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Photo essay on littering

photo essay on littering

Plastic can cause animals such as birds to choke, when they mistake it for food. Not only does this help people, but it also helps plants and animals. Littering effects everyone and everyone litters, so why do we do it? Community centers can also hosted a competition for the cleanest block or neighborhood. Dog fouling is also litter, although it is not actually defined as litter, as it is not caused by people. When we think of nature, we think of it as beautiful and clean. Littering destroys the beauty of nature of the outdoors. There are those who just do not care. The only hard part about this reduction is that if you pick up some litter one day, there might be more the next day! There is trash everywhere: in streets, photo essay on littering on sidewalks and other places where it should not. During this time efforts were made to curb litter, and, as the title suggests, improve the appearance of the nation. In animals such as birds plastic can cause them to choke when they mistake it for food.

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The Detrimental Effects of, littering, this essay is going to discuss the detrimental effects of littering by introducing the menaing of littering. This could be positive though, because picking up litter frequently is a good exercise. Although this figure is useful in raising awareness, it is important to remember that it has been derived from the scaling up of smaller samples from a study in Canada (noaa, 2010). This does not mean, however, that littering is any less of a relevant subject now as opposed to in the past. Littering is a problem in the community that is not necessary. Leaching increases when plastic comes in contact with oily or fatty foods, if the plastics are heated, and from old or scratched plastic.

However, when we throw these plastics away they can often build up and cause some harmful effects. Littering has been an element of society for as long as anyone can remember. Bisphenol A (BPA Online) http www. Littering is the careless photo essay on littering and casual disposal of trash or waste, often along roadways and in other public places. Another easy and cheap way to stop litter is to pick it up! It is the result of careless attitudes and improper waste handling. The presence of litter has an impacts on communities. In my own neighborhood, Ive seen home sellers cleaning up the block so their property, as well as the neighborhood, looked nice.

This includes 86 per cent of all sea turtle species, 44 per cent of all seabird species and 43 per cent of all marine mammal species (Laist, 1997). Littering has increased since 21st century, and the things people litter the most are: cigarette ends, boxes, wrappers, matches, lighters, ring pulls, straws, sweet wrappers including crisp bags, pizza boxes, chip wrappers, plastic cutlery, sandwich boxes, paper bags and other discarded food. To reduce litter even further, take part in community cleanups. Taking a walk should not require potato chip bags and soda cans to be stepped upon. At the bottom and perhaps the most unsettling, at least to some, are the underlying causes and effects of litter. For example, instead of throwing plastic and waste paper on the ground, we could just dump it in a bin, so that it can be recycled or when we go to a store, we could carry. Littering has been around us for centuries and in fact ever since human life came to this world. In a group of studies photo essay on littering discussed in The Florida Litter Study, litter has been identified as a major indicator of neighborhood decline and disorder.

It may cost the city, Show More. Essay, topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! You shouldnt be lazy! Finally we as individuals must play our own role. The fact that so many people are in fact so incompetent is disturbing. A simple solution is the city can put public trash and recycling boxes around each neighborhood. The Impact of Littering on Community Health. This photo essay on littering not only affects the people who live around us, but the future as well. There is trash everywhere: in streets, on sidewalks, and other places where it should not. It causes great harm to wildlife. But mainly people litter because they just dont care. And for quite some time society has tried to eliminate, or at least minimize, the cause and effects of littering. This study goes on to explain that as peoples perceptions of neighborhood decline increase, it is more likely that crime will occur and that criminals will be drawn to the area because it appears more likely that criminal behavior will be tolerated or ignored.

photo essay on littering

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These cameras need to be mobile so that they can be moved around to the places that are being hit the hardest. "Inconvenients" are those who feel that not littering is too difficult, too much trouble, and that their litter is someone else's problem (EPA Litter Home Page). The essay also provides suggestion to combat littering and illegal dumping of trash and waste. Additionally, some senseless people also litter food items such as chewing gum and banana skins. It also hurts our communities in ways of the house market by causing owners to lose money. A study by Skogan in 1990, indicates that the effects of this perception of neighborhood decline range from a decrease in property values to an increase in crime, or at least an increase in criminals perception that crime will.

