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Etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation

etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation

1915 on the staff at the Bolus Herbarium. ( Etymological Dictionary of etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation Succulent Plant Names ; Trees and Shrubs of Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park; Tree Society of Zimbabwe) goldblattiana : for Peter Goldblatt (1943- South African-born Senior Curator. (Elsa Pooley) gordoniana : for Gordon King (fl. The name Leucospermum catherinae was published by Compton in 1933. ( Dictionary of National Biography ) gayana/gayanus : for (1) Jacques Étienne Gay (1786-1864 French civil servant and botanist, commemorated with Blainvillea gayana, and with the genus Gaya, which does not appear in southern Africa. This monumental work contains a great deal of original data about plants and their application, especially in the realm of medicine. In 1814 he went to France, Switzerland and northern Italy. He spent 28 years in northern China and survived attacks by Tibetan guerillas and other dangers such as having a bamboo spike completely pierce his foot. In 1850, and. Comm.) grisbrookii : for Charles Fleetwood Southey Grisbrook (1843-1902 son of Charles Hewson Grisbrook (1799-1876) who was an English medical practitioner and pharmacist who settled in South Africa and studied medicine under. Jackson wrote part of Flore de Madagascar.

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He had a son Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyrame de Candolle (1806-1893) and a grandson Anne Casimir Pyrame de Candolle (1836-1918) who were also botanists. Johann Reinhold Forster (1729-1798) of Halle University, German naturalist and Lutheran pastor who moved to England in 1766, author of A Catalog of British Insects (1770) and Observations Made during a Voyage round etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation the World (1778 elected. He has collected 150,000 specimens of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Australia, Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain, the.S., South Africa, the Canary Islands and Madeira. There is also an Indigofera cecilii, but I don't know about that one. He was a native of Spain like his contemporary Seneca, and was strongly influenced by his agriculturist uncle Marcus Columella.

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Demostracin mecánica de las enfermedades que produce el uso de las cotillas published in 1784 which was about "the health hazards inherent in the wearing of corsets." The Spanish botanists Hiplito Ruiz Lpez and José Antonio Pavon published the genus. Jackson says about the derivation of the name: "Unknown. He was perhaps best known as author of The herball or Generall historie of plantes (1597) including the first illustration of a potato. He was interested in a great number of subjects, but concentrated mainly on natural history and specializing on the invertebrates, butterflies, beetles, ants, spiders and other insects. Comm.; Etymological Dictionary of Grasses ) Curroria/currorii : for. New Family Tree Maker Options. There is another taxon named Vandenboschia frappieri, the type of which was collected in 1972 in Kenya. Beginning as an apprentice etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation pharmacist, he became an assistant to alpine flora specialist David Heinrich Hoppe, and then later worked as an assistant to bryologist and cofounder of the Regensburg Botanical Society Heinrich Christian Funck. Hugh Clarke provides the following: ".English baronet, antiquarian, archaeologist, artist and traveller. He collected plants, animals and minerals for sale in Europe, and was in close correspondence with Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlectendal, the Director ofthe Royal Herbarium of Berlin. ( Etymological Dictionary of Grasses ; jstor) comptoniana/comptonii : for Professor Robert Harold Compton (1886-1979 the second director of the National Botanical Gardens of South Africa.

Another Hopkins listed on the jstor list of plant collectors is the British entomologist George Henry Evans Hopkins, born in 1899, who just might have been a brother.C.F. Chaplin in South Africa in 1947, with no further information. He is also honored by the genus Neoglaziovia. If this is the case, it would explain why it should have a specific epithet with a femine (i.e. (jstor) coetzeei : for. (Wikipedia; jstor) gibsonii : for.

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Fleisch in 1901, was collected by and named for Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (David Hollombe, pers. The taxon that etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation bears this epithet is Brunsvigia josephinae. He was highly interested in economic plants, especially rubber. This epithet is a near anagram of Hafellner. One plant he discovered, Triceratella drummondii, while sitting down in the bush having lunch, then he was the next person to find it again, in the same place ten years later. He was several times declared to be bankrupt due to shady business dealings. He and his two sons bought a fruit farm in Natal in 1946 but sold it in 1957 and moved to the Vumba Mountains in what is now Zimbabwe.

