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Fish processing thesis

fish processing thesis

This information could help reduce postharvest losses while increasing protein consumption without increasing the catch. Zagazig University, 2004, Egypt. Pathogens that are common inhabitants of fish processing thesis the natural aquatic environment may enter the final product via contamination routes such as; processing equipment and surfaces, food handlers and the water used in the processing plant. These findings demonstrate that along Lake Victoria fish value chain, fish processing is one of the important economic activities that engages women. Alternatively, the agrowaste system may be operated alone in the absence of solar heat or solar heat can be used during the day and agrowaste drying at night. Because high temperature is the single biggest cause of quality loss, fish should be moved promptly from the deck to coo storage. Designed on the basis of results with solar tent driers, this large unit has a capacity of about 1 ton of prepared fish. W., Otuya., Owigar., Kowenje., Lung'ayia.B.O., Oduor.

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According to Horner (1992), storage life extension of smoked fish can result from a combination of lowered water activity and the uptake by the product of bactericidal and antioxidant components of wood smoke. References 1 Abisoye,. I,arge irregular pieces can damage the fish. When caught, the shrimp are finked on deck with about 10 percent salt. It is often mixed with Spanish peppers to give a spicy product called sambal, which is consumed with rice. Generally freshly caught fish should give high quality end products. UNU-Fisheries Training Programme; Final Project 2000. Ayuba and Omeji (2006) reported that insect infestation is the cause of most prominent losses in quality and quantity of stored, dried fish in Nigeria. In hot smoking, temperatures may remain between 60-110C for 12 hours. The agrowaste fish drier (figure.13 developed by the College of Fisheries of the University of the Philippines In Visayas, burns coconut husks, firewood, or fish processing thesis rice hulls. Since both are relatively bland, a long tradition of preparing more flavorful products through fermentation of fish and shrimp has developed. This could be as a result of the fact that most of the coastal communities have no access to electricity to preserve and or process their products. The fish are gutted, washed, and arranged in clay pots or metal bowls, with alternating layers of salt and fish.

Selected readings Barile,. Methods of packaging and storage of fish products From the findings of our study fish product are less frequently stored at the landing sites. Halophilic or salt-tolerant bacteria or molds may grow on in- completely dried salted fish or on dry salted fish that have become moist. Very few units were provided by the Lagos State Government. The drum is mounted on a wooden frame that includes air vents and access doors on both ends of the drum. Sheet) n 7 combustion chamber FOR drying metal sheet (removable, used only FOR drying) (removed when used FOR smoking) exhaust valve hollow blocks chamber :F kindling exhaust back view valve (G.l. 11 Lyhs,., Fishery products quality, safety and authenticity. FAO, Rome, pp: 4-10.

Mineral elements like selenium, iodine (in marine species phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium and zinc are present in significant amounts in many fish species. Once used for storing fish, it should not be recycled for cooling freshly caught fish. Similar methods are used to produce nam-pia in Thailand and palls in the fish processing thesis Philippines. The long distance of distribution necessitates some processing and storage since preservation through refrigeration is not readily available ( Agbon., 2002 ). Delays in icing up to about six hours will still give reasonable quality for small pelagic fish, provided the fish are consumed promptly. The price of 25 kg of Dagaa was about US2.5, whereas 1 kg of good quality Nile perch was about US2 and that of low quality.4 at the time this study was conducted. As seen in figure.5, fuel burned in the stove (A) to heat water, which is then circulated through the generator (B) that contains a mixture of ammonia and water.

Evaluation of Fish Processing and Preservation

8, FAO, Rome, Italy. Fish should be handled with care. j i: i: :j: : i:i: :.:.- :j:j I: : : I: : :.3 :.- : : : :.:.3 Jo : :-, : S Sass _ - : : : : -: tsar. Women account for over 85 along Lake Victoria, Kenya, and generally play numerous roles in the fishery which may also influence uptake of any new technology offered. The products are packaged in cellophane and have a shelf life of 1 week in warm weather. Secondly the high demand of the processed fish products and the urge for quick sale in the market could make storage to be unnecessary. A, Isolation and identification of bacteria in retailed smoked fish within Bauchi Metropolis. How to cite this article:.O.A. Some of the traditional fish processing methods are associated with contamination which may be injurious to consumers. Structured open ended questionnaires were then administered to at least 30 randomly selected; fish processors, traders and transporters to validate information from the FGDs on the existing fish processing and preservation methods. At,.-.j,.j:,-i.j,.jj. Funds for this study were provided by nacosti (ncst/STI/5/003/374).

