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Essay prevention is better than cure

essay prevention is better than cure

This gives them time to solve any unseen problem that might occur during the process of their work. To Minimize the Rate of Crimes. Health education in school must be part of education system, seminar for adults or promote through celebrity on television Adadvertises on public place or reward for. Let us conclude the explanation with a famous" by Benjamin Franklin, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we know that something with the passage of time might become dangerous, then it is better to take a precautionary step to combat the danger. To Prolong the Longevity of Valuable Assets.

Essay on, prevention is better than, cure for Students

A large amount money used in to develop cure and treatment and discovery of vaccination. The proverb Prevention is better than cure insists that it is better to take appropriate measures before the commencement of a problem than after it has already ensued. There is no need to gamble on your success if you do your studies appropriately on time. Children bred on noble virtues, turn into responsible citizens and heartily contribute towards the nations development and peace. Overall:.0, task Response: 4 responds to the task only in a minimal way or the answer is tangential; the format may be inappropriate (the essay only has 214 words) presents a position but this is unclear (very weak conclusion). Coherence and Cohesion: 4 presents information and ideas but these are not arranged coherently and there is no clear progression in the response uses some basic cohesive devices but these may be inaccurate or repetitive (on other, handon. For example, H1N1 is spread from monkey to human if we proper diagnosisdiagnose first we find it we stop to spread in human or tuberlocisistuberculosis in Germany. With other objects too, appropriate precautions can save a lot of money and resources. But with the help of prevention, one can avoid many disasters, complexities, confusion and destruction. A student, despite not being proficient in a particular subject, can do well, provided that knowing his areas of weakness he puts in extra effort beforehand.

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I strongly believe that prevention is best cure in todays world all the person in should starting thinking about it without wasting money on cure. Even in the case of other diseases, early detection helps in taking better preventive measures. If we prevent them to spread it will essay prevention is better than cure be easily. After all, we have only one life, and we must find ways to make it better for ourselves as well as those around. The first sentence is very unclear, and the word choice is also inappropriate in a writing context. We can check ourselves from doing something by thinking about the outcome (that can happen because of our negligence) first and then take appropriate action. If the elders of a family take an active role in educating their children about the importance of being humble and kind, our society should never suffer from such a consequence. But generally all the confusion arises when you study only during exam. Prevention means to avoid and cure means to correct anything that is troublesome or detrimental. Lots of spelling and punctuation faults are presented here. Thinking that the disease will get automatically cured or avoiding doctor may result in aggravation of the problem and raise expenses or even endanger your life. If you are a student, then you should study every day. Prevention IS better than cure, prevention is always better than cure.

Hence, the proverb is quite relevant when it comes to maintaining health and safety. In todays world disease increases day by day vice versa, cure also but it costs millions of dollars on health budget of country. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is healthier, cheaper and happier than curing any critical illness. For example, H1N1 is spread from monkey to human if we proper diagnosis first we find it we stop to spread in human or tuberlocisis in Germany. Hence, to evade such accidents, it is wise to switch off the fan, while an AC. Lubricating a ceiling fan is easier and cheaper than rewinding a burnt fan. And if some is sick they must diagonics properly. No man is perfect and we all commit mistakes. Lexical Resource: 5 uses a limited range of vocabulary, but this is minimally adequate for the task may make noticeable errors in spelling and/or word formation that may cause some difficulty for the reader (vaccinationvaccines, diagonicsbe diagnosed, diagnosisdiagnose, tuberlocisistuberculosis). For example, if you focus on the market you can save yourself from financial catastrophe by perceiving the future losses. Troubles or problems can be averted or made mild by prevention. The ideas are also either underdeveloped, or arent arranged coherently.

