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Voting system thesis introduction

voting system thesis introduction

The Moroccan and Algerian 2007 legislative election results and the Jordanian 20 legislative election results Geographical maps of the elections results Secondary Data Sources Interviews with some political parties in Morocco -analysis of interviews conducted with politi. The parking permit system only at that college ought to be completely revised. This hypothesis will back up my second hypothesis regarding the concentration of the pro-regime parties-vote in rural areas. According to Shedler the electoral system can be manipulated by disempowerment or excluding sensitive areas from the hands of the elected officials; supply restriction which limits the choice available to the voter by banning, subverting or fragmenting certain parties; demand restriction. The authors conclusion is that electoral systems can be managed and controlled to prevent undesirable outcomes. There is huge body of literature written about electoral systems arguing about the list PR as the most propositional system in terms of allowing smaller parties to be represented in the parliament, the high turnout due to the absence. All those three countries share geographic, linguistics and religious similarities. The author is smarter to provide this questionable statement, that is more interest to readers compared to one over the author can illustrate her claims with examples from her family, and using their company families, if she wishes. The author indentified that the combination of largest remainder formula and gerrymandering induced a fragmented government and a situation whereby parties ended up with fewer seats compared to their amassed votes especially the major parties, In the case of Jordan, Glenn.

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However, dont merely help make your thesis a comment of the subject material or perhaps a description of the intentions. A democracy cannot exist without elections which represent the will of the people, and elections cannot function without an electoral system that sets fair and transparent rules that govern the structures of elections. The study of electoral systems is a field of research that aims at analyzing the different electoral systems used in the world and how they put democracy into practice by making the different voters of the country represented in the parliament. However, from the elections results in both Morocco and Algeria the PR did not produce the same results expected of the system exemplified by the low turnout, high invalid votes, a high threshold that prevents small parties from gaining. This will be helpful in testing the theory that PR systems produce fragmented governments and plurality systems produce strong governments. Visit m to see how we can help you! A voting system can simply be defined as the procedures by which we cast votes and elect our public officials, 1 or that part of the electoral law and regulations which determine how parties and candidates are elected to a body as representative. . For instance, to pass an amendment to the constitution the opposition needs the vote of three quarters of the upper house, in which one third directly appointed by the president. Moreover, the same scholar in another article Defensive Democratization in Jordan, affirmed that the new electoral system adopted in 1993 benefited the tribal areas, mainly Eastern and Southern Jordan at the expense of urban areas, mainly the region of Amman-Zarqa which is Palestinian-dominanted.

The us government should devote more income to solar power research. The fifth chapter will serve to connect the three case studies by comparing their similarities and differences and making some concluding statements on the relationship between the type of electoral system, government type and democracy. On top of that, while Morocco and Jordan share the same political regime, Morocco and Jordan share the same voting system. I will add the regime typology and election mode to make a pattern on the mena that monarchies prefer proportional system while republics passed laws to enable the pro-regime parties to win a landslide victory. These procedures include how the ballot is structured, how people cast their votes, how those votes are counted, and how the winners are decided. . Is there a relationship between government type and electoral system? Avoid imprecise words (interesting, good) use obvious, direct, significant words. The topic of this theme is my knowledge about a dog boa constrictor. Direct Recording Electronics (DREs) Direct Recording Electronics, or DREs as theyre commonly known, eliminate the paper ballot in the voting process. My voting system thesis introduction estimation would be that the authorities should devote more income to solar power research. The second aim of my thesis is to find the rationale behind the selection of a particular election mode by those three countries and the reasons behind its change, in addition to analyzing the different amendments passed to the. Also, dont clutter your thesis with expressions for example for meInch or within this essay Ill reason that. do a simulation of the three recent elections using different electoral systems -count the wasted vote Hypotheses Voting systems are manipulated to produce fragmented government Votes supporting pro-regime parties are geographically concentrated in rural areas in contrast.

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In the case of Algeria, Ayln Guney and Aslihan Celenk, in their article The European Unions Democracy Promotion Policies in Algeria: Success or Failure?, stated that the Algerian regime passed a new electoral system before the election. The National Peoples Assembly: 380 seats. Third, the mixed system includes two systems: mixed member proportional and parallel systems. 14 He pointed also to the aim of a multiparty system for the regime to divide and rule by preventing the emergence of a strong opposition, in addition to the role of the Ministry of Interior in controlling the electoral. The author states a viewpoint thatll be described and defended within the essay. Dont dodge the problem present your opinion particularly and precisely. The Case of Jordan, that the fear of the opposition, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, had motivated the king to have an electoral system that favors tribal affiliation rather than partisan one. In democratic societies these representatives are elected. . Concerning the literature on the comparison of electoral systems in mena, Ellen Lust-Okar and Amaney Ahmad Jamal analyzed the electoral systems in mena, in their article Rulers and Rules: Reassessing the Influence of Regime Type on Electoral Law Formation. Since my data is mostly qualitative, I will use nominal level of measurement. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers!

Mohand Salah Tahi, in his article Algerias legislative and voting system thesis introduction local elections: Democracy denied (1997 indentified the Algerian military as the institution in control of the political life exemplified by the creation of parties such as RND and introducing changes. However, the usual distinction between Plurality and Proportional systems as the former encourages two party systems while the other induces multi-parties is not always accurate as many examples contradict these findings such as Spain, Namibia, South Africa and India. . 17 The electoral system does not only determine how people are elected to the office but also serves as a link between the voters preferences and the policies of the government; at least, theoretically speaking, the majority of the. Even if youre requested to create with regards to you or perhaps your own encounters, you are able to usually universalize the essays thesis so that your readers may also recognize, or learn something about, the overall subject. According to Andrew Reynolds, Ben Reilly and Andrew Ellis, the electoral system is the easiest political institution to be manipulated and the choice of the electoral system determines the winners. These laws exemplify the fear of the regime from creating the same outcome of 1991, therefore passing some amendments both to the electoral system and the constitution allowed the regime to be in a position to control and manage. Content on this website is Colorado Condition College and/or this sites authors, developers, and contributors. The 4 children within my family have different personalities. This statement might be true, but would anybody however the childrens parents be captivated by this essay subject? This essay will concentrate on one issue: explanations why a specific average should not be needed. However, the outcome of the elections persuaded the two countries to adopt different electoral system : PR in Algeria and sntv in Jordan.