Littering may be either intentional or unintentional. A period of great attention being the 1970s, featuring Iron Eyes Cody, the "crying Indian in the Keep America Beautiful commercial. It makes the area look dirty and bad. The more people who do it, the more trash there is on sidewalks and streets. Probably a more accurate representation is that compiled by Laist (1997 which reported that at least 267 different species are known to have suffered from impacts of plastic waste. Litter creates a variety of problems. If a trashcan is nearby, get your careless butt off photo essay on littering the couch, and throw the trash away! Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates are just two substances that have been getting a lot of attention because of their now known harmful effects. Then it will discuss about the effects of littering to wildlife, health and communities. This is harmful to sea animals, whose homes are unfortunately filled with this nonsense. Littering creates a variety of problems. In fact, littering has been an ongoing topic that has seen both periods of great attention and periods of neglect. References Cintailah alam sekitar.

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The problem can be easily avoided if we make simple changes. This is not what is seen today. BPA is a common synthetic chemical found in plastics, food can linings, beverage can linings, and other consumer products, which interferes with human hormones. There are many ways that we could come up with to stop people from littering. To conclude, litter has costly environmental, health and economic consequences. The first way to slow down people from littering is by putting up cameras in places that are being littered in the most. Reasons for this are debatable, but other concerns such as the economy and the state of international affairs certainly have an impact. And most importantly, no one would like gum on their shoe, when walking on streets. The causes of littering are very simple and easy to establish, while the effects of littering are complex and difficult to deal. From reprocessed items(recycled) and reduce the use of goods that are not needed (reduce). Combating littering and illegal dumping requires aconcerted effort by all enforcement agencies, businesses and communities who need to cooperate and communicate to ensure resources are utilised effectively. European Commission The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ( ). These are people who have either not been properly informed on the issue.

Most commonly it is seen as an aesthetic issue. Each kind of plastic consists of dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different chemicals that are relatively untested. The authorities in the state, such as Singapore, have organized a series of laws and events to improve the quality of the environment. Polycarbonate, PVC, and styrene have also been shown to leach toxic chemicals. If this happens, people will most likely use the trash and recycling boxes when walking. Science For Environment Policy (2011). One reason people litter is because there is nowhere to put trash when walking down the street. Trash in an area attracts vermin and bacteria. Of all of the indicators assessed in a study done by Perkins, Meeks, and Taylor in 1992, litter was found to have the strongest correlation with photo essay on littering perceptions of neighborhood decline and disorder (as in Florida Litter Study, 1998). Below this impact are maintenance concerns. (7 November 2012) Michael Fleenor (2006). Phthalates, a class of chemicals used to soften plastics, to carry fragrance and scent, and used in other everyday products, have been linked to birth defects and are harmful to reproductive systems. When we throw things out that could have been reused or recycled, it just makes it harder for the earth to stay a healthy place.

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The most common sources of litter are household trash, commercial dumpsters, loading docks, construction site, motorists and pedestrians. Industries or chemical littering indiscriminately would be sued. When people are trying to sell their home, they want to make the community look as good as possible. 586 WordsMay 7, 20123 Pages, littering in the Community In our community, there are many people who just throw their trash on the ground senselessly. ( Online) http alamsekitar0. Unintentional littering occurs as a result of uncovered trucks, unsecured vehicle loads, loss of vehicle parts, trash can spills, overflowing dumpsters and other act of carelessness. At the surface, the negative result of littering is the unpleasant appearance it leaves behind. The common belief is that litter is a negative show more content, two of the five types of people in regards to litter, as identified by the EPA, fit into this category. According to Falkirk Council in the United Kingdom, it costs them somewhere around 3 million a year to clean up the mess caused by littering.

Litter on the streets draw attention, and make communities around us look bad. Plastics are made with many chemicals that cause harm to our environment and our health. This is likely to be an underestimate as the list was compiled over ten years ago and, even with updating, there are probably a large number of photo essay on littering species that have not been studied and therefore impacts are not. Plastic Waste: Ecological And Human Health Impacts. "Ignorants" are individuals who are unaware of the association between their littering habits and the condition of the environment. Wind carries the bottles, cans, and plastics, and they can end up in rivers, streams, and oceans close. Keep America Beautiful, Inc (2010) Litter in America.