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How to write problem and solution essay

how to write problem and solution essay

Conclusion it might be arguable because people have right to choose what to buy and consume in their food but our daily rations influence on our health and health of our families in the future causing heritable diseases such as diabetes and obesity. This indicates how the essay should be structured. It's a good idea to keep things as simple as possible, especially when discussing a sensitive topic like child obesity. The part in which you tell the solution of the problem should be as long or even longer than the part with the problem itself. Writing a good great child obesity problem solution essay requires you to clearly state a problem followed by a detailed solution (your thesis) that you propose is above all others. Then, in a second paragraph, offer your account of its solution. This would enable family members and friends in different cities to visit each other more easily. Many of the worlds rarest plants and animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. Then, begin modifying the other solutions so that they can be implemented as easily as possible. Make sure there are neither punctuation nor grammatical errors within your essay. You have also introduced the question of social class.

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Try to develop your description of the problem a little bit more. How are problem and solution essay questions structured? Each of these questions has something in common. You can download or listen to the audio version here: Direct Download Here Stitcher iTunes Spotify Soundcloud. Care to check by means of spellchecker or even a dictionary. Your thesis should argue for either a single way to solve the problem or the urgency to.

Make sure it is not complaining what you are doing while writing your problem solution essay. Use related within the context words, parallel structures and demonstrative pronouns such as this, that, these, those, and, of course, do not forget about examples along with transition words (therefore, nevertheless, as a result, consequently, for this reason, in addition. Here there are in fact two questions, a question about the cause of the problem (Why is this?) and a question about possible solutions. Problem solution essay writing howtos. Here you have done something quite important: you have made a qualitative, rather than a merely episodic, distinction between your different points. One immediate practical solution is to improve public transport links. You could say this is a king of argumentative paper writing assignment.

If there are a few solutions of the problem, make a list of them and evaluate them. Try to make it sound objectively concentrating on peoples logical thinking but not emotions. For example, what is the problem (in this case, loneliness) like for those who experience it? Consider your audience and the scope of your project. This can be anything from fixing an object that how to write problem and solution essay is broken, or addressing some societal problem such as hunger. In what ways this solution is possible to be worried out. For example: Petition food services to lower meal prices for low income students. Here are some tips and tricks to know when composing this kind of assignment: Organize Your Content, before you get started with composing your child obesity assignment you want to spend ample time in organizing your content. How might one go about answering the question in detail? A problem and solution essay, as its name suggests, proposes a problem to you and asks you to suggest a solution or solutions. How this problem you have chosen is illustrated as it goes along, what are the results after the problem is being discussed.

You may even want some help from a friend or colleague to make sure you don't miss any mistakes. This tip might involve creating both an outline and conducting a free-write. It normally proposes a solution itself. For instance, the topic of your problem solution essay may be connected with social, political or any other aspect of life, let us say, mass shootings, brutality of police, suicide, hard-core unemployment, childrens work, exploitation of workers, changes of climate, pollution of earth, etc. The paper does not even have to be an essay but a laboratory experiment, a geometric proof, political science issue in social studies. What things can be done to solve the problem of hunger on campus?

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In other words, the structure of your argument now appears logically motivated rather than merely accidental. With this opening sentence, you have not only restated the problem. It may also ask about the causes of the problem, or the effects which the problem has. This sentence does two things: it connects the first part of your essay to the second how to write problem and solution essay part, and it prepares the reader for the fact that you will offer a number of solutions to the problem. The conclusion should be strong. Conclusion In this tutorial, we have begun to learn how to write a problem-and-solution essay. What is being tested is your competence in writing English, not your skills as a policy-maker! It is quite in order for you to suggest a number of solutions. For example, if it a problem of bullying at school, it is about the administration of the school to solve the problem and parents of the bully. Background information, to write a problem solution essay, one should have a problem and a solution or solutions accordingly to cover the points. Loneliness is not only a social problem, but, potentially, a medical one: it can lead to poor physical and mental health.

From A. Problem-and-solution essays fall naturally into two parts, the first describing and exploring the problem, the second setting out the solution or solutions. You may put a"tion in the end. Develop a Strong Thesis. One can begin simply by restating the problem. Your solution (thesis statement) shouldn't just be a line or two providing your opinion. This, along with the answers to the questions above, will help you to make your problem solution essay look organized. Restate the message you were trying to convey in your essay in its last paragraph. If you have additional questions on how to write an essay, you can always contact. What, if anything, can be done to slow this process or arrest it altogether? A good opening sentence, for example, might run as follows: Loneliness is an increasingly acute problem in most societies. Ultimately, each solution and the steps it takes to apply that solution will become a paragraph in the body of your essay. One way or another, what you need to do first is to decide upon the problem that you are going to shed the light.

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It is an indicator of strength to be able to concede limitations to ones knowledge. The causes of increased loneliness in modern societies are not completely certain. You may feel free to use a so-called extended example. For example, you would need to see if social services has field personnel that they could send to your school. In the paragraphs of the main body, make sure you answered the following questions such as the problem of your discussion (topic its explanation for readers and how it effects the environment. What are its consequences? Make up an outline. Back to Blog, october 13, 2015 - Posted.

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Give a reader much food for thought about. You may leave a rhetorical question. When creating an outline, make sure you provide an entry how to write problem and solution essay for every piece of evidence you have in support of your argument. Then, simply list your ideas. This is possible even if the suggest solutions seem to conflict with each other.

Explain Your Solution Thoroughly, the first few body paragraphs should get right into the meet of your solution by explaining it in detail. Some might say it is too late to help such people but it is never too late as long as people are willing to get help and eager to change their lives for good. You should have ample evidence to use as support, and your thesis should reflect this. There is more that could be said here, but it is time to move on to proposing solutions. The tone should be analytical. Make sure the body paragraphs are written in a cohesive way. The second step in writing your problem solving essay is to come up with some solutions. You have succeeded undoubtedly! As long as your problem isn't extraordinarily complex, you can accomplish your goal of writing a problem and solution essay in just a few steps. Second person (you) and fourth person (we) speech are required but the first (I) and third person (he, she) speech are applicable as well. Now it is time to move on to the question of causes, which you should treat as part of the description of the problem. What is a problem and solution essay?