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"South African railway worker, mountaineer, plant collector, and photographer. Hans-Dieter Ihlenfeldt (1932- German botanist, Professor of Botany at Hamburg, who conducted succulent plant research in South Africa, specialized in morphology and taxonomy of Mesembryanthemaceae and Pedaliaceae. Capensis ) in 1915. He was the Director from 1931 to 1958 of the Laboratoire de Phanérogamie of the Natural History Museum, Paris. He was a physician to the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa.

There is also a jstor specimen record for the holotype of Lithops dorotheae (which also states that it is synonymous with. He is one of the authors of the Medecina Aegyptiorum. The genus Culteria in the Fabaceae was published by German botanist Karl Sigismund Kunth in 1824. Mortonius, with no information as to its derivation. The taxon in question here is Parmelia grayana.

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The Cactus Art Nursery website also states that it commemorates 'Dorothea Eksteen.' However, a source I have found that appears to me to be authoritative is one devoted to Lithops called Flowering Stones, which states that the taxon was "collected. He was a member of the Royal etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Comm.; Wikipedia) gouanii : for Antoine Gouan (1733-1821 French botanist and professor of botany, correspondent of Linnaeus, authored the Hortus Regius Monspeliensis, the first French botanical book that followed the binomial nomenclature of Linnaeus. Galenia in the, aizoaceae was published in 1753 by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. (Wikipedia; CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ) homblei : for Henri Antoine Homblé (1883-1921 Belgian botanist and prolific botanical collector in tropical Africa, especially the Congo. Comm.) ehrenbergii : for (1) Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (1795-1876 German naturalist, zoologist, comparative anatomist, geologist and microscopist, and one of the most famous and productive scientists of his time, studied theology, medicine and natural science, author of the two-volume Symbolae. The jstor collector records list her. He settled in New Granada (present-day Columbia)." The genus Escallonia in the Escalloniaceae was published in 1782 by Spanish priest, botanist and mathematician Jos? Celestino Bruno Mutis after an initial description by Carl Linnaeus the Younger, and was later. 1996 British succulent plant enthusiast of Guernsey, commemorated with Gibbaeum johnstonii. She is thewidow of Tony Pooley, who was a game ranger and world authority on crocodiles. ( CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ).

Ekeberg trained as a chemist and physician and was a ship's doctor and expert navigator before becoming a captain, he was the author of Voyages aux Grandes-Indes dans les années, and was elected a fellow of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. Evelynae : for the mother of the author Reinhold Conrad Muschler, named Evelyne, commemorated with Senecio evelynae. This became known as the Four Color Problem, and remained one of the most famous unsolved problems in topology for more than a century, until it was eventually proven in 1976 using a controversial computer-aided proof which was lengthy and inelegant. He taught many years at the Agricultural Institute in the Ecole Polytechnique and at the University of Lisbon, and ended his academic career studying phanerogams at the National Museum of Natural History of France. Images of St James tend to show him as an older man with grey or greying hair, somewhat unkempt. . ( Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names ) Chenia : for Ch?n Bngji? (Chen Pan Chieh) (1907-1970 Chinese bryologist, who described the Asiatic species of the family Pottiaceae, author of Studien iiber die ostasiatischen Arten der Pottiaceae (1941. Whose pronunciation should we choose? He was from Spain and travelled and collected plants in South America. The taxon Peristrophe gillilandiorum was published in 1985 by Professor Kevin Balkwill. John Hutchinson (1884-1972 British botanist and plant collector. (All You Wanted to Know About Haworthias) ellaphieae : for Johanna Ellaphie Ward-Hillhorst (1920-1994 cartographer, freelance commercial artist and botanical artist especially of succulents. ( Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names ) gessertianum : for.

