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Who see a life of parental employment reduction and low wages. Three types of questionnaires were prepared, one for collecting information from at least hundred families in each area…..
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Essay on malnutrition in children

essay on malnutrition in children

These deficient diseases are more common in the developing world due to widespread poverty and food insecurity. In Goa, Delhi, and Punjab the poverty rates are low but in Calcutta and Maharashtra nearly 50 of the people live below the poverty line. If the family is willing to work they should not go hungry. Retrieved 03:10, May essay on malnutrition in children 28, 2019, from. There is no doubt that jack foods are processed food, ready to eat. There are other numerous diseases that are caused by lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Although poverty and food prices are also important factors, the level of information on implications of unhealthy eating habits is an important factor. Malnutrition still remains at alarming rate in the childhood in Mathare slums despite the fact that free food and free medical services are offered and this is the reason why the researcher is much concerned with the need. Health:is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being of a person but not merely absence of disease or infirmity. Divorced parents' children. To investigate the sources of information for the parents of malnourished children. People or families of low income household food it is not enough.

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The over indulgence of unhealthy junk foods which are deficient in essential nutrients such as vitamin, poor living conditions, malabsorption and inadequate access to nutritional education and information on healthy eating are some of the many factors that. Married parents children Each year, more than 1 million children experience the divorce of their parents. 9 Definition of terms Malnutrition : this is a state resulting from intake of nutrients. Both solid and liquid wastes are not properly managed. This study will there fore investigate the causes and impact and the commonest type of malnutrition affecting under five year old children in Mathare slums. Iron deficiency anemia often is caused by gastrointestinal bleeding and requires further investigation in most patients.

61 of children are dying from diarrhea and 52 of children are dying from pneumonia. Promotion of physical education in school and encouraging children to essay on malnutrition in children involve themselves in physical exercises such as playing sport, walking a dog or riding a bicycle should be a top priority. Essay, topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Due to the large number of children with nutritional imbalance condition, the resultant health complication in the future may be overwhelming to the national health systems. The dietary imbalance in children as a result of junk food is very event in the American society today (French, et al, 2001).

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The world is centered on money and that is something that will never change but with proper policies and certain efforts there can be relief in malnutrition. In order to see success this implementation needs to be produced in large quantities and widely available. It is important to note that the world health organization maintains that malnutrition and related complications is the most important health problem facing children in the world being the largest cause of child mortality globally, either directly or indirectly. With the unpredictability of weather crops may not grow and then these families suffer with even less. The researcher at the f this study will aim at making a way forward to the policy makers on how services delivery will be improved and how these malnourished children be handled and rehabilitated. This is a crucial part of proper nutrition and should never be compromised. Mothers are killing their babies without knowing. A) Diet One of the major causes of nutritional imbalance among children is the diet. This may be a time bomb since this creates a generation that will be faced with numerous health complications such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol and heart diseases (Dietz, 1998). Food should not be a privilege but rather a right. 2 Statement of the problem Causes and impact of malnutrition in under five year old children continues to be the major health problem in the world and in the nation (Kenya) particularly in Mathare slums and other similar. Using daycare, because daycare center take care of their children during parents working time.

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Consequently, the number of children suffering from nutritional deficiency and essay on malnutrition in children related health complication such as obesity, poor growth and development and diseases has increased significantly. The muddy environment where the research will be carried out makes moment difficult. The study could have been extended to below 12 years old as they are medically classified as pediatrics ( children ) but the researchers concern will be on children under five years old because they are the most vulnerable groups among the other children. Help, whether they do work or not, because parents want their children to learn education better than they can. With people suffering from sanitation disease is more prevalent and without proper nutrition the immune system is compromised causing the likelihood to catch a disease to increase. Is both a cause and a consequence of ill-health. 1st Bibliography Gulati A, Ganesh-Kumar, Shreedhar G, Nandakumar. The prevalence increases with age, approaching 50 percent in chronically ill patients living in nursing homes. 25 (12 182333 Hills,. The members will also be suspicious of the researcher who is a stranger in the area so may not volunteer information as required.

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Conclusion Over indulgence in unhealthy junk foods rather that inadequate food supply is the most important form of malnutrition among American children today. Today, most parents want a daycare center #. However, these media promotions and advertisement should be carried out carefully to avoid magnifying the already developing social stigma against overweight members of the society. With almost 220.1 million people living below the poverty line it makes it nearly impossible for many families to feed their children. This might be a challenge since there is no enough money for the research. There are inadequate resources for drinking increasing dehydration. Three months later he committed suicide due to depression. There is increasing evidence that even mild anemia is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

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With this example, poverty is a major world problem. We will write a custom essay sample on, malnutrition, among, children, in India specifically for you for only.9/page, order now, from the words of Frances Moore Lappe, Food has become a political weapon. This might make it insecure for the researchers. Other factors may include genetic makeup, medical and psychological factors as well as lifestyles. Doctors have confirmed that the parents are not feeding their children with the right food which resulting into nutritional imbalance. Malnutrition, quantifying the health impact at national and local levels, retrieved on August 18th 2010 from; http whqlibdoc. Children /child:an infant from 0-5 years old. The government of Kenya (GOK in concurrence with other non governmental organizations (NGOs) has donated food, taught people on how to achieve a balanced diet regardless of the low income, and improved nutrition education through antenatal clinics to ensure that children are well nourished. The lack of growth in agriculture has prevented any possible decrease in malnutrition. A common scenario of an uneducated mother trying to cure diarrhea is to remove solids from their childs diet, which only limits the nutrients needed to fight disease. Using the World Health Organization definition of anemia (hemoglobin level less than 13 g per dL (130 g per L) in men and less than 12 g per dL (120 g per L) in women more than. 3 pages, 1238 words, in 1994 Kevin Carter, a journalist posed a photo in his mail Pulitzer prize wining photo taken in Southern Sudan. It is the role of the government through the relevant agencies and department to implement nutritional education through a national education strategy to ensure that the general public is well informed on the good eating habits as well as the consequences.

essay on malnutrition in children