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Essay on makar sankranti for kids

essay on makar sankranti for kids

In Karnataka kids wear new cloths and visits near and dear ones with Sankranti offerings. The people of Maharashtra wish each other by saying Tilgul Ghya Aani God God Bola (Take the sweets and talk sweet words). If you liked my humble attempt to provide information, then please let me know in the comment section below. Many melas are conducted on this day. What is the significance of black color on this day? In some parts of, andhra Pradesh, the festival is known as Peddala or Pedda. It is believed that all sins are washed away by taking bath in the Ganges on this day. The Scientific/Geographical Importance of Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan Festival. Some reasons essay on makar sankranti for kids are religious and some are scientific. Dont use headers in the essay.

Makar, sankranti, uttarayan Festival 2019, essay, Speech, Paragraph

But how many of know that why do we celebrate Makar Sankranti? This essay on Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan could be useful for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and college/school students too. In Himachal Pradesh it is known as Magha Saaji. In our life, everything is like a movement. In Punjab it is known as Maghi. Try to maintain a flow between sections. India is a land of culture and traditions and we, Indians respect them a lot. Makar Sankranti Uttarayan Festival 2019 Essay, Speech, Paragraph. This auspicious festival is observed in different name with minor differences in rituals and customs in the states of India: Tamil Nadu, pongal. After the Makar Sankranti, the Sun starts its journey essay on makar sankranti for kids in the northern hemisphere.

Makara essay on makar sankranti for kids Sankranti is celebrated differently in different region. According to Vedic astrology, Lord Sun and Lord Shani cannot go well. It is known as Sankranti or Sakraat or Khichdi and Teel Barfi are made on this festival. Uttarayan where the days will become longer and warmer. Being the last day of winter, this day turns out to be the coldest day of the entire season. The whole atmosphere is filled with joy and festive vibes. In Tamil Nadu, people refer this festival. Each state has its own name for Makra Sankranti. Share this on WhatsApp, makar Sankranthi : Makar Sankranthi is a Hindu Festival, celebrated in the name of Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Makar Sankratnthi also marks the end of winter season. Many of us must have these questions in our minds but most of us dont know the answers to those questions.

Sankranthi, orissa, makar Mela, bengal, ganga Sagar Mela and Pithey Parban. It is more prominently known as the Harvest Festival; the day on which farmers are happy as they are going to see the fruits of their long term efforts. This essay is very useful for school like class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, and college students like class 11th, 12th for an essay, speech competitions on the various topics like Religious Importance of Makar. Article last re-published on January 1, 2017. It is a harvest festival. According to Mahabharata, wounded Bhishma chose to linger and leave his body on Makar Sankranti so that he can get heavenly home. One famous festival that is considered auspicious by people of all states in India is Makar Sankranthi. Its a festival of harvest, which marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara Rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path. Apart from these, Makar Sankranthi is considered as the beginning of holy phase. In South India Makar Sankranti is known as Pongal. But this year, we will celebrate Makar Sankranti this year on 15th January 2019. .

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Makar Sankranti festival is dedicated to the Sun(Surya) which has great importance in Hindu culture. Fortunately, all people who came before essay on makar sankranti for kids us have moved on (after life and people who come after us (new born) are waiting for us to move on, thats the true things which are not deniable. Makar Sankranthi represents the end of winter. Why we fly kites? The day falls in the month of January every year. Makar Sankranthi : (Brief Essay indian festivals are very well known for their rituals and customs. People pray to the sun and thank it for the success and prosperity. Essay Ends Here-, read Also: Pongal Essay. Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara Rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path hence it is called Makar Sankranti and it is also believed to mark the arrival of the spring season in India.

essay on makar sankranti for kids

Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion. Different Names for Makar essay on makar sankranti for kids Sankranti All Over India. Advertisements: Makar Sankranti falls in the month of Pausa when the sun enters the sign Makar or Capricorn. Tips for Essay on Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan. The Makara Sankranti festival is celebrated all across India with different names and significance.

As per the English Calendar, it is celebrated on 14th January every year. The festival day is highly auspicious and devotees pray Lord Surya with great dedication. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana it is known as Sankranti and celebrated for four days. The Religious/Spiritual Importance of Makar Sankranti Festival. Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara Rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path.

