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Argumentative essay about fat

argumentative essay about fat

If a tax was levied on junk foods, sodas, etc., there should also be a price drop in fruits, water, and healthier foods, which would push the consumer to buy the healthy foods. However, one can argue that diet may be a better way to stay healthy due to the better nutrition that it offers. Building muscle mass also increases the rate of metabolism, which increases calorie deficit and takes one step closer to achieving a healthy weight. Many studies and research performed by professionals have estimated that more than eighty percent who have lost weight by dieting end up regaining it all, or more, only after a couple of weeks (Voss). Many cant seem to decide whether exercise routines or following rigid diet plans would be more effective for ones health. .

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Medication such as orlistat have been introduced world- wide to help overweight people deal with the weight and have proven successful in the short- term though long- term effects of these medication is yet to be determined. A manufactures tax would erase the problem of over taxing citizens, but then could cause the companies to either increase their prices or go under, and turn would create greater unemployment. However, to every positive, there is a negative. It is estimated that obesity can reduce the life of a person by upto seven years. With the unemployment rate being so high, it is going to be really hard to pass a tax to increase prices on food even more than they already are because humans must eat to live. Wikipedia further explains that obesity is defined by body mass index (BMI) and evaluated in terms of fat distribution via the waist- hip ratio and total cardio- vascular risk factors. The risk of one acquiring many mental, as well argumentative essay about fat as physical conditions is usually heightened by obesity. Other factors that have been credited with resulting in obesity include not smoking, or reducing the rate at which one smokes, since smoking tends to reduce appetite; an increase in the intake of medication that result in weight gain; pregnancy. This lifestyle disease is increasingly becoming not only a health problem but also a policy one due to its prevalence, health effects and costs. With American catching on to the lack of healthy food options in the fast food nation, fast food chains began campaigning healthier food such as their salads and fruit cups. Benefits, Study Find Fox News. They are advised not to over- exert themselves nor give up when the going gets tough.

As Doctor Hedlund, a professional in her medical field, explains, The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be, and the more fat you can burn. As well as producing a large revenue for the country, if effective with obesity, a fat tax would also drop our health-care expenses which are somewhere around one hundred billion dollars per year. Many other countries have begun taxing fatty foods and have produced very nice revenue because of the levies. If the country were able to stop the consumption of these fatty foods and drop the obesity rate, it would help drop government spending in turn also helping with the debt. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to know how to establish and maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight gain and fat concentration in the body is bound to result in high blood sugar levels as well as difficulties in breathing, hence fostering the emergence of many other opportunistic ailments. This paper therefore aims to discuss to a great extent one of these lifestyle diseases, obesity; what it is, what causes it, its health effects and how to manage. This is an example of a really strong thesis statement in which you state a claim, your stance on the claim, and the main points that will back up your stance. The higher taxes pose a problem for certain companies which produce these fatty foods causing them to slow production which would result in more and more job losses. The people will have to choose the cheaper, healthier foods in order to survive with the amount of money they make. Stuudies have shown that the rates at which women with a BMI of over 32kg/m2 have died in the recent years have doubled. According to the World Health Organization (WHO traditional health concerns such as infectious diseases will soon be replaced by obesity as the major cause of illness. A fat tax could help control many health problems the United States is facing today by giving some incentive to buy healthier foods.

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Studies have shown that the healthier the person, the more productive he/she usually is because of an active lifestyle. In order for this fat tax to work, it must be setup correctly with much research from others who have imposed similar taxes thus far. The Congressional Budget Office predicts, with a three cent tax, a fat tax could produce twenty-four billion dollars within four years (Salahi 1). The healthier lifestyles would help lower the amount of money spent on health care, in turn saving money. An example of behavior change is gasoline prices, the higher gas prices have changed the types of vehicles being made. Question/Answer Format: The easiest way to write a thesis statement is to turn the topic or prompt into a question, and answering that question. However this argument is unrealistic because most children do not have self discipline. The health effects of obesity, obesity is associated with contributing to various diseases like asthma, diabetes, cancer and cardio- vascular diseases. Is lifting more weights at the gym and training cardio more promising than diet? Appropriate dieting on the other hand involves eating correct food portions; not too large nor too small, balancing all the food groups; proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, and being disciplined enough to avoid junk food high in sugar and fat concentration.

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The plan was pushed aside though because of already high and steadily rising food prices. People have retreated to certain comfort zones, allowing things to be done for them and in the argumentative essay about fat process, failing to engage in physical activities that would help burn the fat accumulated in the body. Consumers United, lLC,.d. If the revenue is produced according to plan, then it has served its purpose over a four year period and will begin to help with the health issues on its own eventually. A person with a BMI.0.9 is classified as being overweight. Because we live in a time-is-money society the most efficient means of hunger satisfaction is the almighty drive-through. Although there are many reasons a fat tax would really help the United States, there are still some grey areas and problems it would pose. Denmark has setup its fat tax by the percentage of saturated fat in each item. Exercise, not diet, is the main method to keep a long and healthy life. The amount of muscle mass a person possesses plays a huge on the speed of the metabolic rate. This country already has too high of an unemployment rate to put itself in a position in which that rate will grow any higher. Causes of obesity, many factors have been attributed to as being major causes of obesity. Exercise will reduce your body fat and increase lean muscle.

They would be taxed trying to solve a problem that has nothing to do with them, and targeting strictly obese people would be immoral. Bariatric surgery has also proven to be a successful way of dealing with obesity, though the high costs and risks involved have scared many off. A great way jump start your metabolism is to exercise. How Does Muscle Burn. They are usually looked down upon, or considered objects of societal ridicule and comedy. The tax might pose some problems at first, but in the long run will prevail and produce great gains for the country. It is often advisable that people dealing with weight problems engage the services of physical trainers or enrol in gymn memberships so as to get professional counsel. If the country becomes much healthier as a whole, then a lot of government spending would begin depleting causing huge gains in Medicare and Medicaid where costs have doubled in the past ten years.

In retrospect, these foods are also very popular among the lazy in society; those who just cant pull their weight, mainly children and young adults in schools and colleges. The fat tax, if argumentative essay about fat effective, could possibly produce a healthier, happier, and more productive society as a whole. We need to re-evaluate the importance of healthy eating. It could create new jobs in the Government to regulate how this tax is accessed. The health gain that could be possible because of the fat tax would be huge for the country. A fat tax should be imposed in order to first off help with our debt crisis. The debt crisis in the United States is a big problem for the tax as well as unemployment, because now an already struggling society is being taxed. With exercise one can maintain perfect health by building muscle and boosting his metabolism in order to shred off unwanted fat. Obesity is not all that these fatty foods are causing; there is also heart disease, diabetes, and many others, all of which come about because of behavior.