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Economy of pakistan essay css

economy of pakistan essay css

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Economic Crisis in Pakistan

For any meaningful change, reforms flow from top to bottom. Establish independent panel of experts to engage in the consultative process in the design, implementation and monitoring of donor supported projects critical to the medium-term economic recovery. Neither individual nor nation can become successful if they do not abide by the rules and regulations of the state and society. The investors both foreign and local are afraid of the uncertain conditions in Pakistan and have shifted their money towards other countries having conducive environment for investment and business. Construction field, per capital income 1085. Women must be as independent as are their male counterparts and must enjoy same rights and responsibilities. The flawed electoral system economy of pakistan essay css which is tilted in favour of landlords, feudal master and rich industrialist has thwarted the cause of common people. But is should not be too short as well. Agriculture tax cannot be imposed due to feudal in policy making. Unfortunately, during the last six decades after Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan, Pakistan failed to produce a visionary leader.

economy of pakistan essay css

Economic crisis In Pakistan - CSS Forums

The people must be given the freedom to raise their voice to highlight their grievances or concerns. Tax to GDP ratio is merely economy of pakistan essay css 10 which is lowest in the region. An acute energy crisis has swallowed the whole economic development of Pakistan. Needless to observe that media must also remain within reasonable restrictions imposed by law. Essay Outline: Economic Challenges Faced by Pakistan. The role of media is crucial in this respect.

Economy of pakistan essay

The political instability sends negative message to the international community and bars the leaders to work for the cause of people. As in the past, the possibility remains that Pakistans military could conduct a coup if it perceives the government as inept. Peace is pre-requisite of development and prosperity. Low capital formation, population pressure, agrarian economy, inconsistent policies. You can trim you essay outline if it is too lengthy. Therefore, it is prime duty of every individual, the society, and the state to uphold the constructive norms in order to get honor in the community of nations. The motherland has painfully experienced rising poverty and sinking economy; despite worlds best canal system, profitable geostrategic location, and unexplored resources. Law and order situation has to be improved to attract local and foreign investment economy of pakistan essay css in Pakistan. Tight monetary policy, investors friendly policies, regional peace. Low yield in India. Average wage is among the lowest in the world, but unemployment rate is sky high.

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Decline external financing flows, so the government borrowed from SBP which caused monetary expansion, continuous Defense Budget. Given the multiple dimensions of uncertainty in the global, national and household economy, it is essential that the highest priority for protection to the poor where uncertainty can lead to irreversible damage-in the shape of high morbidity and mortality. The widening trade gap between the imports and exports is a serious economic issue and requires immediate attention of the policy makers. An over-arching principle should be maximum leveraging of scarce public resources by exploring all potential avenues forprivate partnership in the public development program. Present Scenario: Pakistans economy is in a downward spiral. A strong inter-department coordination is essential for the implementation of sound government policies. Central Asia and Iran which stored big food stocks due to American war. No stone be unturned to get rid of the curse of terrorism, sectarianism and intolerance. A concerned effort conceived with honesty and wisdom would change the whole scenario of apathy and disgust into progress, prosperity and development. Establish an independent Federal Bureau of Statistics headed by a professional that directly reports to the Parliament and not to the govt. Every problem has a solution, as every lock has a key. The government generates most of its revenues from indirect taxation, which is equal for the rich and the poor.

economy of pakistan essay css

Most of the poors and needy are clustered in rural areas of the country. A competent person completes the task efficiently thereby promoting social and economic development. The exploitation of metals from resource rich, but poverty stricken province of Baluchistan must be valued properly instead of selling the mines at throw away economy of pakistan essay css price. High interest rates by SBP discouraged Private investment. A basic attribute which is to learn idiomatic usage in writing an essay should be developed. Whoever came; came without any specific agenda and direction. Pakistan is not a poor country, but a poorly managed country; only a sincere leadership with real commitments can turn this hell into heaven. More population to use energy from to 134/ barrel in 2008. 75 industrial units in Karachi and 85 in Faisalabad were closed due to energy crisis.

Economic crisis in Pakistan Economy of Pakistan CSS

Politicians invariably relied on occasional doses for momentary relief in the form of loans, grants, and other unproductive schemes. The sense of nationalism should be promoted instead of provincialism and parochialism. Government spends more than it earns as Revenues. Levy of an excise duty on non-essential consumer goods to save foreign reserves. Provision of credit to the poor, particularly small farmers, to become equity holders in mainstream corporate enterprises and fields such as milk, livestock, marine fisheries, processed food and even industries like telecommunications, apparel and software. Foreign investment in 2007 was 700,63.5 million but in 2008 only 329 million. Causes of economic turmoil: Mismanagement, wealth Concentration, lack of good governance, external debt. To increase agricultural yield and industrial productivity, the technological advancements have to be utilized.

