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Essay on women- work and family

essay on women- work and family

Hence, it is time that the public should grip to the statement that women should be allowed to work and support those independent women who want to make own living by working. As time goes on more and more people will lose thei jobs. I really enjoyed. Various rights for working women were established to protect their well fare in workforce. For example, by the time women have heart attacks; they tend to be older than men. However, no matter what a women chooses to do, she is different than any other woman. This research is well supported by strong arguments so women should be allowed to work instead of being regular homemakers. Patty was her daycare provider. Once my husband started climbing the upward ladder and becoming very successful, I was a resentful that I could not have the same opportunities. First, they were in the same field and worked together for success in their careers. When Linda gets home from the same job, she has dishes left in the sink that have to be washed. They were sick less.

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Two women essay on women- work and family I met in Phoenix were both stay-at-home moms/wives. November 2nd came and went, and those of us who shared my views found ourselves the minority. Today we import so many of our goods that we dont have a need for farms and small shops. Everyone in the family comes to her with their problems the moment she walks in the door. People have to perceive in wider context and accept the fact that women should be allowed to work as women can mould their lives with a sense of empowerment. In the past jobs that may have taken hundreds of people to accomplish, can now be done by a single computer.

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Their children were calm. It is undeniable that employed women are indeed self-seeking, tougher and intellectual in working life. Besides, it is argued that if women are allowed to work and become the head of family, this will counter the fundamental concept of life which has been practiced since many centuries ago (Sinar Rohani Magazine, 2003). Was this biology's decision, or society's. When I was a child, both my parents worked. However, the argument claimed by the opponent is weak. Women play the roles of mothers, housekeepers, and. Last of all, women have their rights to step into labour force for personal satisfaction and social necessities. Sexual discrimination is no longer a major problem for working women and they should invest themselves in workforce for they have given the choice. I want to put my all into my work and receive self-fulfillment that way, but I dont want to sacrifice any time with my children.

It is a question of having enough to buy the basics. On the other hand, unemployed women are only tied to singular focus which is at home and this restricts their opportunity in meeting others (Rout, Cooper, and Kerslake, 1997). I saw my husband getting recognition, winning trips and therefore, in my book, a better person and more self-fulfilled. I did not think I would be respected. Two-career families may have children, but they do not build their whole lives around them. This research focuses on benefits gained by working women instead of being full-time homemaker. I would not give money to a foundation which only supports the entrance of already wealthy women into high paying professions, and I am encouraged by the fact that my requestors recognize the importance of incorporating family into solving. Most occupations came to be viewed then as unsuitable for women or incompatible with their chores in the home. Working women AND family lifestyles, the issues and concerns of this course essay on women- work and family are ones with which I am able to identify. The postmodern family and postindustrial economy are connected in that the economy changed the family structure.

Those researches obviously can be and are not precise. Seeing all these circumstance with other families and within my home, I slowly began to change my thinking and focus more towards children. Unlike her predecessor, she will work for a much longer period because she can decide when to begin her family. Academic sources, the essay will be demonstrating how my family history has incorporated elements from various cultures around the. This will disempower well-educated women to contribute to workforce and serve as significant role models for younger generations. Bill must learn to take on an equal amount of chores, to help Linda around the house. My job is great. Outstanding women such as Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Russia the Great are excellent figur of s of women role models. I was torn between feeling guilty for not being home with my children and not moving ahead at work. This can be proven through intensive research and analysis. By the eighteenth century, women were employed in all occupations working side by side with men.

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Successful marriages and families. This means that they have more social roles and they are involved in broader social network to encounter different type of people. It is very common that women dont get this help from their husband. When the next child came along, I was back to work for financial reasons. I worked while my husband finished school. Before the Industrial Revolution, even wealthy women worked long hours supervising the needs of large families, household servants, and slaves. This is why women are strongly encouraged to be allowed to work is spite of encountering such difficulties (Austen. The easiest path is to fall into the conventional role of housewife, at least for a time. Linda has a feeling of being overwhelmed. Women with little or no education who needed to support their family were accepting low paying jobs.