In southern Africa are also the taxa Aridaria herbertii and the former taxa Lithops herbertii (now. There is also a Lobelia dortmanna or dortmanni which does not exist in southern Africa but also named for this same apothecary ( English Naturalists from Neckham to Ray by Charles Raven, 1947, 2010; CRC World Dictionary. Had a particular interest in orchids, continuing the work of Charles Frappier." so I don't think we have the full etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation picture here yet. CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names caesia : for Federico Cesi (Fridericus Caesius) (1585-1630 Italian botanist, microscopist and supporter of Galileo, discovered that ferns have spores. 1993 wife of Ralph Peckover, South African succulent plant enthusiast, commemorated with Brachystelma christianeae and Tenaris christianeae.

During his travels he was partly accompanied by some young assistants who were to help him with the description and drawing of plants and animals (he collected fishes too!). ( CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ) gerstneri : for Father Jacob Gerstner (1888-1948 Bavarian botanist and Roman Catholic missionary, first collector of Aloe gerstneri in Zululand in 1933. Ingenhousz was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1779." The genus Ingenhoussia in the Fabaceae was published in 1835 by German botanist Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer. Peter MacOwan in the 1887 Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society referred to him as "the perfidious Grubb." Interestingly, a short entry on Michael Grubb and the East etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation India Company on the website of the Bergius Botanic. He had a Buddleia which was the first one of its species to bloom in the British Isles, and he had some 40 species and cultivars of Kniphofia and numerous Begonias and Pelargoniums. ( Etymological Dictionary of Grasses ; Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists and Horticulturists ) gregoriana : for Neil MacGregor of Nieuwouldtville, Merino sheep farmer and authority on Namaqualand flowers who gives tours on his farm called Glen Lyon, commemorated with Gethyllis gregoriana. 63) Duchesnea : for Antoine Nicholas Duchesne (1747-1827 French horticulturist, agronomist and botanist, a pioneer in hybridization at the Royal Gardens at Versailles, author of L'Histoire des Frasiers, first to conduct an in-depth taxonomic study of the genus Cucurbita. James instruction to examine all plans to see if they meet Gods will. . He was a Member of Parliament for Liverpool, the first President of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, and Lord Mayor of Liverpool from.

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1910, probably the same person. He conducted plant experiments at the Oxford Botanical Garden and his name is on the herbarium there. He was succeeded by his nephew Carl Julius Fintelmann. David Hollombe adds this: "Signing a document as a witness in November 1763, he gave his age as 43 which would make his birth year around 1720. Boehmii ) was collected by.

Morris, but this is the publication in which Wight and Arnott published the genus Hewittia, and perhaps. 1914 South African teacher and mesembryanthemum collector who often accompanied Kurt Dinter, commemorated with Euphorbia friedrichiae and Conophytum friedrichiae. ( Australian Dictionary of Biography ) Cunonia : for Johann Christian Cuno (1708-1780 German naturalist and horticulturist who published a book of verse about his garden in which many exotic plants were growing. Ecklon to grow plants. (Gunn Codd) Fuchsia : for "Leonhart (Leonhard) Fuchs (15011566 German physician and botanist. This is still confusing since some references are etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation to Mrs. The genus Grossera in the Euphorbiaceae was published in 1903 by German botanist and entomologist Ferdinand Albin Pax. She spent much of her life in the Orange Free State, obtaining.

The genus Jacquesfelixia in the Poaceae was published in 1964 by Canadian botanist James Bird Phipps. He collected Lithops gulielmi in Namaqualand. Pulverulenta and can be presumed to have been etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation honored by these names. Jackson; ipni) fergusoniae : for Mrs. Crook) (1913-1992 South African agrostologist, Technical Assistant in the Division of Botany, Pretoria, author of Grasses of Southern Africa, commemorated with Pentaschistis chippindalliae.

