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Strategic analysis starbucks essays

strategic analysis starbucks essays

On an international scale, these firms must gain expertise on how to import beans from each different country and keep detailed tabs on political upheavals and changes to policies. A market leader in the coffee industry in 2006 in UK its share prices decreased unexpectedly and consumers cafe survey in 2008 claimed it had poor quality and was overpriced(Hickman, 2008). 27 P a g e Its marketing capability and innovation capability are its core competences, however as seen in the swot Matrix, its financial capability requires Strategic Stretch. It is depicted that the market will grow to a value.51 billion in 2015. However, with the entry of new players such as the fast-food chain giants McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks dominance in the specialty coffee industry is being threatened.

Strategic, analysis, of, starbucks, corporation

This is an added value to strategic analysis starbucks essays the brand. Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Overall, the collective impact of the five forces is moderate. The business wants to upgrade or build new stores that are made out of recycled and renewed materials that would be able to consume 50 less energy around the vertisingThe Starbucks marketing strategy is not one commonly seen in many businesses today. Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2010. However, its growth has slowed down and it has even had to close in some locations. However, the stabilization and improvement of the global economic condition will lead to an increase of the premium coffee consumer base. In addition, with the rising of environmental awareness, coffee firms need to pay more attention to the sustainability of all stakeholders in the valued chain. J., kerr,., kimura,. This has convinced buyers to shift to cheaper alternatives. Starbucks was affected by the 2009 economic slowdown and posted a decrease in revenues.

Source: Starbucks, 2011, with the exception of 2009, Starbucks has outperformed the previous year with at least a 10 increase in total revenues. Higher coffee consumption in foreign markets than in the.S. In-store WiFi Digital Content Network(Charles,2011) Legal High coffee trade regulations(Grant,2010) Environmental. American Industry Overview: Roasted Coffee. The dissertation includes an overview of Starbucks, financial analysis and a detailed synopsis of the specialty coffee industry and the role that Starbucks plays. Weaknesses include operation (product recalls Datamonitor, 2010 negative brand perception, market share, taste and accessibility(picture 1,2 3 and its Starbuck experience does not give high value for money like the price charged. Starbucks is in a growth market and has a relative good position. The dissertation ends with recommendations on how Starbucks can reduce vulnerability when facing economic downturn and grow as an international business. So, as recession is the most important factor, Starbucks has to lower costs and increase the value. Instead, they are shifting to options with lower prices. Starbucks joins Nike and Apple in the big league of no-name logos. Starbucks has taken steps to be a part of the mobile computing revolution. Its current strategy of one community at a time is excellent to increase marketshare because consumers have to find Starbucks more accessible than Costa as shown in (picture1,2,3) and as stated earlier location is also a KSF.

Strategic, analysis swot, analysis of, starbucks, corporation

Exploring corporate strategy : text cases, Harlow, FT Prentice Hall. In the past, Starbucks showed strategic analysis starbucks essays strong marketing abilities without running a TV advertisement. Available: content-roll-out/ Accessed. Similarly, coffee firms reduced sugar levels in beverages and food offerings to satisfy the low-sugar intake demand (Wall Street Journal, 2009). The last section is the recommendations. The external analysis starts with the pestel analysis, which outlines the macro environment of the coffee industry. Figures, captions and in-text referencing are excluded from the word count. This MoU will give Starbucks a foot into the proverbial door of the Indian coffee market (Starbucks, 2011). 21 P a g e Strategic Directions Already an industry standard, Starbucks strategic lock in(Johnson., 2008) and its strong strategic capabilities will contribute to better strategic options.

Price Volatility of coffee which dependson demand and supply.(Grant,2010). Due to large amounts required - Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero still buy from independent farmers who have unions backing them(Porter, 1979 hence suppliers have medium power. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! Table x shows the revenue changes for the last five years: Diagram 2: Starbucks Revenue Trends. An advocacy brand that attracts repeat consumers, it creates a strategic analysis starbucks essays strong brand with a healthy use of social media marketing(Woodward, 2011). Despite Starbucks dominate position over the past two decades, a number of small, individual and family-owned coffeehouses have sprouted. Million, source: Morningstar, 2012, starbucks considers itself a premium coffee provider, even in the economic downturn (Jargon, 2009).

