall outlook on life. She ran through the park making friends with everyone she bumped into and she even went up to an extremely shy little girl and talked to her as if they have been best friends forever. I did not understand why Sara was not able to talk; I was comparing her with my son who was able to talk by the age of two.

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(2010) Review of the theoretical frameworks for the study of child development within public health, J Epidemiol Community Health, vol. I observed that Faustine is a very healthy and fit child. Like Sigmund Freuds psychosexual theory, also suggests that children develop through series of stages, namely; sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operational and formal operational periods (see (Doherty and Hughes, 2009 for more details). He further, believed that childrens parents, teachers and peers are crucial to their cognitive understanding (Daniels, 2011: 673). I do not believe there are any deviations of the norms of cognitive development and that no concerns are in place for this child. She liked to dig in the sand to find pebbles and other small objects. Paiget believed that childrens development is marked by qualitative differences in their thinking as they grow up (Miller, 2011: 653). Faustine used to look like a very chubby baby with a large head and stubby limbs but shes grown up now to be very lean. Child Three (0-3 Years) language Milestones for 2 to 3 Year Olds Achieved? In common with anyone who is undertaking child observations, I was quite unsure where to start and how to conduct myself. Berk, (2006) Comments that behaviourist arguments cannot account for language development. I moved closer so that I could see and hear her better. Sigmund Freuds psychosexual theory suggests that children develop through series of stages, he named them as: oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital stages.

Good use of story language was evident and signs of progress as Child B was able to recollect the story from previous day. Faustines gross and motor skills are up to par with the skills of children her age. To my surprise at 10:29 am I heard and saw Sara saying something. Critical awareness and selfreflective has allowed me to re-examine my own values, and biases and as result I have gained basic knowledge of child development. Throughout my time in placement settings, I have observed a wide range of children from the age of 3 months to 11 years old. While Freud highlights the importance aspects of child development, critics would point out that his tendency to focus on sexual urges to explain his concepts. This perspective thus suggests that the process of desire and gratification in each stage defines the basis of personality formation and paves the way for the type of adult such personality would be later in life. Understanding how ones own behaviour and emotions impacts on services users is vital for the profession. Frick, P et al (2009) Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behaviour. And finally, I have stated how this observation boosted my understanding of child development and that not all children speak and grow up at the same rate and how the adverse effects such as speech delay can impact on normal child development. This good recollection of experiences and ability to retell a story to myself showed significant language development through taking part in conversations with adults. She loved to make friends and talk to all the children at the park but she did not realise that some of the children just wanted to be left alone of didnt like and but she kept persisting on making friends with them anyways. Faustine is not a shy girl.

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Child, a had pointed to the snack table and said food I told child, a not now, but later and child, a was able to understand these simple time concepts and continued to play. The ability to draw herself using correct colours such as identifying her own hair colour and eye colour and naming facial features independently shows recognizable progress within language development. Up to this point, I was not fully aware what child development was I remembered child development lecture play observation child development essays we have had at the University, and I recalled the terms selective mutism I asked myself whether Sara is in selective. Child B was able to talk in length and in great detail about her experience, using more advanced vocabulary such as Limousine which expressed her capability of understanding more words, phrases and sentences. In conclusion, in this essay I have stated that how child observation tasks I have undertaken has opened my eyes to the world of children. She is a little shorter than a lot of the six year old that she hangs out with and the ones in the park but I think that her height is in the normal range for kids her age. She was very curious about things around the park and would go exploring with the other children. Dalrymple and Burke (1995) states that social workers should seek knowledge, understanding and be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Observation of, child at, play, time: 6:04-6:38, location: School field/Playground, child : Abigail, 72 months, girl. For example, parents or staff at day-care centres or even a social worker abusing their power when dealing with children. Further intellectual sentences are observed, using correct terminology of lamb. I can also tell she eats healthy because for our trip to the park today, my aunt brought a container of fruits and a couple bottles of homemade fruit juice. Memory of children under age 7 is very weak but over seven, children memory have improved to the point where they can remember not only what happened, but where and when these things happened (m).

