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Essays on students with disabilities

essays on students with disabilities

Nola a mother of three children, who worked as a teacher for thirty-five years, always had her hands full. She is employed as an elementary inclusion aid in the Hazelton Area School District where she has worked since graduating there in 1995. In fact she probably is more active and outgoing than most women her age are. Dwyer suggested that children with disabilities need assistance and instructions to master appropriate behavior, which basically mean that they need special attention in demonstrating socially appropriate behaviors. An example includes that for a child with attention deficit disorder, the IEP goals must include support and specialized help in increasing attention and sustained effort, probably by rewarding the childs effort for being attentive. One concept in which the school may assert positive behavioral response is establishing a code of conduct that includes consequences for violations which substantially disrupts the rights of others to be physically safe and to be educated (Dwyer 1997). They even shared a room together for eighteen years of their life. Professional writers and researchers.

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I have gone through life thinking people with Down syndrome can not achieve the same things that people without a disability can and thats just not true. Get an expert to write your essay! The No Child Left Behind (nclb) Act aims at decreasing the achievement gaps that are present between students of specific subgroups including those with disabilities. Molly always made sure that her and Catherine had the typical sister relationship growing. Catherine went above and beyond that as she has excelled in many aspects of her life. A survey of teachers who taught students with disabilities showed they didnt believe in students with disabilities to perform as good and therefore considered the access to general curriculum inappropriate (Bowen and Rude, 2006).

She always strives to eat healthy and maintain a good diet. We will write a custom essay sample. Essay Topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! With Molly helping Catherine achieve a normal life, this helped Nola out as a mother. Teachers should try to be aware of students cultural heritage, political and economic development and problems faced by the minority groups. As said by the security specialist, when he was prohibited to use the usual disciplinary procedure: Those kids get away with murder (Dwyer 1997). Read more i accept, online - please click here to chat. Molly and Catherine are sisters who spent their childhood growing up together. The different Acts mentioned above are an attempt to normalize the life of the special students and lower the amount of discrimination or biasness that they might otherwise have to face. The core piece of cross-cultural code breakers is the ability to relate collectively and individually to realities other than ones own (Casbon et al, 1997). Nola had Catherine put into speech therapy which made a great difference in Catherines life, as she can now speak clearly with little difficulty.

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With Molly being only sixteen months older than Catherine, they were very close. Besides that, Nola said that the three kids lived a normal life and all grew up just fine. Another sets a trash on fire. He suggested the involvement of parents in teaching the code of discipline to children with disabilities. With physical therapy Catherine was able to learn the things that her sister Molly and brother John were able. Sources and citation are provided 3 hour delivery, get your paper now m uses cookies. Catherine has spent her whole life with Down syndrome yet did not let it slow her down and affect how she lived her life. Home, essay Samples, education, students With Disabilities, are you experiencing academic anxiety?

Coherent Cookies Policy: our aim is customer satisfaction! It is imperative that school officials find a way to address the behavioral needs of children with disabilities, but, as already mentioned, parents also have the responsibility to partake, of which, in the first place, they should have been the one to initiate. We will write a custom essay. Catherine has proved that she can do anything she wants and can lead a normal life just like anyone else. Her family never held her back or kept her from doing the things she wanted. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (idea) requires students with disabilities to take part in regular assessments so that progress on their Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals may be measured. All of these activities and things Catherine does in her life help her not only achieve normalcy 4 in life but success. Students with disabilities specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, another one of the many different methods to handle diversity is by creatively working in three areas: infusing the curriculum, making instruction relevant, and having meaningful programs. Schools have a very special relationship with social reform where doing just the right thing is not enough but also required is obtaining the right balance between all classes, cultures and minorities. Students with some disability are also a part of the class rooms and are considered a part of the diverse mixture of students. He held that it is the schools responsibility to maintain a safe environment conducive to learning essays on students with disabilities and that any behavior which block learning and the success of educational program should be addressed(Dwyer 1997). Being a teacher gave Nola an advantage as she always fought for anything that would benefit Catherine in her education. How to Discipline Students with Disabilities specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now, these safeguards, however, are oftentimes misunderstood by school officials which tend to affect other students seriously.

Her sister always had that tough love for Catherine which always forced Catherine to do better and develop just like any normal sibling would. Having meaningful programs: a teacher should portray himself as role models by accepting and valuing diversity. All the students in a school, no matter what type of diversity they symbolize, deserve equitable treatment. Molly was always a competitive sister which had Catherine constantly working to get an edge. The three presenters who shared were Molly, Nola, and Catherine. Catherine has been leading a successful life, doing many things even the average woman her essays on students with disabilities age would not be doing. Infusing the curriculum: the teachers should ensure that the curriculum is flexible, bias-free, and relevant. He held that IEPs are designed to address both traditional academic needs and in meeting each of the childs other educational needs that result from the childs disability (Dwyer 1997).

Catherine also shared a bit about her life and how she has been successful despite having a disability. Nola learned and taught her family to be patient, help each other, to take pleasure in their 3 accomplishments, to encourage each other, to have fun, and to truly be a family. By continuing well assume you board with our cookie policy. A teacher may deal with many things within essays on students with disabilities a single day or with many small things over a period of time but the real test of professional maturity lies in his/her ability to link data and then analyze it both. In fact, some would say that by not addressing these dangerous behaviors the student with special needs is not receiving an appropriate education.

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Kevin Dwyer gave examples wherein students with disability have caused serious troubles without being given considerable disciplinary action. Schools, as leaders and the beginning place of education should respond to the need for social reform (cited in McClellan and Dominguez, 2006 they must consider themselves as agents of social justice. Catherine has belonged to a gym for fifteen years where she does things like cardio, kickboxing, and circuit training exercises. Theres nothing more difficult than having to discipline a child with emotional disability. These children needs special attention rather than the reward-and-punishment method or giving disciplinary action as with any other regular child. She always had the support of her family while still being independent, which allowed her to grow and develop into who she is today.

School and parents should work cooperatively to change the pattern of negative behavior, Dwyer (1997) said. Her life is probably more active and outgoing than most people her age which makes it even more of an accomplishment for Catherine. The teachers belief about the value of cultural differences is reflected in such verbal and nonverbal communications (Drake, 1993) Schools as centre of social reform An educational institution, with students from different diverse classes must face different complexities. Also I thought that the presentation really showed that people with disabilities need to be given every opportunity, if not more, to help them succeed in life. Catherine was expected to fit in with everyone, and not be given excuses. One child, in one of his fits, punched another who was quietly waiting in line outside her classroom (Dwyer 1997). Teachers must be taught to develop sympathy toward others, an appreciation of difference, and an ability to imagine ones otherness. In a presentation about parents and families of students with disabilities, the Riley family came up and shared their experiences about living with Catherine, a woman who has Down syndrome. For a child who cannot speak clearly or communicate feelings, alternative methods for communicating and for coping with frustration must be applied before the disruptive behavior becomes routine and results in disciplinary action which may only increase the disruptive behavior (Dwyer 1997).