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Essay on air breathing fishes

essay on air breathing fishes

In the absence of fresh air, life forms will die. Waterlife, essay on air breathing fishes conservationfuture, a drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man. We need oxygen present in the air to breathe. Non-renewable natural resources should not be wasted. Not only have that plants transpired water vapour which cools down the surrounding atmosphere. Non-renewable resources need to be used judiciously and with care. Plants serve as food for man and other creatures. Likewise, water is essential for the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Use wastewater or gray water from the bath, washing machines or dish washing on the garden. Plants require sunlight for carrying out photosynthesis.

Essay on air breathing fishes

Life forms including plants need air to essay on air breathing fishes survive. Marine animals often mistakenly swallow. Ponds, lakes, rivers are our only sources of freshwater. Likewise, if coal is wasted it takes millions of years to be re-created naturally. Humans need water to drink.

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Noise radiates from vibrating surfaces and vibrating gases. Once they get over they are permanently over. It is usually very blank or flat in taste. But if water is not available how are they supposed to grow food? Man-made products also need natural essay on air breathing fishes resources for their production. Here are some ways by which we can save water. Amount of water in infant is much higher, averaging to 75-80 dropping to 65 by one year of age. These natural resources help keep up life.

A pristine forest cover provides immense ecological benefits that a re-created forest cannot give. Once that is crossed essay on air breathing fishes it will be hard to retrieve. If there is no air to breathe we cannot survive. They may be renewable or non-renewable. Saline water is, however, unfit for consumption. Air is available around us at all times.

We depend on plants for our food. Aquatic creatures like fishes can survive only in water bodies. If these resources are absent, life will vanish from Earth. However sound pollution essay in english are not that prominent compared sound pollution essay in english their role in preventing Noise Pollution. We should save it to the utmost extent that we can. Along with water, food chain is also linked. It might also contain small rocks and algae. We have many needs and wants. A healthy ecological system keeps the hydrological cycle too in balance. Sunlight and water are also natural resources.

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Non-renewable resources should not be wasted or abused as they are limited. Construction noises created by the construction of tall buildings, roads, highways, city streets, etc through the use of pneumatic hammers, essay on air breathing fishes bulldozers, air compressors, dump trucks, loaders, pavement breakers, etc. As humans we should appreciate the natural resources and use them judiciously so that their benefits may be derived by all life forms. Minerals that are obtained from the earth are also non-renewable. Changes in breathing amplitude also occurs due to impulsive noises.

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Man and all herbivorous animals depend on plants for their food. When air is used by us for breathing, it does not diminish in volume. The oxygen present in the air that surrounds is what we need to breathe and stay alive. Human body is comprised of 50-65 water. Turn off tap while brushing your teeth.