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The chart below identifies the different components of the electoral system of each country: Morocco Jordan Algeria Electoral System Plurality PR in 1997 Block voting system thesis introduction Vote inherited from Britain sntv in 1993 by a royal decree Absolute Majority. It is really an announcement from the subject, not really a thesis. Prayer within the schools is really a hot issue today. The electoral system and constitution are institutions that have an immense influence on individuals. Typically a keyboard is provided for write-in votes, though some jurisdictions handle this portion manually. Partition of Thesis My thesis will be divided into five chapters; the first one will be about an introduction about the electoral systems and their importance in sustaining democracy. The literature reviewed above shows that Jordan and Algeria introduced two electoral systems in the early 1990s believing that they would be suitable for making the pro- regime party the obvious winner in the case of Algeria and tribal candidates in the case of Jordan. Finally, my thesis will compare between the three countries to find if there are similarities in terms laws that fragment or exclude the opposition, the geographical concentration of the vote, the election results in terms of winners and losers, the turnout, the categorization of parties. A voter inputs their selections using one of three basic interfaces (push button, touchscreen or dial) where it is tabulated and stored using a memory chip, disk or SD card.

In the case of Morocco, George Joffe, in his article Moroccos Reform Process: Wider Implications, argued that the aims of the political reforms introduced by the regime were not due to external pressure or the triumph of the opposition. 16 In order to understand how governments are elected, we need to understand the system that allows them to be elected which is the voting system : The set of procedures that determine how people are elected to office. 2010: 45 districts divided into 108 sub-districts 1997: 56 electoral districts : 48 and 8 for the Algerian Diaspora District magnitude Between 1 and 5 1 Ballot structure Nominal/categorical Nominal/categorical Reforms of the electoral law -2009: law number. The basic aim of the changes was to allow the pro-regime party, FLN, to win the elections but ironically the electoral system benefited the Islamist party of FIS instead. Is there a relationship between the electoral system and the number of parties? Turnout (Latest Legislative Election) 2007 election 37 2007 election 54 -80 in rural areas and 28 in some constituencies in the capital 2007 election 35 Invalid vote and blank vote 2007 election 19 2007 election 15 Parliamentary System Bicameral: -The Chamber of Counselors: 270 seats. Also, dont just condition a well known fact. Second, under the proportional representation lie two systems: list proportional representation (List PR) and single transferable vote (STV). Many authors used the new institutionalism framework to analyze electoral systems.

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Your thesis ought to be focused enough to adequately explore and develop in a single essay. The aim of my study deals with the first core of the democratic principles, the free and fair elections which are instituted by the electoral law. Based on these indexes, I chose two monarchies: Morocco and Jordan and adding one republic: Algeria. On top of that, I will also use the theory of new institutionalism with the framework of Andreas Schedler which will be useful in identifying the reasons behind choosing a particular type of electoral system and targeting the areas that were manipulated. Therefore, even if the elections are organized in a free and fair environment with the presence of international observers, the electoral system used will prevent a group from attaining a majority. Child abuse is really a terrible condition in our country. Due to the complicated application, the parking permit system only at that college penalizes disabled students. According to Samuel Huntington, the world has experienced three waves of democracy, the first one on the eve of the twentieth century until 1926; the second one emerged with the end of World War II until 1962 and the third one started in 1974. . Senior high school athletes should not need to conserve a certain grade-point average to sign up in class sports. Who decides the winner from the loser in elections is not the regime nor the elections but rather the electoral system which has autonomy but it still can be manipulated. My thesis will analyse the abnormalities of the three systems that generated much discussion about the ineffectiveness of the voting system and the need to reform. Many essays enter into trouble since the author attempts to explain two different large issues in a single essay.

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[email protected] is definitely an open-access, educational Site based on Colorado Condition College. The institutions can be reinforced by third parties to exert actions that protect their interest without being in power. So if the election results cannot be controlled they can at least be maneuvered to prevent a landslide victory of the opposition. My pet boa constrictor, Mister Pent, was a far greater bodyguard than my dog, Fang. Something can be used with permission. This essay moves in 2 different directions. As a result, the multiparty political system was adopted since the first constitution of 1962 to induce the political fragmentation in the country culminating in the hegemony of the palace over the political process of the country. In his book Rethinking Arab democratization: Elections without Democracy, Larbi Sadiki invented the terms electoral fetishism 8 and routinization 9 to describe the elections in the Middle East because their outcomes do not translate into major changes in society.

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7 The major aim of the manipulation of the electoral system is the containment of its uncertain outcomes, therefore fair voting system thesis introduction and free elections are allowed as long as the results can be predicted or controlled. 18 Based on these two"tions, the electoral systems are accurate examples to assess democracy, because electoral systems can tell more about the country. However, in all these three countries the elections were characterized by low turnouts, invalid votes and boycott in addition to producing fragmented governments. The second chapter will be devoted to the electoral systems in Morocco and the analysis of its recent legislative election in 2007. Map of, voting, equipment Types Used in the 2012 Presidential Election by State. Similar to a DRE, but no vote selections are stored internally; the marked ballot still has to be tabulated.

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