Moreover, Starbucks is using less leverage and has a stronger equity position. Swot Analysis Specify your target market: Starbucks strives to provide its target market with products that fit their needs and wants. Current coffee shops strategic analysis starbucks essays are unable to absorb the price increase due to VAT increase and extremely high coffee prices(Mintel, 2011b this is unlikely to attract new small entrants. It gives importance to fair trade practices. Market Focus 2010: Top Markets: Food, Catering Drink Volume. A higher ratio means a better current liquid position. Busier Lifestyles increase preference for seated coffee bars(Mintel,2011). Advertise and create a stronger brand, for consumers to differentiate between true coffee shops andnon-specialty stores. Opportunity/Threat O1 O2 O3 O4 O5 T1 T2 T3 T4 Strength/weakness Increase in working women with busier lifestyles Use of technology: Social Media and Geo- fencing Value for money trend Importance of Localisation Expected future growth for UK market Higher.

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32 P a g. Schultz was nonetheless successful in convincing the founders to open a concept coffee shop that would incorporate his vision of coffee culture. Next, a comprehensive swot matrix will integrate exogenous and endogenous factors and give possible strategies based on all previous analysis. The factors are: P olitical, e conomic, s ocial, t echnological, l egal, e nvironmental, in this article, I am discussing the. This means the brands they buy from should abide by social and environmental norms during production. As coffee retailers that are dependent upon consumers discretionary spending, the results of their operations are sensitive to changes in macro-economic conditions. 24 P a g e Starbucks to exploit its brand awareness to create a positive perception and also to exploit its Tazo brand by advertising it in order to gain more market share in a tea drinking nation. Although its business has picked up in 2011 with an increase in operating profits, Starbucks has lost its market leader position to Costa, a chain coffee shop business owned by Whitbread plc. Starbucks has evolved into a great success due to their implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications. Some other factors to consider are: Tax policy, employment laws, impacts of Economic Factors on Starbucks. They fret about social and environmental costs of the brands. This way it can retain its consumer base and also gain consumer loyalty. Therefore, many coffee firms faced a sharp decrease in revenue and profit during the economic crisis.

Figure 3 Coffee Shop Industry Value Forecast for UK (Mintel, 2011b) Porters Five Forces and pestle Analysis The environmental analysis is described below (figure4) and (figure5). Internet is important to the consumers. Consistently merchandising its promotions nationally, with stores dealing with individual suppliers. Thus, the rate of profit in the industry is highly concentrated upon the major industry players, particularly Starbucks. 0 P a g e starbucks UK Strategic Management Report By Navneet Madan. Shown in Figure9, when compared to its close competitor Costa, Starbucks has core competences such differentiation strategic analysis starbucks essays focus strategic advantage differentiation overall cost leadership cost leadership focus Differentiation Positioning Low Cost Positioning.

Consumers in the US are also becoming more and more conscious of ethics. Impacts of Political Factors on Starbucks. Some of the other environmental factors Starbucks should worry about are: Environmental rules and regulations Environmental disasters in countries which produce coffee beans Global warming and other environmental issues in a global level Impacts of Legal Factors on Starbucks. Geo-fencing technology marketing (Mintel,2011). Strategy Industry Key Success Factors Location(Keynote,2010b) Financial capability Market share Differentiation, medium Pricing strategic analysis starbucks essays Strategy and quality(Mintel,2010b) Quickcoffee on the go Fast pacedinnovation Brandawareness, loyalty andBrand perception(Mintel,2010) Competitive Advantage The Starbucks experience Is it still valued? Visit m to see how we can help you! Swot Analysis of StarbucksStrengthStarbucks Corporation, a global coffee brand, has a solid financial foundation with earnings over six hundred million in year 2004 and this figure is expected to Starbucks Marketing Mix Essay 1479 words - 6 pages Starbucks. Although it lags behind Costa, its mission to be a community coffee shop and its contribution. 7th.: John Wiley Sons. Moreover, Cafe Nero is much smaller than the two. Marketing can also help increase the value of the product.