I believe that we used start thinking alternatives such as preventing them and health education. Also, three vital factors time, effort, and money can be considerably saved. Prevention is Better Than Cure, to Avoid Diseases, nowadays, we can keep away from many diseases ranging from, a common cough and cold to diabetes, by following a healthy lifestyle that stresses on imbibing balanced diet and regular exercise along. The best ways it to eliminate for bad habitathabits such as wash our hands while eating, to or stop, smoking and drinking. In fact, Prevention is better than cure is one of the most common and popular proverbs. Instead, they finish their work before deadline. Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 4 uses only a very limited range of structures with only rare use of subordinate clauses (attempted to use while and if but the structure is faulty) some structures are accurate but errors predominate. But, do we ever invest a moments thought to find the right preventive step to lessen or stop them? Every action should be measured carefully because solving the problem will be more time-consuming and more painful compared to taking precaution. They never wait for the deadline to approach to start their work. Even a terrible ailment like aids can be avoided by adopting specified preventive measures such as embracing safe sex, etc.

Prevention is better than cure

When you ignore your study in the early stages, then you end up working hard during your examinations and risk your success. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Similarly, you should immediately go to a doctor and start your treatment, if there are certain visible symptoms of a disease, before getting diagnosed with that disease. (Band.0), in todays world disease increases day by day vice versa, cure also but it costs millions of dollars on health budget of country. Imbibing values in our children from an early age is, therefore, a vital deterrent that can effectively aid in reducing criminal tendencies in youths. Model Essay 1: (Agreement) In this world, many people are dying from various types of health related problems due to the lacking of appropriate health education and preventive actions. That is why a government should expend a huge amount of money from health budget for cure-related education. Home Free Essays Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Once geting a serious disease, everything becomes nothing immediately. So I agree with the point that Prevention is better than cure.

In effect, any conceivable intertemporal allocation of the finite stock will inevitably end up with universal economic decline at some future point. (1974) PDF fourth mansions (1969) PDF nine hundred grandmothers (1970) PDF NOT TO mention camels (1976) PDF okla hannali (1972) PDF past master (1968) PDF THE reefs OF earth (1971) PDF space chantey (1968) PDF strange doings (1972) PDF. The Sun (2016 moD policy is that its teams must obtain information from potential suppliers on bribery, corruption or misconduct and decide whether to essay prevention is better than cure exclude them from bidding. Andrews anthology famous utopias (1901) PDF anonymous NON-fiction THE kybalion (1908) PDF onania, OR THE heinous SIN OF self-pollution (1723) PDF secret societies OF THE middle ages (1837) PDF fiction THE hasheesh eater (1856) html anthologies THE evening standard. "Finding aid for the Watts Riots records 0084".

Research is costly but it allows medical professionals to find cures and control the spread of illnesses in the future. Phil Ochs ' 1965 song "In the Heat of the Summer most famously recorded by Judy Collins, was a chronicle of the Watts Riots. (1947) pdrmine templeton kavanagh fiction darby ogill AND THE good people (1903) PDF marvin kaye anthologies masterpieces OF terror AND THE supernatural (1985) PDF weird tales (1988) PDF allan keller NON-fiction thunder AT harpers ferry (1958) PDF david. The act of right living makes everything possible. A firsthand account of conditions during the economic collapse was told by Dmitry Orlov, a former ussr citizen who became a US citizen but returned to Russia for a time during the crisis.