In Brazil and India, sardines are preserved by pressing and salting. G., Review of the exploitation pressures on the fisheries resources of Lake Victoria. j it- : : ajar i : j: a, jib.,.jj.i. Fish processing is the processes associated with fish and fish products between the time in which fish are caught or harvested and the time in which the final product is delivered to the customer. Research Report 172, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand. Losses occur in all operations from harvesting through handling, storage, processing and marketing. The solar plate collector uses black coated, corrugated metal to absorb the radiation. 733, FAO, Rome, Italy, pp: 1-46. Results are provided to students and their advisors, providing ample time to correct potential plagiarism concerns before the Final Draft is submitted. The most common spoilage reaction is the production of biogenic amino of which trimethylamine is the most important 9,. The Lake Victoria fisheries support both the valuable artisanal and commercial fishery.

However, wrapping the product a plastic bag reduces contact with the air. The bactericidal action of the smoke is considerably increased by the presence of salt in the fish. Bagoong is a Philippine fish processing thesis fermented fish or shrimp paste. The Graduate Writing Center can help. Fish smoking procedure for forced convection smokehouses. Fish should only come in contact with clean surfaces. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, USA. Processing of fish of unauthorized size (undersized fish) accounted for.5, which form a significant amount. The co-management survey: Co-managerial respective for Lake Victoria fisheries. These price differences indicate that fisherfolk opt for the low cost products probably for them to make relatively higher profits as compared to tilapia fish. Ethmalosa fimbriata, Caranx senegallus, Sardinella maderensis, Drepane africana, Cynoglossus monodis, Pseudotolithus senegalensis,.

MS Fisheries - Institute of Fish Processing Technology

If it is shaped into a tube and steamed, it is called chikuwa. Post harvest losses in the fisheries of Kainji Lake. From the study it was found that there were more women involved in fish processing than men, representing.2 for women and.8 for men. Air passes on both sides of the metal collector, becomes heated, and flows into the upright cabinet drier and through the trays. 7, the traditional energy sources in the study area were fuel wood, coal and electricity. 3 Hany El-Said,. Black film covers the bottom of the drier. Since a watertight container is used, the brine that is formed begins to cover the fish. Statistics of available energy sources for powering fish processing equipments in the study area are presented in Fig. Almost any waste biomass can serve as the fuel (figure.5.

Fish Processing Technologies in Nigeria: A Case Study

Centro de Investigaciones de la Industria Pesquera (citip Edificio. However these improved technologies give better shelf-life, than the traditional ones, but it is hypothesized that the fisherfolk consider the opportunity cost of improved prolonged shelf-life to initial input cost of improved technologies as insignificant. The surimi is then chopped in a cutter for 4 minutes while 30 g of salt per kg of fish are added. One advantage of these fish paste products is that the raw materials are not recognizable. Spoilage Patterns of Mackerel Ratrellicr fauhni Matsui part. Reducing these losses could increase protein availability, improve nutritional status, and elirnnate some of the need to import food. All the preparatory processing operations of washing, cutting, degutting, de-scaling, sorting, salting were performed manually. A Village-Sizc Solar Refrigerator. If fish is not sold fresh, preservation methods should be applied to extend its shelf-life. This, once again, accentuates the importance of primary processes. There is a dearth of information on the exact magnitude of post-harvest losses in fisheries. Food safety and products from aquaculture. Use of the solar dome dryer also significantly reduced contamination from insects, animals, and dust.

Drylllg Much of the fish in rural areas of the tropics Is preserved by sun drying. Further, sun-drying fishery products make them more prone to lipid oxidation because of exposure to light and oxygen. When in use, fish are placed on the bamboo supports and transparent plastic covers the top. In-depth interviews were conducted to at least one identified key informant from each category of existing fish processing and preservation methods at each site. Its history, status and effects. S., and Booth,. In some cases, the fish or shrimp retain their original form, but usually the end product is a liquid or paste. Fisheries Research, Department of Primary Industry,.O. Correspondence to: Onyango. In some areas, work has been done on ice-making machines that do not require gasoline, diesel oil, or electricity as an energy source. A major challenge identified by respondents was the seasonal availability of hardwood; confirming the prediction that fuel wood scarcity could arise from continued deforestation practices in Nigeria ( FAO, 1985 ). Since these products are generally derived through hydrolysis in the presence of high salt concentrations, they have good keeping qualities.

