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Mass production system essay

mass production system essay

Advertising, market research, transportation problems, licensing, and tariffs must all be considered in establishing a mass production operation. By the middle of the 19th century the general concepts of division of labour, machine-assisted manufacture, and assembly of standardized parts were well established. According to Ohno waste is the needless, repetitious, movement that must be eliminated as soon as possible. Up-to-the-minute knowledge of status is essential to effective response when difficulties such as the breakdown of a machine, the shortage of required materials or components, or the absence of important employees occur. At the same time, the need for coordination and communication between specialized members of the team becomes greater. In 1776 Adam Smith, in his Wealth of Nations, observed the benefits of the specialization of labour in the manufacture of pins. Medical services were also provided to the family members of the work force thus proving to be socially concerned.

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Toyota ensures equality in growth and promotional opportunities among its staff. It reduces changeover times, developing standardized work sheets, developing mistake-proofing procedures, solving quality problems and using 5S procedures to clean up and organise the workplace. Employees were given greater responsibilities and the company had full faith in their abilities to perform. The manufacturing related process is considered to be the technical part and the systems involved in manufacturing are Just-in-time and kanban. Manufacturing operations are wholly understaffed in technical areas. Provision of flexible working hours and child care facilities at the work place helped women perform to their full potential. The biggest challenge is the time it takes for the implementation. The assemblies pass by on a conveyor, or if they are heavy, hung from an overhead monorail. Toyotas organization was precisely structured. Just-in-time, it is defined as the coordinated and fast movement of parts throughout the production system and supply network to meet customer demands. Employees Team acquire skills from their leaders and were also encouraged to come up with their ideas on improvement. Similarly, industrial nations are strongly encouraged to retain and reinvest a significant fraction of their gross national product if national industries are to grow and to compete successfully in international markets. This motivated them to keep improving consistently.

Economic effects Mass production, with its heavy dependence upon mechanized facilities and high levels of production volume, presents great challenges for industrial leadership. Not only is productivity improved, but the remaining functions that require human effort can provide a more satisfying experience. Thus, it is extremely important to anticipate production demands accurately. Dedication to personal change and need to learn new things is the main culture of the Japanese. The workforce thus turned out to be reliable and was focused in improving the productivity. Visit m to see how we can help you! The next step may be selling the product into the market or the next internal process. Toyota believes its employees to be the catalysts of growth.

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The Ford production system had several other wastes among which the excess of products produced due to mass production strategy and defects or errors in the products are consider as the major waste by Eiji Toyoda. The inspection and quality test of these large amounts of products was average due to large batches of products. The development and use of specialized machines, materials, and processes. Many of the finished products were defective and required lot of technicians to fix the substandard products. So managers of the Japanese organisation were more competent. Another major issue followed was identifying the root cause for any problems that arises leads to the complete elimination of the problem and stopping it from repeating in the future.

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In England Marc Brunel, a French-born inventor and engineer, established a production line to manufacture blocks (pulleys) for sailing ships, using the principles of division of labour and standardized parts. Use of Assembly Lines in Mass Production. The day-to-day problems of monitoring the status of a major manufacturing complex are also immense. To manage change, it sometimes requires the organisation to just do it and then deal with the consequences. He also utilized the full work system. Characteristics of Mass Production, special purpose machines and product type layout : Special purpose machines are used and the plant assembly stages are laid out on the basis of product layout, the layout-by-sequence. Toyota fills in its vacancies by promoting the existing members of the organizations. At any given stage of technological development, the economies obtained by increasing production volume are largest in the initial stages of growth and level off as volumes are further increased. Such manufacturing processes attain high rates of output at low unit cost, with lower costs expected as volume rises. Ohno believed in people, he developed creativity within the workers and assigned responsibility inside them and developed lifetime employment concept. The assembly plant from which the finished automobile emerges is only the final element of a mass production operation that, for many companies, includes plants in several different countries. Industrial culture varies between countries.

This made their job interesting, thus highly motivating them. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Although earlier observers had noted this phenomenon, Smiths writings commanded widespread attention and helped foster an awareness of industrial production and broaden its appeal. Similarly, a production line is usually designed to operate most efficiently at a specified rate. Quality, many inherent flaws were found in the Ford production system. With it assembly time was cut from 18 minutes per magneto to five minutes. The entire production process is planned in detail, including the flows of materials and information throughout the process. Managers of Western countries looked to attain success in a short amount of time and they were not interested about the long term goals or benefits.

Read More on This Topic history of the organization of work: The coming of mass production. A team working environment resulted in a flexible workforce. This process leads to wastage. Mass production systems are usually organized into assembly lines. Even when there is a lag in a process at one system, the whole process stops and when the error is rectified at a particular station, the process continues. Mobility of workers thus paved way to effective utilizations of the companys resources. Whereas Production kanban is used to order production of the portion Source: Handout-Taiichi Ohno and the Toyota Production System). Companies implementing TPS need to make serious long-term investments to educate their culture so employees can adapt to use many of the Toyota way principles. Kaizen is also one of the most important elements of TPS and it is also known as continuous improvement. Clearly employers must be willing to compromise on the division and specialization of work tasks that technical considerations alone might suggest as desirable. These studies, which have led to the improved design of tools and work positions, are part of the broader field of human factors engineering, which considers the abilities and limitations of people in productive functions and seeks. Of special concern are plastic pollution, largely due to the mass production of single-use plastics; the problem of electronic waste, which is exacerbated by planned obsolescence by manufacturers; and the generation of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

The facilities were open to all regardless of the mass production system essay individuals position in the organization. The success of Fords operation led to the adoption of mass production principles by industry in the United States and Europe. When worker find any problem in the production line, he will pull the card called andon card. This makes production inflexible and means that all products have to be very similar or standardized and cannot be tailored to individual tastes. The mass production of automobiles The traditional example of mass production is the automobile industry, which has continued to refine the basic principles originally laid down by Henry Ford and other pioneers of mass production techniques. Every member of Toyota was thus assured of a safe job if they performed consistently.