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Aqua marine park thesis

aqua marine park thesis

After drying, consolidate by completely immersing in a dilute solution of PVA or Acryloid B-72. Continue the process from spot to spot, or area by area. This is generally a successful method of removing iron stains from stoneware and earthenware ceramics although a small amount of the iron in the paste might be removed. Cotton - A vegetable fiber derived from lint on the cotton seed. Calcareous deposits are commonly removed with 10 hydrochloric acid and on some occasions by immersing in 5 edta, tetra sodium. Kunin, Robert 1958 Ion Exchange Resins. After using the cyanoacrylate, epoxy is flowed into the cracks with an artists brush to permanently glue the pieces. The technology we use for this processing is polymer technology - without the polymer. Benzene (very toxic, WM). When the water content becomes sufficiently high it is used for the preliminary rinse and fresh alcohol is used for the dehydration bath. Smithsonian Glycerin Treatment 59 glycerin (glycerol) 39 water 1 formaldehyde or 1 Dowicide 1 OR 25 glycerin 75 alcohol Immerse the artifact in the solution until the leather is pliable. This can be prevented by adding gluconic acid, sodium gluconate or sodium glucoheptanate, The gluconates act as rust inhibitors during any washing and continue to serve in this capacity during solvent dehydration, heat-drying or air drying.

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Pearson 1975a Investigation into methods for conserving iron relics recovered from the sea. This step is facilitated for sea-recovered cupreous objects aqua marine park thesis because the marine encrustation forms a cleavage line between the original surface and the encrustation. In the conservation of iron it is the pH that is most important. His scientific background covers management and business administration, focusing on the socio-economic aspects of agriculture, localised agri-food systems. PEG 540 Blend (equal parts of PEG 1450 and 300) is slightly hygroscopic and becomes moist at high humidity; for this reason the surface of the leather is sometimes sealed with a hard wax,.e., a mixture of 100. Limestone, marble, sandstone, etc.)- these can be quickly destroyed by acid treatments. The alkaline treatment has been very effective for conserving iron recovered from a marine environment. If iron still contains chlorides (theoretically it remains doubtful that all can be removed a humidity as low as 50 may have to be maintained. Iron conservation Aldaz,.,. They emphasize the reasons why marine shipwreck material should be processed by personnel familiar with the material culture and the alternative techniques of salvaging and preserving the maximum amount of data.

Thus North's recommendation should be ignored, but the precautions of not using a sodium carbonate electrolyte and using 5 sodium hydroxide instead of 2 sodium hydroxide for the first 2 or 3 baths when cleaning a large steel object with. Otherwise, this setup is a waste of time. Conservation sciences we feel, have a responsibility to seek out, define and refine tomorrow's technologies. Care should be taken, however, to avoid shorting the two terminals of the higher voltage power supplies against each other. When it comes to 18th-20th-century sites, we are on much more secure ground, for most, if not all, of the glass that might be found during this period was produced from a stable aqua marine park thesis glass formulation, and there. The treatment has also been successfully applied at room temperatures and using solvents such as isopropanol and any of the other alcohols which are less flammable. The acid end point is indicated by a color change form blue to clear. (Tech.) in polymer technology completed in 1995 at Helsinki University of Technology.

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"Deganguing" is an effective tool, that has been in use, to varying degrees for years, but it should be used judiciously when working with complex, heavily encrusted objects that may contain numerous other artifacts. This may require an hour to several days, during which time the solution should be stirred to keep the acid concentration evenly distributed. Removing the artifacts from this tough mass is analogous to removing objects from inside concrete blocks. Tap water is then replaced by deionized water, electrolysis is continued with 5 NaOH or lowered to 2 NaOH. The rubber keeps the objects separated and cuts down on the exposed copper, thus reducing the problem of copper plating on the silver. Fröberg-Niemi completed her doctoral dissertation in 2007 at the Process Chemistry Centre, Åbo Akademi University. After absorbing all the PEG solution, the wood is then frozen in a domestic freezer. At low current density electrolysis, little or no hydrogen is evident; however, the objective is to establish the electrode potential of the intersection of the discharge potential of hydrogen and the reduction potential of ferrous ions or immediately. Studies in Conservation, 27:185186. Basic success can be achieved using a glycerol treatment by using 10-40 glycerol mixed in 90-60 alcohol or water. Van Dienst, Elize 1985 Some remarks on the conservation of wet archaeological leather. Pergamon Press, New York.

