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Essay writing on children's day

essay writing on children's day

How do we celebrate Childrens day in India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru birthday has been chosen for the celebration of children. How do you feel now when you think of that toy? Very Firstly let me wish you all a joyful Childrens day. The day brings huge cheer and excitement for the Children from the slums as they get a chance to participate in the events and win prizes, boosting their level of confidence and morale. Nehru also got very much attached with the policies of Mahatma Gandhi that is Peace Non-violence. He is called Uncle Nehru' or 'Chacha Nehru. Intentions are very much clear and mind -body; heart soul works genially. Whatever the content, it is probably short and vague. Example: Write something concrete that provides supporting evidence for your statement: a", an example, a fact. Childrens Day is a special Day for the Children, as they are excused from attending their routine classes to take part in various activities organized for them. Dear students, Be sincere, Be Honest, Be Frank, Be Devoted, Be Dedicated, Be Determined and, be Disciplined.

Essay on, children ' s, day for, children and Students

We celebrate it in manner to aware people about the welfare of children as they are future of our country. They provide clothes, food, toys, blankets, stationary items and shelter to the needy poor children on the occasion of childrens day essay writing on children's day in honour to the first Prime Minister,. Universally, the childrens day is celebrated on 20th November every year in manner to spread awareness about the rights of children and to promote the welfare of worldwide children. His father name was Motilal Nehru, a prominent lawyer and mother was Swaroop Rani, Graduate from Trinity College, Cambridge. Without this quality, you cannot achive anything great.

It also saves you time! It is the birthday. Write about one event and your feelings associated with. Feeling completely out of ideas for your essay on childhood memories? At the last short drama was played by the students. Nehru a sweet title of Chacha Nehru. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Keep reading to learn how to generate new ideas and write a great childhood memories essay! What are your happiest childhood memories? Make sure your paragraphs are written in a logical order. The back ground part is over now coming to the fun making arena. Advertisements: In the evening all the students meet once again and the day ends with a cultural show and distribution of prizes.

essay writing on children's day

On behalf of, on this auspicious occasion. Various cultural functions and programs are organized on this day at different places of country for children like debate or quiz contest, drawing competition for small kids, picnics and small distance tours for students, arrangement of small fair at school by students, etc. Movies related to kids and freedom fighters are telecasted on the occasion of childrens day. If you need more advice, check out our many other essay writing tips on our blog! Nehru has done various things for the betterment of childrens future. Nehru and they call him with love as Chacha Nehru or Uncle Nehru. There have been many great teachers, writers as well as politicians in India. The students who are divided into lour batches, proceed to do their assigned work.

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These childhood recollections can form a great foundation for your childhood memories essays. He was our first Prime Minister. Explanation: Explain why your statement is true. Advertisements: In schools, besides the National days like the Independence Day and Republic Day, many other important days are essay writing on children's day also celebrated. Edit and proofread your essay. We make proper arrangements to observe this day. We are here providing detailed information on childrens day in form of essays in simple language. Chacha in the sense uncle and finally after his death in 1963, his birthday has been celebrated as childrens Day in India.

In cities Balbhavans serve the children throughout the year. Conclusion, though, years have been passed after Indias independence, but still we have not get freedom from the worst crimes of country in terms of Child Abuse, Child Labour, Child exploitation and discrimination. Children from the poorest of background participate in the events along with children from rich families, making the event remember able for all. My Best Friend, essay on Annual Sports, essay on School Annual Function. Balbhavans are also well equipped with libraries, games (indoor as well as outdoor facilities film shows, museum, aquarium, swimming pool, etc. So we are celebrating Childrens day to commemorate his birth cording to Nehru, The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. We have no lesson on this day. The Government is doing its best to give them relief. Since then universal childrens day is celebrated on 20th November every year. Nehru was born on 14th November, 1889 in Allahabad. He was always surrounded by kids in his free time. He was the favourite person among children and they call him Chacha Nehru with love.

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Its simply not the day which one can assemble, lecture, eat and essay writing on children's day disband but one should keep in mind that a leader who determined the rosy way which ultimately laid the foundation to renovate a promising nation into a supreme body. Nehru was often cited as saying that the children should be always loved and carefully nurtured as they are the foundation for the growth of a Nation. Every essay needs a plan. He was greatly warmhearted about children and therefore indeed became well-liked as Chacha Nehru for his little buddies. Government and NGOs are doing their best for the welfare of the orphanage children or downtrodden street children by introducing various schemes and laws regarding to provide them proper meal, education or shelter. Give explanations and examples. The reason for it is very simple. His whole life was dedicated for the sake of country and its future. On the Childrens Day a grand accolade is paid to all children. Toffees, chocolates and gifts are distributed among children on this day.

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Notable persons from all the sections of society Doctors, businessmen, lawyers, politicians, and actors come forward and show their love and respect for our children by distributing sweets and stationeries among the under privileged children. It is the duty of the children to love their parents and respect the teachers and elders. In India there were many movements started by different freedom fighters of India against the British people. Childrens Day/Bal Divas in India, childrens Day is celebrated in India on 14th November every year since 1964(after his death) on birth Anniversary. All of you should be inspired by our beloved former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Numerous events are organized in Delhi as well as across the Country, for Children from all the sections of the society. Related Paragraphs and Essays for School Students: Essay on Christmas, my Favourite Teacher, my Class Teacher. Nehru, children are the precious gift by god who should be treated with lots of care and love. Kids have nothing to care or worry about, have almost no duties or problems, and can hang out with their friends all day long. The third squad in charge of sports conducts sports and games competitions for all children of the village.