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Hornschuchiana : for Christian Friedrich Hornschuch (1793-1850 German botanist, student of bryophytes, associate professor then full professor of natural history and botany, and director of the botanical gardens at the University of Greifswald, co-author of Bryologia Germanica (1823-1831 commemorated with. Ellenberger, and was born in Lesotho and died in Johannesburg. CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ; Wikipedia caldesia : for Ludovico Caldesi (1822-1884 Italian botanist, politician, mycologist, naturalist, and member of Parliament. ( The Names of Plants ) caroli-henrici : for Karl Heinz Rechinger (1906-1998 Austrian botanist, son of botanist Karl Rechinger (1867-1952 Professor of botany at the University of Vienna, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and. Comm.) : the m and the Paghat's Garden website imply that both the generic and specific epithet here are named for. He made a fortune as a merchant in the West Indies and lived for years in Holland. The genus Ekebergia in the Meliaceae was published by Danish botanist, zoologist and physician Anders Sparrman in 1779. Gesineae but given the commonness of the name 'Brown I hesitate to assign them. Keet is commemorated with the taxa etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation Psoralea keetii, Erica keetii, Searsia (formerly Rhus ) keetii and the former taxon Bobartia keetii, now synonymized. Smuts, botanist in Department of Agriculture, Iraq, worked at Kew and then botanist in charge of the East African Herbarium in Nairobi, collected extensively in tropical and southern Africa. He eventually became the deputy director of the museum from 1947 to 1950 and retired in 1956. The flowers of Commelina have two large showy petals and a single small petal, and according to Stearn supposedly the two large petals represented (at least for Linnaeus who adopted the name given by Plumier) Commelin senior and the. Andreas Dahl followed Claes Alströmer when he in 1785 moved to his estate Gåsevadsholm outside Kungsbacka, after that he had fallen into a bad economical predicament.

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13 of Flowering Plants of South Africa was dedicated to him. Comm.) goetzeanum/goetzei : for Walter Goetze (1872-1899 German naturalist, explorer, photographer and collector of botanical and zoological specimens in Tanzania, died of blackwater fever (a type of malaria) on a journey from Dar es Salaam to Lake Malawi. Pole Evans to the Magalakwin River in 1929. Other taxa that bear these names are Triumfetta dekindtiana, Euclea dekindtii (now. (Wikipedia; jstor; Gunn Codd) Gasparrinia : for Guglielmo Gasparrini (1804-1865 Italian botanist and mycologist, etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation professor of plant anatomy and morphology at the University of Pavia 1857 to 1861, professor of botany at Naples and Director of the Botanical Garden of Naples 1861 to 1866. His special interest was phychology (study of algae). There was a Miss Hildagonda Johanna Duckitt (1840-1905 who was the sixth child of Frederick Duckitt and his wife Hildagonda Johanna Versfeld, who was in turn the great-grandniece of Christiaan Hendrik Persoon. Derenberg was also commemorated with the species Anisodontea julii, as well as Cheiridopsis derenbergiana and Ebracteola derenbergiana. De Boer, not surprisingly commemorated with Lithops gesineae. He collected plants in Eritrea in and authored two works relating to the expedition, a book, Flore de l'le de Diss?e (mer Rouge) (Red Sea) (1863) and a paper Observations topographiques et medicales recuillies dans le voyage.

Jackson) cholnokyi : for Béla Junö Cholnoky (1899-1972 Hungarian algologist and professor of geography at Budapest, lecturer in botany at Pretoria University, specialist in diatoms, died in South Africa. Carsonii ) and Acalypha homblei (now. He is also commemorated with the taxon Anenome fanninii, which he first collected in 1863 at his farm in Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal. (Elsa Pooley) daltonii : for (1) Nick D'Alton, commemorated with Lobostemon daltonii which he brought to the attention of the plant name author Matt Buys who etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation named it for him for his "friendly assistance during many visits to his. He died of malaria while on an expedition. He wrote Volumes 5-7 of Robert Sweet's British Flower Garden, and was the brother of Scottish botanist and plant collector George Don (1798-1856) who collected in Africa and elsewhere. He was an accomplished and prolific plant collector and was also interested in physics and meteorology, but his book The Mechanism of the Universe, was not a success. They were solving the practical problem of how to send documents that could be understood across the King's realm in 1421. What the specific epithet means or refers to I don't know, and it is the only taxon that has. Sonder of Hamburg of the first three volumes of Flora capensis from. I have been unable to determine any reason why this genus should have been named for this individual.

