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What is your favorite color and why essay

what is your favorite color and why essay

Our brain takes in colour before we take in anything else, she added. Maybe it lies at the boundary of a non-linear color perception. The interior of my house has got dashes of this colour. Every colour has a set of positive and negative qualities. Colors, most Popular Color in the

What is your favourite colour and why?

Theres no such thing as a right or wrong colour. Yellow in its various hues is the colour of fire the ultimate form of purification. Colours set moods, express ideas, grab our attention and we alter the colours of things to facilitate this. They feel their daughters are being driven to behave a certain way and down a certain path. That's the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the favorite color of people in each of 17 different countries. To me it symbolises trust and sagacity. I had a mountain bike frame custom painted that; after months of contemplation and fuss; candy-clear over dark metallic. May not be as personal a question as, How much money do you make? Advertisement, sometimes we are more aware of our colour decisions. I think blue and black complement each other brilliantly hence making it to my top two colours. Manju Puri, my favorite colour is green the colour of nature and vegetation. 3 people like this.

Sea Sick Green, and there is a lot of confusion between the colors, but head-to-head Im almost always partial. Brandon University in Canada, is an expert on colour vision. To me, black represents elegance, power and happiness. I feel dresses of this colour suit me perfectly and I feel confident when I wear this shade. Whis is your favorite color and why? Dr Derek Brown, associate professor in philosophy. I swear there is something of human aesthetic-catnip. All are right in between white and blue/green, so maybe its the same principle as to the why balanced in the middle of something meaningful. Anyone around this colour couldnt ever feel sad; it makes everything look gorgeous. Other people need to be in certain colours or around certain colours. Even a small candle with a sliver of a yellow flame can dispel darkness and bring warmth to the dreariest of places. You get your job done, you go and then you show people who you are out of work.

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Wearing black creates what is your favorite color and why essay an emotional barrier its a way of hiding the personality and protecting oneself. I read somewhere that of all the human systems, color perception is the fastest developing/measurable. But sometimes we rebel. Ms Haller said we regularly conform to fit in when it comes to colours, when we should follow our age-old colour instincts. She wears white, has white walls, everything has to be in white because she doesnt want anything to distract her from her painting.

Are you feeling blue today? Advertisement, advertisement, if you came into work all in grey, you may not really want people to know who you are, said Ms Haller. Its not the pink thats wrong its the way its being used. Ingred Bergmans face, I am stunned. Malika Dhanak, i like the yellow colour of sunshine. My favourite colour is yellow since it symbolises happiness, health and festivity. Sarah Ronad, i am a die-hard fan of black. However, many researchers believe that colours cannot be out there, but are instead at least partially in our heads. The colours we wear and the colours around us impact our mood on an unconscious level. The spaces we enter have been deliberately coloured to manipulate our mood, she added, making us behave how its designers intend. Blah blah this is all Sunday afternoon philo nonsense. I have a very good friend in Australia shes an artist, said Ms Haller.

Blue may occasionally be associated with coldness, but it is also the colour of authority and logic, according to Karen Haller, who carried out the survey for post-it company 3M and is an expert on applied colour psychology, advising businesses on their branding. Advertisement Same thing with colours when colours dont harmonise together they create a jarring effect. Ingred Bergmans face is but one example. Growing up with brothers, I grew accustomed to strongly disliking any hues of pink or purple and agreed that blue was a royal colour best suited for. He said: Colours are the engine of vision, which for many is the sense we use most actively to navigate our environment. Sunshine filtering through my window heralding a new morn is the greatest joy. If only the sky above what is your favorite color and why essay us was our favourite colour from time to time. And its being used really to influence and to manipulate in a way. I find this shade cool and soothing to the eyes. In India yellow is synonymous with the advent of spring or the season of basant and yellow is also called basanti.

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We might like red because its the what is your favorite color and why essay colour of the football team we support, or purple might call to us because its the colour of the bandana worn by our favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It turned out pretty not-that-bad. To be creative, she actually has to work in white. Take away all colour including black and white and the concept of visual experience crumbles. (click on the color to enlarge). Regarding guitars, Im biased toward Charvels. We can hear straight away when theres a note thats off.

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I wonder if there is some clue on the technical side. I like this feeling. She said our colour choices can speak volumes about us and are often performed instinctively. Playing the colours game A Rubiks Cube (Picture: Corbis). Its got a complex powerful coup doeil, with multiple meanings at once like a mouthful of well balanced wine theres just a lot going. Asking someone, What is your favourite colour? Its my favourite because anything or anyone looks good in black. They have what great artists try to create: multiple focus points, balanced perfectly, such that you fall into a kind of gestalt trance, into harmonic dissonance where no matter how hard you look around for. Or, in two more words: magical, resonant. Its how the notes are played.

It reminds me not to get too serious. Light blue is my favourite colour because it is associated with health, healing, understanding and gentleness. Just ask the fashion industry! Black has a negative connotation and blue is largely associated with males. Ms Haller believes there has been something of a backlash from parents with newborn babies who are forced by marketers into buying blue products for boys or pink products for girls.