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Essay on need of spirituality in youth

essay on need of spirituality in youth

The single individual cannot be blamed for the world pollution, however every person should take care of his or her habitat. Increased nurse patient ratios, excessive workloads, and uncontrolled pain are some other factors that interfere with an assessment. Events such as floods and droughts, winning and loosing wars, good crops essay on need of spirituality in youth and bad crops. Some authors argue that spiritual care emerges from the natural instincts of caregivers.37 Caregivers do not always realize how important interpersonal relationships are for patients in transition and may not recognize the spiritual dimensions of caregiving activities. According to the joint commission anyone who is trained on the value of spiritual assessment and tools such as physicians, therapists, nurses, and clinical pastoral staff can assess the patients spirituality (Evaluating your Spiritual Assessment Process, 2005). Second, based on the ecological model, further studies should be conducted to examine how individual factors (e.g., religiosity and values family factors (e.g., global parenting versus specific parenting practice, behavioral control, and psychological control and social factors (e.g., endorsement. King and Boyatzis 5 similarly commented that adolescence may be a particularly important time period in which to study spiritual and religious development (p. There are theoretical accounts suggesting that spirituality is an antecedent of quality of life (i.e., first possibility). Today we will determine a definition of spirituality not a narrow formula, but a broad New Testament view of what it means to be spiritual.

Spirituality and Today s Youth Teen Ink

That will promote health and solve the problems and fulfill the concept of compassionate, Radical loving care. Therefore, the purpose of this study id to explore what workplace spirituality means how one can implement it in ones work environment. While studies showed negative relationship between religiosity/ spirituality and adolescent health risk, positive relationships between religiosity/ spirituality and physical/mental health were reported. Open ended questions reduce her frustrations and reveal the concepts behind her religious beliefs. 39 commented that there are few studies on spirituality and quality of life in adolescents and the mechanisms underlying the relationship remain relatively unknown. For example, in the 1930s, young people supported Hitler in Nazi Germany when they believed that building an ethnically superior Germany was their life mission. Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, health care providers need to respect the patients faith and religion. It seems that Christians use discipleship and spirituality hand-in-hand. Many people dont really think about the way in which we learned this religion. Obviously, both single-item measure and multiple-item measures are problematic because their reliability and validity are usually not examined. Moreover she knew that the priest would visit her and she would be able receive Holy Mass and the Sacrament of the sick, the two essay on need of spirituality in youth healing pearls in the end stages of her life.

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I have found several connections in Shelleys choice of words indicating spirituality in nature is possible, and it is up to the reader to discover his own ability in finding his own spirituality. This is not an example of the work produced by our. Essay, topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Lately, many presentations, conferences and international summits are held regarding waste treatment, recycling, soil and water contamination. To overcome such problems, psychological scales have been developed to measure the construct of spirituality. Many people who are unspiritual are fond of taking toxic substances such cigarette which contains chemical called nicotine. Given its importance, what are the research directions as far as the study of adolescent spirituality is concerned? Spiritually gifted and strong to the END (1) certainly throughout your life (never leave you (2) The church gifted and strong to the end. Just like Sun is called in different names in different language such as Sun in English, surya in Nepali, sole in Italian, Sonne in German etc. However, the role that essay on need of spirituality in youth a doctor should play in guiding and assisting patients in spiritual matter remains a controversial. Based on the data collected from The Project Teen Canada, Bibby found that 75 of the respondents regarded themselves as members of a religion, 60 viewed spirituality as important, and 48 indicated that they had spiritual needs. Also stay with the family and allow them to verbalize their spiritual concerns and satisfy them. Many students from past has grown to big philosophers, scientists, doctors, engineers, etc.

essay on need of spirituality in youth

They suffer less stress and always live comfortably. Spirituality and health are two fields that are closely related but peoples in a way such that ones spirituality in some ways will tend to affect their healths welfare. Everybody needs to respect each others spiritual holidays and encourage them to practice their religion. For as long as I can remember I have been raised to believe that I should live my life the way God would want me to live. Spirituality and health are related in various way, as mentioned above those people who are spiritual are likely to cope with various situations in their life that can pose a threat to their health. Jordan states that she would like to see a Catholic priest in order to confess and receive Holly Mass. Good healthy increases self-esteems. Im not saying that it is wrong to believe in the religion that we have been taught. Third, spirituality is a consequence of quality of life. The importance of the meaning of life in adolescent behavior is clearly reflected in human history.