Fe2 2CI- FeCl2 On exposure to air or solutions containing dissolved oxygen, the ferrous chloride oxidizes to ferric chloride and ferric oxide. In contrast, North (1987:225) states, "If mild steel tanks are being used on no account should these be made the anode, in the presence of Cl- ions, this causes corrosion particularly at weld lines and bends in the metal.". It is a major investment in both equipment and chemicals when a laboratory elects to get in the business of conserving large wood pieces. Extreme heat is generated. Christine Lang is also co-founder and head of belano, a scientific board of medical AG that focuses on the production and sales of microbiotic products for human health. The brownish colored, coarse grained unrefined sugar (Type A sugar) should be avoided for wood treated in it is much more hygroscopic than wood treated in refined, white sugar. In bronze disease the cuprous chlorides in the metal in the presence of moisture and oxygen are very unstable. It was decided to paint the surface of the cannon with a 20 tannin solution to form a corrosion-resistant ferric tannate film on the surface of the cannon. Moyer, Curt 1988 The Duco Dialogues. A 10-15 solution of hydrogen peroxide is used, as aqua marine park thesis with ceramics, to remove these sulfide stains. In fact, as much as 60 of the corrosion of iron in salt water can be attributed to bacterial action (Pearson 1972a:35). All archaeological leather conservation is preceded by washing to remove any ingrained dirt. Clark 1965 Casting and Molding.

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Air-oxidized artifacts occupy more volume than the original metal, and usually have obvious layers of ferric oxide scale. Although some use the tannic acid coating as the final step, I recommend that an additional sealant, such as microcrystalline wax, be applied over the oxidized tannate film for maximum protection. In all cases, be sure and follow the directions of the manufacturer on the recommended aqua marine park thesis hardeners, mixtures and thicknesses. Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects,. Eventually, the pot will break as a result of internal stresses. Chemical cleaning A number of chemical cleaning procedures are used for iron artifacts from non-marine environments with negligible chlorides present. All the PEG treatments can be satisfactory by themselves, but the treatments are considerably enhanced if taken through a freeze drying as the final step.

Conclusions/Summary of the work, list of Case studies, list of references/literature case studies for thesis research work. The following procedure is a modification of the "Compleximetric Titration of Chloride" as described in Volume 1 of Standard Chemical Analysis, edited. After establishing an electrode potential on an artifact, daily adjustment may be necessary to maintain the potential as the IR of the electrolyte drops with the addition of dissolved salts and the resistance of the metal and its corrosion products are altered. 1987c Onsite storage and conservation. Add drops of sulfuric acid (usually 18N for NaOH electrolyte, 9N for sodium carbonate electrolyte,.5N for water solutions) from the buret or with an eye dropper until an acid end point is reached. The latter two solutions can aqua marine park thesis be effective, but they are rather slow. When high current density electrolysis is used only in the last state of electrolysis, the metal corrosion products that are capable of being reduced have been reduced and it is less likely that they will be removed by the vigorous evolution hydrogen. So too are the new technologies that we can foresee in the near future. Cathode Contact One often wants to avoid attaching a clip to small silver pieces in order not to scratch the surface. MacLeod 1987 Corrosion of metals.

