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Netflix case study essays

netflix case study essays

Currently, Netflix is the leading website on the Internet to offer a subscription-based rental and video streaming service. Review and Recommendations Over the short existence of the NetFlix company, it has done a good job at giving the customer what it has wanted and more. By reviewing and analyzing some of the business decisions by NetFlix over the past 10 years, it will provide a better understanding of the effects of these decisions. With substantial increases to consumers and issues like separate billings, users began to voice their displeasure with this strategy netflix case study essays and many subscribers began to cancel their subscription. After the fact, NetFlix heard the voices of the customer and decided to abandon this strategy and go back to the original format, but the damage had been done. Hastings announced that the company would charge separately for DVD rental and streaming video and that a new company named Qwikster would be formed to handle the DVD rental portion (Funding Universe). Retrieved from http investing. Conclusion I have enjoyed the services that NetFlix has provided related to DVD rentail and streaming movies and TV shows over the internet right to my living room. The pricing structures that NetFlix has instituted gives the subscriber options as to how many DVDs can be rented at a time along with unlimited streaming.

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Further fueled by convenience, hassle-free Redbox kiosks offering 1 new releases at your local grocery store or gas station came on to the scene in 2004 and had grown to more than 25,000 kiosks by the year 2011 (Sunderland, 2011). After several ideas and some failed concepts, NetFlix strategy changed once again. Focusing on the customer to tell us how NetFlix has performed would show us that from 2002 it grew from 600,000 members to over 6,000,000 members in 2006 (NetFlix). Depending on viewers monthly subscription, they are only limited as to how many DVDs they can have out at one time. Microsoft had already put out the Xbox and had envisioned it to be more than just a serious gaming system. Its that kind of attention to customers that forced retail giant Wal-Mart to give up and turn over its entire customer list to tflix even added two key features to its service in response to customer requests. Over the past 10 years, NetFlix stock has increased 1700 (Wofford, 2013). 3 Changes Within The Movie Rental Business 4 NetFlix History and Strategies. Soon, many other devices and TVs were built with a chip and the NetFlix application to stream thousands of movies and TV shows right to the living room. Netflix also uses Apache Tomcat, a servlet container from Sun Microsystems, and the Apache Coyote web server, an http connector. The two companies would not be separate and charge separately as well for their services. This exploration of the NetFlix business strategy and the results from executing their strategies will help gain insight on how important it is to stay involved with the customer and satisfy the needs of the market.

Ready for Primetime, shocked at the 40 fee he incurred for a late return of Apollo 13, Netflix founder Reed Hastings decided that in the age of the Internet, there had to be a better way to rent videos for home viewing. Retrieved from http seekingalpha. Although this success has come quickly, it has not come easy. As well, NetFlix has gained over 61 of all movie watching in the United States and with its aggressive strategy marches on to increase that as well as move aggressively internationally. And the strategy began new life again creating and experimenting with devices to attain this. When the titles are scanned in at one of the distribution warehouses, the customer is simultaneously sent the next selections on the favorites list. 2011 saw about a large growth of about 48 when compared to 2010 and while there was some growth of competitors in the recent years, many have seen negative growth in revenues partly due to the success of NetFlix.

It has taken some time to rebound from the events that surrounded the Qwikster disappointment, but stocks now seem to be continuing to increase as they appear to be reaching toward the 175 per share level. Though many countries may not have the infrastructure in place to be able to stream from the internet, many countries do and this may be a unique opportunity for NetFlix to continue to grow. Netflix is one of the most popular ways to instantly watch videos from the Internet on your own consoles, and the industry leader in DVD rental. Debbi and Randy case essay right now! Netflix has a large collection of all sorts of films available. .

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Essentials of strategic management (3rd. Despite having a now large movie rental business, NetFlix did not have the contacts it needed to bring the wide selection of Hollywood movies to the consumers screens. Pricing and discounts were created to invite the consumer to rent more while giving ample time to watch the movies and return. Subscribers can choose from a large variety of movies and TV episodes with Netflixs Watch Instantly feature or they can browse a broad selection of rental only DVDs, which can then be shipped directly to the viewers residence. System, as a client of Amazons Elastic Compute Cloud service, Netflix relies on the auto-scaling capabilities of the cloud to keep pace with the fluctuating viewership of customers using the instant streaming option. Sources: Jena McGregor, At Netflix, the Secret Sauce is Software, Fast Company, December 2005, 4851; Jennifer Netherby, Netflix Delivers Big Earnings Increase: Sets.9 Million Subs as Modest 2006 Goal, Video Business, January 30, 2006, 1; Steven Zeitchnik, Download Dreams. Com/netflix-infographic_b73597 NetFlix Investor Relations (n. The content was netflix case study essays a weak spot for NetFlix, however. Netflix uses fewer than 50 customer service reps to support its entire customer base! NetFlix has dominated market share in the digital on-line viewing of movies.