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Romans 1:11 I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong. Under the assumption that spirituality influences health outcomes, spiritual intervention with the aims of treatment or restoration and improvement of quality of life has been developed. (page 5 of 16 in essay on need of spirituality in youth the Chapter. Unfortunately, despite the importance of spirituality in adolescent development, a review of the literature showed that less than 1 of the literature on children and adolescents had examined issues on spirituality and religiosity. The chapter I chose to reflect upon and its relation to the main idea of the book is the chapter Facing Up to Tragedy. In a review of 77 positive youth development programs in the United States, Catalano. Against this background, this paper attempts to review the concept of spirituality in adolescence. Spirituality is very personal. Last but not least, in my opinion the spirituality of African people in America has hindered the quest for liberation and empowerment. Taking balance diet is one way of keeping your body healthy. Bruce and Cockreham proposed different ways of promoting spirituality in adolescent girls via group work approach. Solomons idea that we adopt the tragic sense of life and accepting it as a reality really relates to his overall theme of the book because in the process of life it seems to be a natural spiritual. Health does not only increase youth body performance but still increases confidence. .

For example, Gallup and Bezilla reported that 95 of American adolescents believed in God. Taking of alcohol affect peoples health since it causes some liver disorders for instance liver cirrhosis that may end up costing them their lives. Healthier people live longer since all their organs are functioning properly. I like to share myself with someone, who I really trust, most of the time my parents other wise to my religious priest. She believes in the Virgin Mary and all the Saints. The faces have eyes to show us that they see where they are going, but the faces are without features because they represent that all mankind is included in the goal of reaching a higher power with the help of the higher power.

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There fore I believe that nurses needs to provide spiritual care either listening their needs and concerns, or send a referral to the pastors or Chaplains. First of all, spirituality helps me govern what is right and what is wrong essay on need of spirituality in youth in my life. Finally, spirituality and quality of life are moderated and/or mediated by other factors. On the other hand, there are relatively narrower definitions of spirituality such as focus on existential or transcendental questions, belongingness to involvement of cardinal values underlying every aspect of life, and self-reflective behavior. Most cultures call this spirit, God. Im using a PDF ebook) I feel as though it is meaningful because it actually shapes our outlooks on life. Second, in contexts where spiritual outcomes are important, psychotherapies with R/S are a treatment of choice. Most spiritual families are good in bringing up children healthier ways compared to unspiritual families.

essay on need of spirituality in youth

Proposed a model in which spirituality was hypothesized to influence thriving with religiosity as a mediating factor. Words: 1097 - Pages: 5 Premium Essay Spirituality.Running head: healing hospital Healing Hospital Norma Bracamonte Grand Canyon University HLT-310V Spirituality in Nursing September 28, 2011 Spirituality of a Healing Hospital Spirituality in the healing hospital environment commences with. Most of the religious practices actually make one feel relaxed and cheerful. In the Wellness Model proposed by Adams., emotional centeredness, intellectual stimulation, physical resilience, psychological optimism, social connectedness, and spiritual life purpose are basic dimensions. Words: 1451 - Pages: 6 Free Essay Spirituality.wellness and patient interaction involves an understanding of the relationship between spirituality and faith. Besides, as significant-others surrounding adolescents (such as parents, teachers, and peers) have important influence on adolescent spirituality, how to shape adolescent spirituality through such significant personal relationships could be considered. Religion is beliefs and behaviors based on religious traditions or denominations. Enhanced understanding is important as far as religious and spiritual beliefs are concerned. Words: 2495 - Pages: 10 Premium Essay Spirituality in Nursing. It would be theoretically interesting to look at the relationships among life meaning, character building and religiousness, and subjective well-being. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. She realizes that she is terminally sick and will die at any time, but her faith in God and the concept of resurrection alleviate her fears and worries.