(Avan and Kirkwood, 2010). I have also talked about how anti-oppressive practice is vital when dealing with vulnerable service users, and those intend to work with children need to be made aware the statuary legislations that underpin child protection and Human rights. (Goswani, 2011: 673) Although Vygotskys theory relates to Piagets cognitive development theory, unlike Piaget he did not see children as solitary learners. In other words they have inborn human ability to learn. This essay seeks to critically evaluate my role as a child observer. She played soccer and had to follow rules and commands play observation child development essays placed by the coach. Tries to copy your sounds Understands many more words than he can say Understands simple directions and questions such as Where is your nose? Scaffolding refers to the particular kind of help, assistance and support that enables a child to do a task which they cannot quite manage on their own and which brings them closer to a state of competence that.

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Child B (3) language Narrative Interpretation Child B talked about being a Bridesmaid. Read, C (2005) Scaffolding Childrens Talk and Learning. Within this text, I shall be outlining six of the observations I have conducted over the past two years and explain the child in terms of their development, identifying areas where there are deviations of the expected norms of development. Comments and Reflections:. (2006) Chidl Development, Boston, USA: Pearson International edtion. I then observed Faustines psychosocial skills. I have also talked about how my understanding of child development was play observation child development essays very limited and the module contents and the child observations boosted my understanding immensely. She is very athletic and her social skills are very strong.

It also states that young children like to play with kids their age and of same social status. Using observations of children at play in your setting, evaluate how you would scaffold the childrens learning in the future and improve the quality of play. She was very coordinated. Leech-Riddall, S (2005) How to Observe Children. She threw a few balls here and there but she was unable to throw it very far or accurate.

It is therefore important that Social workers understand the process of human growth and how children such as Sara acquire language acquisition. From this observation, I was able to notice varied aspects of Child Cs development. Good relationship between social workers and services users are central to the effectiveness of good anti-oppressive practice. She displayed remorsefulness for her behavior and was able to get herself back under control. From what characteristics Child C was able to show, such as being able to pay attention to short stories and answer simple questions about them (usually yes or no answers hear and understand most of what. I did not know whether Sara talks or not, but to my ignorance I expected three and half years olds to speak at this stage. The observation and my ongoing learning of aspect of human growth module allowed me to become aware of positions of power and how such power can impact child development. When Adult2 said its playtime Sara shouted and said something I understood as playtime unfortunately, Sara did not say a single word for the rest of the observation for this day. Visit m to see how we can help you! She then begins to kick a ball and turns when she hears she dad tell her to get with everybody else. Herr, J et al (2002) Creative Resources for Infants and Toddlers. I think that Faustine still need to learn about the feeling of other people.

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Sara has a delayed speech She replied. Other times she would run up to us just to blabber out a very nonsensical sentences and run off and other times she would just run up to the other children and make conversation with them. I was particularly more play observation child development essays concerned about the ethical issues of not informing Sara about the observation. Emotional behaviordid the child express emotions. (Doherty and Hughes, 2009: 5) There are a number of theories associated with child development ; behaviourism and nativists are two of them. She turns and looks at the coach and then runs to the side line and picks up her water bottle. Lev Vygotskys theories stress the fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition, as he believed strongly that community plays a central role in the process of making meaning (simplypsychology. Like Piaget, Vygotsky saw children as active learners in their own right, but believed that this needs access to rich and stimulating environment (Doherty and Hughes, 2009: 269) in light of what I have observed about Sara,. Child B was also very confident in retelling many personal experiences to both adults and her peers, along with the ability to retell stories from memory and through the use of pictures, such as drawing out the Three Little. She was also able to run at a speed typical of a 6 year old. A the age of 3 children can babble and pretend to read, by the age of five, children begin to read, talk, and write and by the age of six, a child has almost developed their language skills full (ed.