Since from his childhood, he was very intelligent boy in all aspects. Children endearingly call him Chacha Nehru. Our custom writing company provides unique custom written papers at reasonable prices. Conclusion, todays children are the citizens of tomorrow and should be nurtured softly and carefully with extra efforts. Now you have a chance to plunge into your childhood memories, recollect those happy days, and write a brilliant childhood memories essay. Drawing or paining contest is held at many schools of country on childrens day. Apart from the dramatics many sport events are also organized. Even today his books are sold at a very high price. I am here to deliver speech regarding the Childrens Day. Tomoro you will be the masters of your s time to leave of you wishing you a bright career. It was Nehrus concern and love for the children that earned him the nick name of Uncle Nehru or Chacha Nehru, as he was lovingly called by the Children of India. Have to write an essay about your personal childhood experience, but cant think of a topic?

Essay on, children ' s, day for Students My India

You can choose any one according to you need. We all should do some efforts for the betterment of these needy children. Have you gotten lost in your memories and cannot choose the best one to describe in your childhood memories essay? Childrens Day celebration provides an opportunity to the under privileged Children of society to interact with other Children and social workers. See more: welcome speech in school function, he actively took part in all freedom movement started by Mahatma Gandhi. Nehru and his affection towards children. Can you remember a childhood event that made you feel anxious or scared? Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, announce new schemes relating to the fields of education, health, benefit and welfare of the Children. Though many Countries across the World celebrate Childrens Day on various dates, India celebrates its Childrens Day on 14th October, the Birth Anniversary of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Essay on, children s, day

Bad memories are memories as well. During his whole life he was much attracted and attached to children, and always surrounded by them. We celebrate childrens day on essay writing on children's day 14 November every year to tribute our Indias first prime mister. He loved children very much so he decided to celebrate his birth day as childrens day. It was the period of Mahatma Gandhi who leaded the whole freedom struggle. Childrens Day Long Essay 6 (1100 Words). Thus we can shape their future beautifully and wonderfully. Which they happily accept and actively participate in the functions.

Generally schools and colleges remain open on this day so that students can enjoy by doing lots of exciting fun activities with the help of their teachers. What games did you play with a sibling? These words may be easy to utter but diffucult to fallow. He knows that the children are the future citizen of the county. Nehru, the birth anniversary of him (14th November) was selected as Childrens day, and it is celebrated annually since 1964 after the death. Nehru was also very passionate about children. The fourth squad in charge of the cultural games goes around the village singing patriotic songs. Childrens Day is celebrated every year in all schools in our country on 14th of November. History of Childrens Day, childrens Day was first celebrated on the second Sunday of June in 1857. In Schools and Colleges Childrens day in schools is celebrated with much excitement by the students as well as the teachers and other staff. Childrens day is celebrated with fun and frolic activities for giving a tribute and honour to every childs favourite Chacha Nehru. He used to behave like a child with the children.

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He was born on 14th November 1889 at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Respected Headmaster, teachers and my dear friends, Today we have assembled here to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as Childrens day. Write about a couple of snapshot moments. Describe in detail one of your earliest childhood memories. As to their wants the institution organizes many exuberant activities to let them show case their talent which cannot be displayed in the normal course of academics. Just follow these simple steps of the essay writing essay writing on children's day process, and you will see that writing a good essay on your childhood memories is actually quite easy. We will write a custom essay.

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Jawaharlal Nehru, is declared as Childrens day or Bal Diwas. You are the strength of our counrty. Jawaharlal Nehru loved children very much and got pleased whenever he was among children. The celebration starts with honoring Chacha Nehru and paying him a tribute, remembering his struggle and achievements. Finally, in your childhood memories essay, you should explain why this or that memory is special and important to you. Write the body paragraphs. Childrens Day Essay 2 (200 words).

Try these memory-activating exercises and follow these essay writing tips to write your impressive childhood memories essay. Various competitions such as essay writing, elocution, painting, modern dress, singing and cultural programs have been conducting by our institution to keep the momentum and encourage children beyond academics. With time, childhood memories lose their rich vividness and start to fade altogether. Describe its shape, appearance, and texture. This day is actually for celebration of childhood, we all have a child in ourselves which comes out on this day and want to enjoy and be happy. Jawaharlal Nehru was immensely fond of children and children were also very affectionate. Importance: Tell your reader why the point of your paragraph is important. Events like painting, essay writing, poetry writing and sports are organized with unrestricted participation for Children from all the sections of society. He was a great leader, writer and a politician. Recollect some of the fun things you used to do together. Nehru, children are like the buds in garden and should be grown with lots of love and care. Also Children from different parts of India are honoured by the Government for acts of bravery and courage by being given certificates and cash prizes. Due to his passion for children, the birth date.