This subsequently reduces the chances of one acquiring stress related essay on need of spirituality in youth ailments hence an improved health (Mieler, 2005). She reveals that prayer, confession, and Holy Mass are the light in her life. The assessment showed that she possesses strong spiritual beliefs, to overcome critical situations. Followup calls to initial nonrespondents resulted in findings that 101 of the 144 schools have courses in spirituality and health. However, understanding alone is not enough.

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Now personally I feel that this issue alone could cause a serious conflict in our religious beliefs, if brought to peoples attention. Staying healthy is essay on need of spirituality in youth very important all human beings. . Religious people are always hopeful hence are good in dealing with various challenges they face in life no matter how stressing they are. The second element is beliefs and values which are integral to answers to spiritual questions such as life and death. We just grew to accept it as a religion of our own as the years past. In their study of parent and peer relationships and relational spirituality in adolescents and young adults, Desrosiers. 12 defined religion as adherence to a belief system and practices associated with a tradition in which there is agreement about what is believed and practiced whereas spirituality as a more general feeling of closeness and connectedness to the sacred. And has been inspired by the spirituality. This study will survey students into their residency and subsequent practice 2001 Survey.S. Most parents who are unspiritual engage their children in irresponsible behaviors such as taking alcohol. You can view samples of our professional work here. Peoples faith and religious beliefs aid them in handling stressful situations. On the other hand, if the current way the worlds environmental problem is being handled continues, catastrophic consequences can follow for the future population.

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Spirituality and medical practice: using the hope questions as a practical tool for spiritual assessment, retrieved from ml The Joint Commission (2012). 34 showed that parents and peers, particularly maternal communication and paternal affection, facilitated the development of relational spirituality. This will eventually leads to achieving a sense of control. In the theory of logotherapy proposed by Frankl 35, it is asserted that when there is existential vacuum (i.e., loss of meaning in life mental problems come in to fill the vacuum. I believe that there is a better place for our spirits once we leave this earth. Spirituality in workplace or workplace spirituality is a widely discussed topic essay on need of spirituality in youth among the business as well as the religious world. While prayer and bible study are essential exercise, one should not forget to attend services in the church and fellowship with other Christians. But the focus of all these people practicing religion is the same which is to love God and love Gods children by being compassionate to entire living creatures.

In the same way many people call the same almighty God with so many different names, some call Him as Krishna, Some as Allah, Some as Jehovah. What is the ultimate understanding? Taking alcohol and cigarette can cause ill healthy essay on need of spirituality in youth which can expose one to some psychological torture, but quitting this can promote your healthy. As spirituality is a controversial topic, one needs much care and attention when evaluating the role of spirituality in workplace. Also young religious people dont involve themselves in irresponsible sexual behaviors such as fornication hence they cant get some sexual associated diseases such HIV/aids that may affect their health negatively.

The lyrical lines in stanza 5 describe the strength and majestic qualities of essay on need of spirituality in youth Mont Blanc. Adequate knowledge of spiritual diversity, the availability of trained Chaplains, and educated, trained nurses are essential to provide holistic care to the patient during their critical time. Furthermore, participants with different existential statuses also displayed different levels of psychological symptoms. She is resigned to her suffering, because she explains that my God is a Loving God, He was crucified years ago for my sins. Cancer patients are most in need of spiritual assessment, diagnosis, interventions and solutions to end of life issues. However, according to Johannes Metz, Metz says that, Every attempt to know him.e. Coping with daily lifes problems created by a mental illness can be very stressful for everyone involved. Being a catholic, she also believes in the concept of purgatory, the place of temporary punishment for sins. Lack of proper timing, inadequately trained staff, and uncomfortable situations are a few of them. With specific reference to the Chinese culture, there are research findings showing that purpose in life was negatively associated with psychological symptoms, including general psychological problems, trait anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

essay on need of spirituality in youth