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Violence in fight club essay

violence in fight club essay

Buddhism is known to have said that the source of all suffering comes from wanting something. Sports for some is a mode of attaining fame, for some it is their job. The narrator says What you end up doing, is you spend your life searching for a father and God. Meaning we become dependant and needy for material possessions. Fight Club is a support organization whose main aim is to escape disappointments and to assist release emotions that are built-up. It can show that he is either brave or a coward, or strong or weak. The irony is that, Fight Club appears to also have a nature of therapy making it possible for members to meet other people with comparable emotions. They desired to show the men and women freedom through enslaving them and exhibit courage again through frightening them. It can therefore be dismissed that only unintelligent people would have the sense to be in a fight, seeing as we have software engineers doing.

Justification of Human, violence, through, fight, club

In other words, there is nothing there for him to lose. They then create fight club, a weekly gathering where two men are put together to brawl against each other in a circle of shouting man. Some people choose to express their anger with a different violence witch targets others. Tyler is an extension of Jack, and only he sees him, but whatever Tyler has ever said to anyone or done, it was really Jack. The main idea though, is to put more meaning to your life than that new. He is struggling with severe mental illness, dissociating from reality and becoming another person entirely. This is inspired by the movie, and these people that fight do it to exert their anger and frustration into something physical. They had it on these logs that were like rollers and most of the laves pushed this god while the rest picked up the last log and hustled it around to the front. He says in the movie In the world I see you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. We have to go to work every day. What Jack eventually finds out is that Tyler is his own split personality.

He begins to understand that he truly doesn't need his belongings through his transformation thanks to Tyler. Repeated watching of such sports unconsciously affects the very psyche of the young which ultimately reflect in their behaviour in their social environment. These things have happened and are very unfortunate to have done. Violence is actually not the key to information and enlightenment. Tyler wanted to teach the world this and planned on using his followers to accomplish this. It is dishonourable and untrue to the true nature and message of Fight Club. A world where skyscrapers and highways are but remnants of an old life, and civilization has downgraded into a society of those who only perform what they need to, and are not bound by industries. This merely re-emphasises what is being said. Justification of Human Violence Through Fight Club specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, we have created war amongst each other, creating weapons and advancing our sciences for the sake of finding new and better ways of killing each other.

Violence in, fight, club

When freedom comes with hands dabbed inside blood, it is difficult to shake hands as evident in the novel. When the Any Man says, "Losing all hope was freedom he is referring to the alienation from the world that he felt in his life, his disillusionment. These teenagers get caught and arrested after they make DVDs of the fight to sell online. If wanting something is suffering, then violence in fight club essay we have created it ourselves and surrounded ourselves with. Violence has been dominated in the entire lives of the individuals in the book as a way of escape. There are other fight club that are started by teens, but they are unfortunate in the fact that sometimes a person is unwilling to fight and is beaten by his attacker. Fight Club was created because of the first night with Jack and Tyler, and Tyler says How much can you know about yourself if youve never been in a fight. What you have to consider is the possibility that God doesnt like you. This is where I believe the books satire comes into play, as these men blame femininity and women (see: Marlas portrayal in the narrator's eyes throughout much of the book) instead of the very obvious class disparity that had put them in this situation. They agree to different days so that he can be alone and they ironically become close by the end of the book, due to the fact that Jack is constantly bitter towards her while she is at the self help meetings.

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Some of violence in fight club essay Tyler Durdens speech and actions reflect toxically masculine beliefsfor example, that this repression is due to feminization (and not, say, capitalist power structures and social conditioning). Sigmund Freud developed many theories and ideas about the human mind and explores society and its effects on people. Through fighting, the characters are able to give up their emotions and ultimately relax. Tyler leads this whole thing, with Jack at his side, but Fight Club grows more and more into a cult, and Tyler creates his own personal army which he call project mayhem, which has the sole purpose of bringing. I cant be argued that religion has in fact created war, hatred towards other beliefs and murder. Sports also help in inculcating a certain discipline as well as the spirit of brotherhood or the team spirit in the sports persons. Some do it as their hunger to compete and win, while the others take it as an enjoyment to watch. Once his apartment is blown up and all of his possessions are lost, and he mourns greatly because his possessions were to him, his life, and his proof that he exists. It can be questioned as to weather or not God is the reason people act violently. This helps him to sleep until his lie is reflected by a woman who starts to do the same thing. The author uses violence as a way of boosting the self esteem of the character in their everyday lives. What he means by this is that gods used to be beings of unforeseen knowledge with the ability to control the element and do as they please, but we have reached an age where we can control our. The injuries which may be for lifetime may be a cause of greater torture and helplessness than death itself.