essay prevention is better than cure

Prevention, is, better, than, cure, essay, example for Free 2) - Sample 359

John fiction THE arctic crusoe (1875) PDF THE blue dwarf (1870) PDF THE SEA OF ICE (1859) PDF THE snow ship (1866) PDF THE three days OF february 1848 (1848) PDF THE trappers bride (1845) PDF bram stoker. Let us conclude the explanation with a famous" by Benjamin Franklin, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the first quarter of 1933, the banking system broke down : asset prices had collapsed, bank lending had largely ceased, a quarter of the American work force was unemployed, and real GDP per capita in 1933 was 29 below its 1929 value. Many new diseases have developed over the years. Ralph Waldo Emerson, " Self-Reliance Nikolas Kompridis, "Struggling Over the Meaning of Recognition: A Matter of Identity, Justice or Freedom?" in European Journal of Political Theory July 2007 vol. Cure is a solution for the danger or evil which has already engulfed him. Rustin, Bayard (March 1966). We know that bad habits once acquired are difficult to be shaken off. 2) Conflict Perspective Definition and Meaning: The conflict perspective definition according. At the beginning of the 20th century, Los Angeles was geographically divided by ethnicity, as demographics were being altered by the rapid migration from the Philippines (then-.S. 3 PDF gordon. Diet Rite is the first sugar-free soda introduced. Dashar NON-fiction THE revolutionary movement IN spain (1934) PDF basil davenport anthology invisible MEN (1960) PDF avram davidson fiction THE best OF avram davidson (1979) PDF mutiny IN space (1964) PDF THE other 19TH century (2001) PDF vergil.

It is wise to prevent a disease rather than trying to cure it once it has already affected a person. 40 The Hughes brothers film Menace II Society (1993) opens with images taken from the riots of 1965. Moore) (1948) PDF THE time axis (1948) PDF valley OF THE flame (1947) PDF THE well OF THE worlds (1952) PDF. Contract Creation and Management SimulationThe simulation begins in the middle of a major dispute between a software-developing company, Span Systems, and one of its customers, Citizen-Schwartz AG (C-S. It is an important gift by nature. Riots erupt in major American cities for several days afterward. Select rating Give"Prevention is better than cure. Hunter holly fiction THE running MAN (1963) PDF homer fiction THE illiad (Buckley translation, 1851) PDF THE odyssey (Pope translation, 1880) PDF robert hoskins anthology infinity four (1972) PDF geoffrey household fiction THE courtesy OF death (1967) PDF ivan howard. Korotayev, Andrey., Tsirel, Sergey. Film goddess Marilyn Monroe is found dead of an apparent overdose. Jowett translation) (1942) PDF THE republic (P. Adler fiction terror ON planet ionus (a.k.a. Home » Essays » Contract Creation And Management Simulation.

Argentine economic crisis (19992002) edit Main article: Argentine economic crisis (19992002) This section needs expansion. It is achieved through the application of multiple strategies; it is an ongoing process that must relate to each emerging generation. After all, the human life is more valuable than money. Free sociological analysis, essays essay prevention is better than cure and Papers - 123helpme Free sociological analysis papers, essays, and research papers. Lindner, Fabian (24 November 2011). When you ignore your study in the early stages, then you end up working hard during your examinations and risk your success. Daytime television and is the first soap opera to deal with an interracial relationship. By Admin in Essay 1 Comment Tags: article prevention is better than cure, essay contest, prevention better cure. A court remedy breach of contract can be lengthy, costly, and in the end no one wins.

Prevention is, better than, cure : An, essay, my, essay, point

Bertram chandler fiction THE alternate martians (1965) PDF alternate orbits (1971) PDF beyond THE galactic RIM (1963) PDF bring back yesterday (1961) PDF THE commodore AT SEA (1971) PDF contraband from otherspace (1967) PDF THE coils OF time essay prevention is better than cure (1964). Szymanski, Michael (August 5, 1990). Showed first 250 characters, custom essays: Order plagiarism free custom written essay. Jenkins) (1946) PDF THE mutant weapon (1959) PDF THE other side OF here (1955) PDF operation outer space (1954) PDF THE pirates OF ZAN (1959) PDF SOS from three worlds (1959) PDF space captain (1966) PDF space gypsies (1967). FOX fiction THE hunter OUT OF time (1965) PDF warrior OF llarn (1964) PDF george FOX NON-fiction autobiography (1909) PDF epistles (1831) VOL. Barnes fiction interplanetary hunter (1956) PDF james barnes fiction THE unpardonable WAR (1904) PDF.