But there is also the danger of overemphasizing getting clear of people who are closest to you. In fact in America, the number of working women is escalating annually. This isnt a question of having enough cash to buy Game Boys essay on women- work and family and exotic trips. Besides, married women cannot avoid the fatality of their husband. Self-esteem determines the way we communicate and value our thoughts and opinion when confronting others.

A successful marriage allows each partner to grow and permits sharing and realignment of roles as each changes his or her own conception of self. Because women are in the workplace to stay, they need more help with the housework. 55, 1997) Functionalism discusses how society is as whole unit made up of interrelated parts that work together as a essay on women- work and family whole. More women are likely to emerge as breadwinners and believe that if they stay home they will not have enough family income or extra income, making it necessary for their husband to hold two jobs (Granrose.S. In sum, all the evidences and facts provided are complementary to the statement women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home. Working Women And Family Lifestyles Essay, Research Paper. While striving for mutual closeness and togetherness, young marrieds are also struggling for individuality and trying to develop themselves as persons. 2.0 Introduction, centuries ago, women were considered naturally feeble compared to men and were not allowed to perform arduous task that requires heavier labour. I believe a woman has three security valves, a man, a child, a job; in my code it stands in that order, yet in real life the order is reversed. Chitracs, (2008) states that women gain access to work to contribute for their family in terms of finance. It underpins our target to achieve something and reflects our integrity (Lancer, 2010). From the statistics, it obviously shows that the number of divorce cases increase annually. Another huge thing, which has had a major impact on the economy, is the widespread use of computers.

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This is because they too can think and make wise decision to secure family financially to overcome inevitable financial problem in future. The humanity has evolved in a male-centered, patriarchal society. In two-career homes, the babies do not come all at once at the beginning of the marriage, but in phases with the wifes work commitments. Today because jobs have lowered their wage and because the price of different products has greatly increased, this forces both the husband and the wife to work full time. They refute that although women are employed, this will not ensure a security in family finance. Everything seemed to be shared. The average young couple planning to continue working after marriage does so for the most altruistic reasons. I now know the value of devoting time to raising children which I will discuss later. These principles tell us that our marriages and families come first. I wanted the opportunity to further my education before choosing a career path.

essay on women- work and family

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A man no longer spends 85 of his time working to support a housewife and kids;. Bill is a technician and Linda is a shift supervisor. Competition between couples is a natural by-product of todays concept of marriage as a partnership of equals. When I was first married, I worked to support my husband through school, and, since I did not have children yet, for something. As a result, most upper and middle-class women left the work force. Remarriages are very common today resulting with stepbrothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters, stepparents. Judith Stacey feels that the many changes in the structure of the family has caused her to give the family the title the postmodern family. Notwithstanding the statement of women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home is robustly supported by first and second arguments, there are still some disapprove with the statement above. By the nineteenth century, the practice of paying women less for the same job done by men was well-established. Working women face tremendous stress due to multiple roles, long working hours and high demand for performance. I just found it exceedingly difficult to not be able to excel at anything whether career or family. Apart from that, Research has also proven that women benefits from working as it absolutely help them financially. (Tyagi.W., 2004) (time, Why Women Have To Work).0 Third Argument, women have Their Rights to Work Outside.

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3 pages, 1077 words, a postmodern family is a family, which has been stripped down from the extended family model consisting of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all living together. Working women essay on women- work and family help reduce pressure on their husband who is the sole wage earner and their husband clearly approve of their working outside the home (Granrose.S. 3.0 Recommendations It is time for the public to accept the fact that women should be allowed to work. Soon after, an assembly line process became developed and Don was no longer needed. 4 pages, 1987 words, the Term Paper on Cultural Family History Essay. Very few jobs remained that were considered appropriate for women. The readers should probe at this research and keep carry out this research to unlock more evidence and facts why women should be allowed to work instead of being homemaker. The roles women and men played in earlier generations exemplify the way society limited men and women. His focus was his job.