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This is near to what Tyler Durden teaches about losing touch with personal possessions and going back to the violence in fight club essay hunter gatherer sense and also being able to do what you want. Moreover, the members of space monkeys make use of violence for a taste of power. Throughout the history of the Human Race, violence and destruction is a reoccurring theme. Later in this text, he states that It was discovered that a person becomes neurotic because he cannot tolerate the amount of frustration which society imposes on him in the service of its cultural ideals, and it was inferred. In Fight Club, the father figure is what is expected to be seen as a persons view of god. Its from a kid named Lester in a book called The Brimstone Journals. Fight Club certainly promotes violence, but it does it in a way so others dont have to become involved if they choose. This is the ignorant side of fighting. He wants to bring civilization back to its primitive roots because its better than the narrowed society and community that we have worked so hard to make for ourselves. Most of the scenes have mainly to do with the materialism in their society and its limits on the freedom, which the characters are trying to obtain.

We want to be happy, we have to buy a new coffee table, if we want that then we have to work, if we have to do that, we have to be unhappy. This is not the worst thing that could happen. The main objective was to teach each individual; in violence in fight club essay the project that he had the power and audacity to control the past. The jocks would crap their pants. They continue to do this every few nights and eventually gather a crowd of other men that want to fight as well. In modern society we view ourselves as socially and economically evolved people when comparing ourselves to our ancestors, who were barbaric and uncivilized in comparison. He doesn't need these things to be free to live his life the way he really wanted.

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Why does a violent and gory movie become so popular? Yet the routine and sense of powerlessness this situation has given him have turned him into someone he doesnt recognize. He says It is only when we have nothing that we are free to do anything. Again, violence has been used as a doorway of self-realization. To cure his insomnia, he goes to cancer meetings and other such help group. We will write a custom essay. All the same, it is not an answer to resolving awful fate, well taking into account the unlucky fate of the narrator. As if the alternative they have left is how they are going to die and they desire to die in a fight. With the help of Fight Club and the theories of Sigmund Freud, we have developed a better understanding as to the reasoning of actual fight clubs. He is talking about his mother working days and his dad working nights, saying All so they can buy more crap.

Which kept him from the freedom of living a fulfilling life, being truly alive. Were constantly told to buy things we dont need, and just for a couple hours we have the freedom to do what we want. It is her where he is allowed to cry and have everyone around him assume the worst. There are non-permanent bruises which symbolize recognition of the people who are escaping their disconsolate feelings inside them. He says (pg38) What we call our civilization is largely responsible for our misery, and that we should be much happier if we gave it up and returned to primitive conditions. This is the main goal of Tyler Durden in Fight Club. We can see that they are not events where the innocent are beaten, but rather gatherings where men can exhort their anger and frustration into a physical manifestation of punches and kicks.

It is a way violence in fight club essay of escape for the narrator, Tyler who formed the Fight Club and other many men who flock into the Fight Club also. Violence is the narrators vehicle for a sense of self. It is a good way to get ride of anger and frustration compared to how others have done it before. We are able to alter DNA, remove and fertilise embryos, and the list goes. The violence use dominates the characters; acting as a way of escape, a doorway to self-realization and an instrument for control as well as a boost up of self-esteem. However, there are some that have actually started real fight clubs and follow the teachings of the fictional character of Tyler Durden. The bad guy never really existed to kill off. What Tyler tries to teach Jack throughout the story is that he needs to hit bottom meaning that he must detach himself from everything in his life. At first he displays a dislike for her. Chuck Palahniuk puts his points across exceptionally well, making the impact of his book exceptionally powerful. Getting Gods attention for being bad was better than getting no attention at all. In some ways he not only goes too far but is also reacting to the wrong thing.

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Violence is thus evident in these forms in Fight Club. These people became unhappy and were mistreated and decided to act back. Young children as well as adults, try to imitate the actions that take place in these sports. The movie, Fight Club, has many themes dealing with some of the class-discussed vocabulary. Violence is clearly an innate part of the human race as far as history and as a society. Statistics say that almost 15000 deaths take place annually in the USA because of people imitating the sportspersons of boxing, wrestling, sword fighting etc.

The dangers that these sports cause are susceptibility to major accidents that may even prove to be even worse than fatal. But, in todays scenario, the sports that include aggressive activities are gaining more popularity, as they present much a way of entertainment to the spectators. Freud goes on violence in fight club essay to say Future ages will bring with them new and probably unimaginably great advances in this field of civilization and will increase mans likeness to God still more. Tyler does this through violence and force, in an anarchic tearing down of the current state of affairs in order to make way for the new. Everybody is thought having a power to control the world. As though it was nothing of concern, the author through his characters says that it was completely nothing personal. Palahniuk effectively does this through the use of violence in the lives of the people he uses as his characters in the book. However, we have created an economy of want, surrounded by advertisements, TV commercials and supermarkets. The author utilizes violence in the characters lives as an instrument of exercising control over the universe. He has insomnia, his condo was blown up by a gas leak, and he is overwhelmed by work, finding himself in different places after he falls asleep. Freud changes his subject to mans view of God.