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Taxation level, impacts of Socio-Cultural Factors on Starbucks. Its marketing capability has always been one of its core strength(Starbucks, 2011 hence it is feasible for Starbucks to advertise to gain marketshare. Financial Analysis, in this section, the financial performance of Starbucks during the last five years will be evaluated. Successfully reported this slideshow. It is also pursuing more opportunities to open more community stores(Starbucks, 2011). It is often seen as the most effective analytical tools to analyze the impacts of external issues. Others factors that might affect the company are: Introduction of stricter customs and trade regulations Licensing regulations related to the industry.

strategic analysis starbucks essays

Innovative capability: can help Starbucks innovate products and advertising can express its innovation capability to differentiate its products. Its partnership with Apple to bring app based discount coupons is helping it ride the mobile wave easily. The café appeared to function as a meeting place for Italians, where they would socialize and spend time in leisure. Considering the legal factors, the coffee strategic analysis starbucks essays industry faces strict international agreements on environmental policy, such as strict requirements for firms to recycle. The global hot drinks market grew.6 in 2010 to reach a value of 87,152.3 million with a volume of 7,219.8 million kilograms consumption. (longer shelf life; p10). . This means spending by older consumers will decrease. The profitability analysis evaluates the overall operating efficiency, asset productivity, return on assets, and return on equity of the company. Winning Strategies for Food and Drink Brand Loyalty. 5 P a g e Figure 1 Industry Life Cycle: UK Coffee Retailing Market (Grant, 2010) Figure 2 Coffee Shops Growth Rate (Source: Mintel,2010a) While half of consumers who drink coffee visit coffee shops, this figure has remained unchanged.

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According to the Associated Press, premium brands of food and specialty coffees are among the top areas where people are trimming their spending. Differentiation, medium PricingStrategy and quality(Mintel,2010b) 3.5 Quick coffee onthe go 5 0 0 Fastpaced innovation 5 4 1 Brand awareness, loyalty and Brand perception(Mintel,2010 ) 4 5 2 Critical SuccessFactors Financial capability 5 5 2 Strong in Social. From 2009 to 2011, gross margin, net margin, ROA and ROE were on upward trends. Rapid growth is taxing SCOs (p11; also see Strengths #7). . For example: exactly the pattern Resources Tangible Net loss in UK 52,106,0 (Mintel,2011b) Total Physical Assets: 5672.6 million (Grant,2010) Intangible Technology:Its. Given the aggressive international expansion plan, with diverse risks in the domestic market, we expect this upward trend will continue. Therefore, in order to increase marketshare Starbucks must also continue advertising to gain more consumers and revitalize its brand to hold current consumers. Mintel forecasts positive growth till 2015, but UK is expected to face another round of recession(Mintel, 2011b) hence, a slower growth till 2012 (figure2). Though it will face aggressive retaliation from Costa, Whitbread plc brand, Starbucks has sufficient resources to compete. From 2008 to 2009, Starbucks had clearly been declining compared to its main competitors and to the market (Jennings, 2009). UK is a tea drinking nation, and increase in ageing population does not have a positive effect on coffee shop visitation(Keynote, 2010b). Starbucks is bottom of high street coffee test.

Starbucks also continues to market and grow the Starbucks card through cross promotions and in-store marketing. These profitability ratio increases have positioned Starbucks in strategic analysis starbucks essays a greater financial situation. Shown in swot Matrix, Starbucks main issue is its diluted Starbucks Experience that doesnt express value for money which should improve to create a sustainable differentiation-based advantage(Berns., 2009). Starbucks wants to be certified "green". China will become the second largest market. The revenues were on an upward trend after 2009 and the total revenues reached a record-level performance.7 Billion dollars in 2011(Starbucks, 2011). Starbucks collaborates with large retailers in growing its sales. In addition, Starbucks also has intangibles such as established relationships with Kraft foods(Datamonitor, 2010 Yahoo for in-house digital networking connectivity(Charles, 2011 02 to take advantage of geo-fencing marketing abilities(Mintel, 2011b).

There should be an analysis to see where the Frappuccino lost its appeal. There is a high correlation stating that Starbucks brand image contributes.5 to its high stock price(Perera., 2009). 15 P a g e faced.S where McDonalds coffee was rated to taste better than Starbucks. Then, the financial ratios analysis includes financial profitability and health. Effectively leveraging its brand-name and size (p20). Starbucks is cutting energy used in stores. I have divided and organized these issues according to the pestle factors. Sustainability and Competitive Advantage. Lower marketshare: can be further lowered by non specialty stores. Good health and foodstuffs associated with healthy living are important in todays market place. Its commitment to quality (p7 values (p8 principles (8).