Tenuifolium ) being collected with no date in South Africa by. Charles Leslie Scott (1913-2001 who named Haworthia joeyae in 1995. Josephine (Jo) Beyers, assistant curator of the Compton Herbarium, commemorated with Felicia josephinae. Dolomiticum Chapmanolirion juttae (now Pancratium tenuifolium Aloe juttae (now. (Wikipedia; jstor) forsteri : for Prof. He is also commemorated with the taxa Aloe hardyi, Orbea hardyi and Cyphostemma hardyi. Tortuosum ) were named in his honor. The original announcement doesnt mention what tool users should now use. Abyssinica ) and Tiliacora johannis (now synonymized. They went with egg and shoes, and we've followed them ever since. Comm.) Cliffortia : for George Clifford (1685-1760 a rich Anglo-Dutch financier and a Director of the Dutch East India Company who was also a keen horticulturist. She played hockey for Northern Transvaal, and is commemorated with Merxmuellera guillarmodiae.

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He is commemorated with Psorotichia hassei. Johann Heinrich Cassebeer (1785-1850 German botanist, bryologist and geologist. (Gunn Codd) harmsiana/harmsii : for Hermann August Theodor Harms (1870-1942 a German botanist and taxonomist who revised the genus Nepenthes, professor at the Prussian Academy of Sciences, editor of Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler's Pflanzenreich ( The Vegetable Kingdom. ( CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ) Casimiroa : many sources including Umberto Quattrocchi's CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names, Gledhill's The Names of Plants,.W. ( Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names ) haegarthii : for Walter Jacques Haygarth (1862/1863-1950 an engineer, draughtsman and plant collector who worked with John Medley Wood. ( CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names ; Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names ; PlantzAfrica; Hugh Clarke) : for (1) Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911 great British botanist and explorer. She is commemorated with Disperis fanniniae, Streptocarpus fanniniae, and the former taxa Disa fanniniae (now. In 1747 he became professor of medicine at the University of Tübingen and director of the universitys botanic gardens. Comosum which Deas also collected in 1915. Rudolf Marloth's book The Flora of South Africa (1915) says that Hessea is "Named after the Rev. Noms de famille prénoms, dictionnaire des noms de famille écrire un nom choisir une option : dictionnaire étymologique des noms de famille de France, a B, c D, e F,. (jstor) gratiae : for Grace Violet Britten (1904-1987 botanical assistant at the Albany Museum Herbarium at Grahamstown, and enthusiastic cultivator of indigenous plants, especially succulents. Hydrodea hampdenii was described from living material sent to the British Museum by Rev.

(Gunn Codd) ernstii : for Ernst Jacobus van Jaarsveld (1953- collector and horticulturist first at Lowveld Botanic Garden in Nelspruit and then at Kirstenbosch, co-author of Gasterias of South Africa (1994 Flowers of Southern Africa (1995 Cotyledon and Tylecodon. Hugh Clarke adds: "In 1781, he joined the family counting house Hibbert, Purrier and Horton involved in the shipping and distribution of slave-produced goods, etymological dictionary family christian names essay their derivation particularly sugar from Jamaica. In 1793 he undertook a mission to the United States to collect botanical specimens and, more importantly, to carry metric measurements to the new American government, measurements which if he had been able to deliver them might have made. He undertook 10 expeditions to Madagascar and also travelled to the Andes, north and east Africa, and the Congo. (jstor) Guthriea/guthriei : for Francis Guthrie (1831-1899 the South African mathematician and botanist who first posed the Four Color Problem in 1852. Johnston and Senator, Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Henry Clay. He began his education in law, receiving his baccalaureate degree in 1859, and at that time a degree course in law included subjects like chemistry, physics, mineralogy, zoology, botany and agriculture, which certainly influenced his already existing interest in scientific studies. The genus Dielsia in the Restionaceae was published in 1904 by German botanist Ernest Friedrich Gilg. She is commemorated with the former Rhynchosia jacottetii (now. Henderson in South Africa in 1917.