In 2004, the concept of Redbox really started gaining steam. Few stores in 1997 carried DVDs which was new format that was new technology as compared to the video tape. Netflix streams high quality film to viewers at a relatively high speed. . After making promotional deals with Toshiba, Sony, Apple, HP, and other companies, Netflix experienced tremendous growth in size and popularity. Netflix is the leading website on the Internet to offer a subscription-based rental and video streaming service. Like many other startup companies, the early years were not profitable. NetFlix continued to grow and be the leaders in this industry while taking away market share rom other traditional methods of renting and watching videos. Of those, 10 are authorized to make direct callbacks to customers with complaints to find out how the problem could have been prevented in the first place. NetFlix has been able to stay ahead of the rest of the movie rental industry by staying in touch with their customers and providing netflix case study essays the services and movie selections that are important to them.

Not only could movie watchers rent but they also could keep and purchase that same DVD if it was to their liking to. We will write a custom essay sample. Its main use is to support compression of content without converting it to a progressive format. Another strategy emerged netflix case study essays in September 2011. It was not long before the outcry of the customer and the loss of subscribers made Hastings rethink this strategy. (accessed February 22, 2011). In 2008, NetFlix found agreement with Starz enabling the addition of 2,500 fresh videos to NetFlixs services (Roth, 2009). The widespread adoption of broadband connections to the internet had taken place in consumers homes and Microsoft and NetFlix strategies met.

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The two entrepreneurs set out to sell and rent the recently created DVD over the internet and deliver to the renters mailbox. History, started in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix (originally spelled NetFlix) quickly grew to become one of the largest media-streaming companies in the industry. M/id/25680004.Tup8_1YryyA (accessed February 22, 2011). Not only was it lacking in content, but also needed to somehow gain access to the movie blockbusters much sooner. NetFlix began to search out ways to combine forces with other businesses that would give them access to more content. The Tech Specs of HD Netflix Streaming. Microsoft partners with Netflix on Xbox Live. Although it may be a short trip down to the video store, consumers have definitely shown by the numbers of subscribers that they enjoy the benefit and value of being able to have the movies come to them.

3 million members (NetFlix). NetFlix owns 61 of US digital movie market share. Realizing that the Internet could allow those same convenience seekers 24-hour browsing and selection access to an unprecedented volume of movie titles in a single digital catalog, Hastings shrewdly designed a service that outperforms traditional, store-based video tflix. NetFlix dominates streaming rivals in web-video market. Instantly watch movies TV episodes from Netflix on your TiVo box. Although NetFlix has obtained some great results over these years, there are also netflix case study essays lessons to be learned and recommendations that can be given so that some of the less beneficial business decisions will not be repeated.

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No other businesses had made efforts to use the unorthodox method of netflix case study essays mailing DVDs to their customers. The codec specification is based on WMV (Windows Media Video) and is a popular alternative to the.mpeg format. Although NetFlix seems to be leading now in the movie streaming industry just as it did with its strategy to mail deliver DVDs, competition is already on its way in the streaming movie business. These on-the-fly conversions require a fairly high amount of processing power but for only a certain amount of time. The company has grown substantially year after year with more customers, revenues, and profits and has taken and maintains the lead in this industry. Though its impossible to tell exactly what blockbuster service Netflix will deliver next, its a safe bet its customers will applaud.

The difference today is that other businesses have caught on to the successful NetFlix strategies and methods. With 34 strategically placed distribution centers, Netflix can deliver 92 percent of its movies within one day of being ordered. But by then, damage had been done and the poor strategy had taken its toll on the business while its stock had dropped by 75 (Funding Universe). These new avenues are providing videos granted a better selection and often better pricing for the common video consumer. The rebound has definitely made up for the loss of a year ago. Rather than a charge for each movie as the traditional method was for all other players, NetFlix charged in a monthly fee structure that allowed movie watchers to continue to watch videos as quickly as they could. NetFlix reasoned that the change was needed due to the increase costs in licensing and streaming videos (Seeking Alpha, 2013). The popularity of these chains became more popular around the world and the businesses kept adding buildings and locations and became very popular for their wide selections, reasonable prices, and membership perks. (accessed December 12, 2011).

Cinematch uses over a million lines of code and over half a billion customer-supplied ratings to suggest rental choices upon azingly, over 60 percent of the netflix case study essays titles added to users favorites lists come from Cinematch recommendations, and over. New subscriptions began to suffer as well with the new format and the price increase that was introduced. Retrieved from http beta. Although NetFlix was at first looked at as a non-threat with their entrance into the market, it was not long before others began make efforts to copy the methods that NetFlix had brought to life. Stock prices for NetFlix had escalated significantly from the 2009 level of about 30 per share to the peak high value of 300 per share in 2011, but began a sharp downward trend in 2011 after the introduction of Qwikster. Even Walmart has begun to enter the internet streaming market to share in this growing method of convenient movie watching. Rather than jumping in the car and heading to the nearest video store, NetFlix capitalized on bringing the videos to the customer using their mailbox. Domestically funding international growth: the NetFlix strategy. 99 membership is a bargain as unlimited DVDs and unlimited streaming of movies is included. Qwikster was the new company that would handle all of the DVD rentals and NetFlix would continue to provide the streaming video. Although international business continues to grow in subscribers, it is not yet profitable and currently is erasing much of the profits of the US business.