Encourage investment by China in Pakistan through development of infrastructure and appropriate incentives to tap South Asian markets. Regional conflicts has marred the gas pipelines and usage of Gwadar. Mismanagement and underutilization of natural resources. More supply of Money due to; AID after 9/11. Deceleration of growth in manufacturing: energy crisis. The low agricultural and industrial productivity have put the economy at the brink of collapse. In contrast the present government is not showing strong will to cope with the situation.

Worker skills are critical to give our firms a competitive edge in international markets; programs for skill upgrading need to be modernized. The political stability and maturity in democratic system of government is imperative. In addition, similar strategies need to be developed for nwfp. The social hiccups range from exponential growth of population to rising rate of illiteracy, unbridled inflation to deep rooted poverty. Within country logistics costs should be reduced. Earthquake in China, increase in world oil prices.

Socio-Economic Problems of Pakistan CSS Essay StudyBix

Give priority to agriculture, water, power, health and education. Freedom of expression is of crucial importance these days. This would build confidence of people on the system and many problems would automatically be solved if people have trust and confidence in the system. China factor: Cheaper Chinese products destroyed our industry thus created unemployment, more burdens on economy. This will ensure transparency, rig our and relevance. Delay in monetary tightening by the State Bank. The only difference between a developed and developing country is how a particular country use its resources. A well planned and coordinated effort must be made to uproot the culture of corruption from the society. Too long outline will require time for expansion and closure. The current debilitating power shortages have to be redressed quickly and a well through medium term energy plan need to be in place that provides reasonably priced and good quality power to industry. Their collective effort can turn the apathy into productivity. Your Outline has an effect on the examiner about you. This trend has to be abandoned.

We Import More and Export Less. Rampant corruption and nepotism have destroyed the economy of pakistan essay css foundations of Pakistan. Energy crisis, low FDI, incompetent judiciary, corruption. That day is not far away when Pakistan will stand aloof from its present day problems of multiple dimensions, with full glory and honour. Lack of planning is another factor which is also related to vision. A close collaboration and coordination mechanism must be devised for the government departments and non-government organizations so that maximum output can be gained from inputs.

Polarization on the basis of language, cultures, customs and ethnicity, should be discouraged. Poor supply of goods, food items due to low yield. Unfortunately Pakistan political system has remained unstable, in fact, gave way to military to take over four times in its short history. World Food Crisis encouraged its smuggling. Weak governance has contributed to growing militancy in Pakistan, economic troubles, and regional instability. The government without vision, as a principle, ought not to be put in power. Effects of Economic crisis: Pragamatic Solutions: political commitment to formulate short term and long term policies with consistency. The funds spent on projects which are unproductive weights down the national exchequer, creating shortage of resources for more productive and useful schemes.

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Brief History about economy of Pakistan:. Low agricultural yield economy of pakistan essay css and nominal industrial products resulted in inflation and poverty. Meritocracy is the only code of conduct in progressive societies. The situation has matured over a period of decades under successive governments whether democratic or authoritative. Heavy subsidy on oil effected current expenditure, increased in development expenditure. Throughout the history, the most powerful countries were the ones which laid stress on knowledge and information. Pakistan has to improve its literacy rate and quality of education to alleviate social-economic problems.

National integration can play vital role in development of the country. Our Share in the World Trade is Shrinking. Greater decentralization of resources and setting of development priorities by the provinces themselves. Suicide attacks in the industrial cities-fear among people, disinvestment and maximum outflow of capital, especially in Dubai stock exchange crash. Statistic: GDP growth rate.8 investment declined.6 of GDP. Need is for restoring confidence of people who have potential to achieve all the colors of rainbow. The socio-economic problems of Pakistan are massive in scale and disastrous in intensity. By depending on foreign loans, Pakistan has not only compromised its ability to adopt independent foreign and domestic policies, but also a major chunk of GDP is spent on debt servicing every year which is further worsening the situation.

Essay, outline: Economic, challenges Faced by, pakistan

The first and foremost cause of poor socio-economic condition of Pakistan is bad governance and mismanagement on the part of authorities at power corridors. Investment; both local and foreign have decreased in the last decade and it seems economy of pakistan essay css improbable that trend will be changed in the near future. Economic Crisis in Pakistan, in 21st century economy is taken as Religion. Terrorism has caused the evaporation of investment from the country. Highest Sugarcane production.9 million.

economy of pakistan essay css

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