Makar, sankranthi : (Brief, essay )

I hope you guys liked the article. Total: 40 Average:.4. The day after Makar Sankranti is known as Karidin or Kinkrant. Having a conclusion or summary of an essay is essential while writing an essay. On this Kinkrant day, the female deity who is known as devi, slayed the demon Kinkarasur. Makar Sankranthi is a Hindu propitious festival that is celebrated not only in India, but also in our neighbor country Nepal.

According to the ancient myths, Makar Sankranti is the day on which Lord Surya visits Lord Shani. Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun starts its northern movement hence this day marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Sankranti meaning is Movement. In Bihar and Jharkhand it is celebrated on 14th and 15th January. Short Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi, short Paragraph on Janmashtami. Makar Sankranthi is the harvest festival which brings happiness to farmers. People make sweets(Tilgul) made with sesame seeds(Til jaggery(gud) and share them with everyone. Farmers are ready to harvest their long awaited efforts. Hence on Makar Sankranti, bitter past is forgotten and new beginning is started. It is considered that the Sankranti was a deity and based on legend, the Sankranti killed an evil (demon) named Sankarasur. Good things start to happen after Makar Sankranthi, is what religious people believe. Article Title: An Essay on Makar Sankranti for Students, Kids, Youth, and Children.

It is also celebrated in Nepal, and a few other parts of the world. You dont need to be positive all the time for conclusion, it can be a mix of both emotions. The festival marks the end of sowing the seeds in farming and nearly the end of work in the field, hence, its the time for people to enjoy with their family, socializing and celebrating around the bonfires singing folk songs. Children, as well as grown-ups, enjoy flying kites. Makar Sankranti or Makar Sankranthi or Uttarayan is a popular Hindu festival, celebrated in many parts of India with different name. In this essay, speech, Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan, we have given all the information about Makar Sankranti and Uttarayan youll need. Makar Sankranti festival falls in winter, hence eating sesame and jaggery is considered beneficial to health as they are warm foods. Well, there are some reasons behind. On this day in Maharashtra, people prepares special Tilguls aka Ladoos.

Makar, sankranti for, students, Kids, Youth, and Children

People wear black colored clothes and chant the Shani mantra to impress Shani Graha(Saturn) as black is the color of Shani and Shani is the believed to be the son of Surya(sun). In south this festival is called Pongal. The festival marks the start of an auspicious period of next six months called. But you are here now. Makar Sankranthi falls on, january 15 for the year 2015, the most famous mela held on Makar Sankranthi is Khumba Mela, that comes once in 12 years. Pongal for four days. The significance of Black Color on Makar Sankranti. This day, Sun transits it path to the zodiac sign Makar (Capricorn). Suggi Habba, Makar Sankramana in Karnataka, Thai Pongal, Uzhavar Thirunal in Tamilnadu, Maghi in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, Khichdi in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Poush Sankranti in West Bengal. Gujarat and Rajasthan, uttarayan, assam, bohali Bihu, karnataka. What is the religious, spiritual as well as scientific relevance of the celebrating it? The traditions, rituals and celebrations differs from state to state. Makar Sankranti has religious as well as scientifical significance.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 14th. I hope you guys can help us to translate this essay on makar sankranti for kids article into regional Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati and other. In Punjab, Lohri is the Harvest Festival. Kumbha Mela is the most famous which is held once in 12 years in four holy locations. It is the only festival that is celebrated on the same day except few exceptions. The same festival is celebrated with similar customs in Punjab and Tamil Nadu In different names. In Assam it is celebrated as Bhogali Bihu which is a harvest festival. Lord Shani was ruling Makar Rashi.

Makar, sankranti, festival, essay in English (300 Words)

On Makar Sankranti day, Lord Sun meets his son Lord Shani. In Tamil Nadu, the Harvest festival is named Pongal. Each state has its own name for Makra Sankranti. Did you know, Makar Sankranti, is the only Indian festival celebrated on a fixed calendric day of the solar calendar? Tips for Essay on Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranthi : (Brief Essay). Indian festivals are very well known for their rituals and customs. 5 lines on makar sankranti in english. Healthy Foods for Kids Healthy Foods for Kids : Children are growing day after (11,232). Makar Sankranti or Makar Sankranthi or Uttarayan is a popular Hindu festival, celebrated in many parts of India with different name.

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