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However, most women devote their efforts, talents and skills to the well-being of the family, engagement in the fishing industries. Sardines preserving by pressing. Over 76 of the fish processors had formal education of up to 8 years of schooling. Limited smoking may lead to the products not drying adequately may lead to deterioration in quality during storage or when offered for sale in markets as confirmed fish processing thesis by the presence of fungal growth in some of the marketed fish products. It requires little maintenance and has no moving parts.

2: Processing techniques in use in Ibeju-Lekki LGA, Nigeria Fig. Ready to submit your thesis for review? The categories included fishermen, different fish processors, traders and transporters. Conditions and careful storage should continue through landing and marketing. Storage facilities at the landing sites are mainly required for sun-dried dagaa and smoked fish products. Phase I involved holding stakeholders meetings, whereas phase II included field studies through holding focus group discussions (FDGs) and administering of open ended questionnaires. i:ii:i:.:ss: T:s ifs:. The lack of appropriate methods to preserve the catch on board results in heavy losses.

According to Njai, packaging material should possess important characteristics, such as adequate strength to protect the packaged product from damage, be readily available and easy to use, including be clean to prevent contamination by undesirable substances. Paper presented at the symposium, Economics of Small Renew- able Energy Systems for Developing Countries, 2-, Sophia Antipolis, France. Thus, to consideration of these factors may open opportunities for improvement on the existing technologies or development of new ones. In addition, where stores were available, they were poorly ventilated leaving the ambient temperatures to prevail further exposing the fish product to high moisture content and insect attack, increasing contamination with microbes and post-harvest losses. Reported that food quality and safety associated with aquaculture products will differ from region to region and habitat to habitat and will vary according to the method of production and harvesting process. Tropical Development and Research Institute, 56/62 Gray's Inn Road, Lon- don WC1X 8LU, England (A. The solar agrowaste-fueled drier was designed and constructed in the Philippines (figure.12. Potential plagiarism identified after the. This study findings show that fish processors had very low levels of primary education which is attributed to high school drop-out resulting from early pregnancies, early marriages, low income in the families and attitude/perception towards education within the population. Cured Fuh Production in the liop-. Many species, including shark, may be used. Journal of Food Tcchrzology 20:573-580.

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D Thesis, Faculty of Agric. W., Namuyenga,., Otuya,., Owigar,., Kowenje,., Oduor,., and Lungayia,., Evaluation of the effectiveness of traditional Rastreneobola argentea sundrying process practiced along the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. Participants for the stakeholder meeting were drawn from the government departments, private sector, NGOs and local communities engaged in fishing, transportation of fish, processing and preservation of fish and fish traders in western Kenya. The ice maker fish processing thesis was built in Thailand at a cost of about US3,000. Geheb and K Crean (eds). Alr Dlstrlbujlon Holes / _ ' ' '. During this period, exposure, inadequate processing, and insect infestation take their toll. The traditional Ghanaian mud oven Is cylindrical, with a thatched cover (figure.14.

The top portion of the back wall has several screened warm-air outlets. Often fish are salted before they are smoked. Although the quality of end products was not determined, overall quality of the products were low especially products processed by sun-drying by placing fish directly on the ground (Fig. The quantity of fish each processing equipment fish processing thesis smoke-dried per batch depended on their various capacities and the number of drying trays available in the equipment. jamb -I T. E., Traditional fish processing and marketing of the Gambia. Intcrnatioral Agricultural Dcvelopmert 65:17. The most commonly used packaging material is the gunny bag, accounting for.6 followed by baskets made of papyrus reeds accounting for.6. Commonwealth Science Council, London,.K. Demographically it reported that women accounted for over 85 of the fisherfolk of which over 70 had basic level of education. Development of appropriate technology of fish processing in Nigeria. It j i:.:,.,j.,j. In Table 3, the major species observed at landing sites in the study area; Bonga ( Ethmalosa fimbriata Guinean barracuda ( Sphyraena afra Ballyhoo half beak fish ( Hemiramphus brasiliensis Hound needle fish ( Tylosurus crocodilus Keel tail needle.

The fish trays are stacked on top fish processing thesis of the oven. Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02136, USA (E. Heat guard #2.l. Lvfrp Technical Document II: 2000,. It has been estimated that as much as 50 of dagaa harvested is likely to deteriorate during one single rainy season. Studies on the sik-hae fermentation made by Bat fish. H., Damage to lysine in food processing: Its measurement and its significance.