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Its Six Guiding Principles. Although Starbucks has reached that stage in. Starbucks has financial strength with a healthy surplus of free cash flow to fund its initiatives (Starbucks, 2010). This will be achieved by constant product innovation and diversified product offerings to satisfy the consumers needs. This means that the firm can still influence the buying power by offering cheaper products. Pestle analysis of Starbucks. First, the key financial indicators will be given to illustrate the whole picture of Starbucks financial performance. Financial Health Analysis Diagram 4: Financial health ratios for Starbucks Source: Morningstar, 2012 From FY2008 to 2011, Starbucks had a relative high current ratio, meaning that the companys short-term assets were readily available to pay off its short-term liabilities. It is an extended version. Strategic market management, Wiley, c2005. For this reason, the company wants to adhere to social and environmental norms.

Analysis of, starbucks, essay

Marketing Mix: Product: Starbucks features a variety of strategic analysis starbucks essays hand-crafted Strategic Choice and Evaluation 966 words - 4 pages satisfy the need of the product. The economic element is characterized by the general economic conditions in the non-controllable environment that the coffee industry operates. Operation(product recalls This can have an impact on further consumer purchase. Concretely defining its brand-image (p20). Sign in, available only to authorized users, add this document to saved. Nevertheless, its extremely overpriced coffee constitutes to consumers perception that it cares only about profits not excluding the fact that it supports huge causes and charities(Starbucks,2011). This paper will provide a comprehensive internal analysis on a specific evaluation of Starbucks and its performance as well as a detailed analysis of the coffee industry and the external environment that Starbucks operates. Strategic direction is shown in the figure12 below. However, the asset turnover kept stable with a slightly decrease, indicating that the productiveness of the assets acquired by Starbucks was remaining the same.

Since this is a KSF, if it does not expand to other locations in every community, it will be at a disadvantage; hence the return is higher than the risk. From adults to young adults to kids and teens, Starbucks has something for everyone to enjoy. Since the 1990s, when Howard Schultz brought the idea and concept of an Italian Espresso bar to the United States, specialty coffee sales have grown to 28 of industry revenues. Although the product has high differentiation there is variety of differentiated options available and combined with lower disposable income this contributes to medium buyer power. It has worked with Apple and introduced strategic analysis starbucks essays discounted coupons via iPhone apps. Infrequent consumption in a tea nation(Mintel,2011). In 1982, the founders were joined by an entrepreneur named Howard Shultz who functioned as the firms Director of Retail Operations and Marketing (Garza, 2010).

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This was mainly driven by increased sales leverage, though partially offset by higher commodity cost (mainly coffee costs) and higher expensed to support the direct distribution model for package coffee and tea. Moreover, using a clown Ronald McDonald to attract youngsters is quite brilliant. Recommendation All strategies provided above to become a market leader in UK must be followed and all are suitable, acceptable and feasible. Diagram 5: the five competitive forces in the coffee industry (Extracted from Datamonitor) To sum up the five-forces analysis, it can be concluded that the coffee industry today is generally attractive and highly competitive. Starbucks bases of competitive strategy is differentiation focus(Johnson., 2008). Increase value and extrinsic offerings to consumers that brings Starbuckss Experience to a whole other level from other coffee shops Threats Penetrationof non-specialty coffee shops Energy Drink Popularity Coffee Price Volatility. NRS Social Groups Online.

Particularly, improvements in technology allow new ways of customer interaction (Buckstein, 2010) and lower advertising costs (Steel, 2008). Market Penetration: To gain marketshare to have advantage and become market leader(Johnson., 2008). The quick ratio is a liquidity indicator. 18 P a g e Concluding Internal and External Analysis As shown in the value chain(Figure10 Starbucks rare and inimitable capabilities include marketing, continuous innovation, human-resource(culture financial strength and relationship with suppliers. Ability to buy in bulk, increase in capital requirements, and access to target market specific locations will discourage small entrants. Picture 1 (Mintel, 2011b) Picture 2(Mintel, 2011b). According to WPP, when a brand reaches the Bonding stage, it has emotional benefits and is willing to pay much higher. The pestle analysis above proves that Starbucks has a quite stable external environment. Starbucks high quality is no longer an excuse to charge extremely high prices, as quality is established by all competitors including Costa (Mintel, 2011b espresso machines(Grant, 2010) and instant coffees. Please note that this report contains 3209 words. Berns,., townsend,., khayat,., balagopal,., reeves,., hopkins,. Academy of Management Executive.