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Why is reputation important essay

why is reputation important essay

This is unfortunate because companies who do not manage how they are seen to why is reputation important essay some degree can be at the mercy of opinions that are not entirely accurate. They told him that "we judge you as the first of men in what happens in this life and in our interactions with the gods" (Johnston, par. Importance of, reputation, gilgamesh was a strong powerful leader who was more of God and stronger than any other king alive. At these scenes it was the lowest point of Othello and on the other hand, it was highest point to Iago who seemed secure in his complete triumph. His reputation as a leader who sought no fame but fought for whole his kingdom is a true characteristic of a selfless leader.

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Because of his reputation, he was unable to throw words on her in that situation. They may feel a certain way, but if they don't communicate it then it doesn't affect reputation. In the beginning of the play he is described as a great king and a ruler of the people of Thebes. The theme of jealousy, racial bias and deceitfulness is revealed in both the play and movie. At the end of the play Othello died while trying to keep his reputation. Desdemona is the last frontier between Iago and Othello, and Iago puts everything at stake to ruin her reputation. It is also essential to be concerned about a broader sphere that includes your employees, community members, competitors, and others. Reputation is very important to Shakespeare, and he shows that very clearly in "Othello: The Moor of Venice".

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The 'Epic of Gilgamesh' covers every aspect of great epic literature, that is fantastic geographies and exotic characters; tiresome quests and hard journeys; victorious battles with monsters, supernatural why is reputation important essay beings and natural forces. Reputation would bring about good judgment, both in the decisions made and those others makes about a given character. Iago himself states that, " reputation is an idle and most false imposition, often got without merit and lost without deserving" (Havoc, par.7). What you can't Consumer's social media channels, websites and blogs have an impact as do review sites, video and more. His downfall is as a result of incidents beyond his control, and is rather the result of fate. In this play, reputation is regarded as the most valuable part. Desdemona's innocent and pure reputation is destroyed by Iago when he had Othello to begin doubting her. Thanks to his reputation, he manipulates Othello's feelings and reasoning, destroys Cassio's reputation, and also manages to get Othello to kill Desdemona. It was the power of gods in the society, but not the population, that redirected his actions so that he may not harm the people. He would completely make everybody to strongly believe that he had very good personal qualities and honest person. This can often involve publishing information on important company or personal events, as well as the launch of new products. You want you or your company to have access to the best opportunities, and a bad reputation can hinder that. And it is likely to drive the success of the business even more.

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He kept anger in his heart since he knew that his reputation is going to be tarnished when it comes out that his wife was unfaithful to him. Behavior of members within the organization: what people are saying or writing. Influencing the influencers This is where relationships with influencers in your industry are a big help. Lower marketing costs, people want to make the best choice, and they base their selection on the person or company that seems to be superior. And as your company's reputation is based on the information available online, ensuring that you have a sterling reputation and no negative copy or inaccurate information about your company or what you offer, is absolutely essential. The social structure and values of society can be seen throughout the actions of Gilgamesh and his people. .