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The metals of antiquity, iron, tin, copper, lead, silver and gold are those which were recognized and intentionally utilized with consistent regularity to manufacture tools, weapons, ornaments, hardware and other paraphernalia. This will be accomplished by bringing together academics, researchers, stakeholders, policymakers, business representatives and the civil society across the bioeconomy sector to exchange knowledge, coordinate activities and discuss new actions. National Electric Code Standard 16 AWG, separation 2, 300V maximum rating insulated copper wire can be used. Unfortunately, this is the pH reading of concern. Hydrogen also combines with oxygen in the corrosion products, forming water which is driven off by the heat. In alcohol solutions, the leather has more overall strength during treatment. The clips also facilitate attaching and removing artifacts without unnecessary difficulty. Care should be taken not to remove traces of food, paint, pigments, and soot that is left on the interior or exterior surfaces. However, still electrolytic reduction is the treatment most often employed because of the possibility of reducing aqua marine park thesis some of the lead, tin, pewter corrosion products back to a metallic state.

A good rule of thumb is that less than 32 volts is not hazardous because the IR (current resistance) drop in the human body is such that little or no current would pass. Identification of Project site, the student has to identify a possible and suitable aqua marine park thesis site for the proposal where the conclusions and solutions can be carried out. Use of Deionized Water Normally the literature on conservation will recommend that all storage solutions be prepared with distilled or deionized water. She is a former president of the Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology and is the current chair of the Food Culture Society in southwest Finland. Work into shape, if necessary. However, in support of my recommendation he then goes on to say that when a rod is used as the anode in the barrel of a cannon, this does not apply, for the current will be concentrated in the. As mentioned above there are several types of PEG and each has its own characteristics. 1987d Conservation of ceramics, glass, and stone. In general, solvents are volatile and dry quickly. When possible, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment. For artifacts from a freshwater site, it may be the only treatment required; it being used to prevent any future corrosion or discoloration of the patina. 1973 Book Review of The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art.J. At the cathode, reduction takes place and hydrogen is evolved.

Forest-based bioeconomy Location: Änekoski / Time: Departing: 9 July, Train HelsinkiJyväskylä (departure.04, arrival.27) Returning: 10 July, Train JyväskyläHelsinki (departure.17, arrival.54) This excursion will take you to Änekoski, in central Finland. As mentioned above, any adhering encrustation or corrosion layers should be left intact until the objects are treated since they form a protective coating which retards corrosion. In general, intensive rinsing in water to remove the soluble salts followed by complete dehydration through a graded series of water miscible solvents, and consolidation with an appropriate resin aqua marine park thesis is all that is required. If one uses this setup, it can be improved by regularly repositioning the artifacts so that for the duration of the treatment, each object receives an average current. Consequently, corrosion is briefly e corrosion of metals can be discussed in terms of terrestrial environments with temperate, tropical, and desert subdivisions as well as aquatic environments with salt and fresh water subdivisions. In addition, chlorides and other anions are drawn from the specimen and migrate toward the positively charged anode by electrolytic attraction.

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Prior to treating any artifact, especially if encrusted with marine carbonates, have to be critically evaluated as to the probably metal, condition of metal, possible associated organic material and artifact of other material such as glass and ceramic. Polyurethane based paints or coatings are thermoplastic polymers that have many favorable attributes for serving as a protective coating on treated iron objects. There is also a number of setups that involve a number of different artifacts, each in its own vat, but all connected to a single power supply. When a specimen is very thin, fragile, has fine detail, or is nearly or completely mineralized, any acid treatment may be too drastic. Ellis 1961 The Preservation of Underwater Archeological Specimens in Plastic. If there are no conclusions at the moment, then enumerate the possible contributions of the work. Even though an alkaline electrolyte is used, acidic areas can form at the anode. ODonohue has coordinated several large projects focused on biorefining, including the FP7 flagship project biocore, which set out to design a multi-feedstock biorefinery concept. It is also one of the regions in the bioregio project financed by European Union. Terminal wires and clips. If mold is ever detected, treat by spraying the fabric with Dowicide 1 and correct the problem in the storage environment.