play observation child development essays

She was able to run and kick a ball without stumbling or falling on the ground. She was eager to get back to the playground to play with the other children every time we called her back to adjust her clothes or have her eat her snacks. She also discussed the weather during that day. Another weakness is that the theory seems to be Eurocentric and does not take into account none European cultures. (2011) The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Congitive Development, 2nd edition, Chichester, UK: Blackwell Publishing. From this observation, I was able to understand that Child A was developing normally as she was able to accomplish and show many areas of cognitive development of an average two year old child. Chomsky focuses on grammar and contends that it is, too complex to be directly thought to a child, even if such child is cognitively sophisticated (Berk, 2006: 355) These different views helped me understand more about children growth and their language development. Child B was able to identify her name from a story book. (2010) Social Work Perspectives On Human Behaviour, Maidenhead, Birkshire: Open Universtiy McGraw-Hill. References: Berk, L et al (1995) Scaffolding Childrens learning: Vygotsky and Early Childhood Education. I got my blood pressure taken, it went really tight but I didnt cry. It is recognised that play is a valuable and effective way of learning within the early years.

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10:20am Child A was able to point out a cat, a dog and a fish from a storybook I was reading. First, I begin a brief description of the child, i observed and the setting in which the observation took place. I ask Adult2 about Saras ability to speak. My role of scaffolding is to be the more knowledgeable other Vygotsky explained, as I provide the child was minimal assistance that they require to achieve and understand a concept. Faustine and the other children did a lot of sociodramatic playing where they would stand on top of the play equipment and pretend to be pirate by scoping out the sea and using the slide when they want other children to walk the plank. For example the child was not told that I will be observing her. The ability to recognize and spell her own name is another step within language development. Get help with your essay play observation child development essays today from our professional essay writers! However, Sara demonstrated difficulty with simple instructions such as put your shoes on or take your coat off and she found difficult to consistently follow simple instructions, but she was able to repeat phrases such as lets go and. 09:40am, child, a had lifted one of the staff members observation book, Child A was told to put the book back on the table in which they completed this action, showing understanding of this sentence. I also observed functional play.

She then show more content, she was not very emotional but did test the waters with her dad. (2011) The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Congitive Development Chichester, UK: Blackwell Publishing. Evaluation: After evaluating my observation, I feel that Abigail fall in Mildred Partens stages of social play, as cooperative. She was also able to follow multistep directions. He believed a child becomes fixated if any of these stages are not completed. She then runs to the other players and proceeds to tickle the little boy next to her. Using a range of fully completed observations from placements (six in total evaluate how you would improve the childrens learning experiences. Similarly, understanding theories of language development can help us identify how children such as Sara develop their own language and communication skills. Org Faustine is in the Competence Stage (Industry. Furthermore, while this perspective emphasis on nurturing through reinforcement, in contrast, nativist proponent such as Noam Chomsky would argue that children have their own way of learning language without being reinforced by play observation child development essays adults.

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(1994) Infant and child observation as preparation for social work practice, Social Work Education vol., vol. Because I have learned something I knew, but did not realise that I knew. 10:30am At snack time, Child A was able to choose a fork rather than a spoon to use to eat chicken curry. In one occasion, I observed Sara naming shapes. Yes/No Pays increasing attention to speech No Responds to simple verbal requests No Responds to no Yes Uses simple gestures Yes Babbles with inflection (changes in tone) Yes Says dada and mama No Tries to imitate words Yes. According to our textbook, The Developing Person Through the Lifespan, Faustines physical growth is normal. I observed that Saras playing skills were far better than her speaking ability. However, knowing whats normal and whats not is crucial in understanding child development as there are wide variations among the normal children in the rate of language acquisition (Sheridan, 1997). Described her dress as being beautiful and that she was in a Limousine. Child B talked about her experience at the hospital. Next I attempt to show my understanding of normal child development, and aspects that can disrupt normal child development. In contrast to Piagets view, Lev Vygotsky Socio-cultural theory (1978) (see Goswani, 2011: 673) suggested that childrens social interactions with important figures such as parents can have positive impact on their developing. 10:00am Child A was given a sorting toy which had spaces to place different shaped objects.